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Latest Indian Fashion Trends For Men

With the arrival of modern culture, fashion and trend is gaining more and more significance in the lives of men. Fashion has now evolved equally to men as much it has to women.


Fashion trends for men are fluctuating at a rocket speed. Men are now well dressed and decked up. Nowadays, it has become a necessity for men to go with the trend and keep bringing modifications in their wardrobe with innovative, fresh, and latest fashion trends. Read on to know everything about the latest trends in the fa

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Unjust Magazine 2020 Summer Issue Features an honor and tribute to honor George Floyd, a 46 year old African American man who was killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020.


Protests in response to both Floyd's death, and more broadly to police violence against black people, quickly spread across the United States and internationally.


This issue also features articles on the hate that Donald Trump created through misinformation, lies, racist tweets, conspiracy th

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Fashion inspiration comes from a wide variety of places. If you’re looking to truly wow the crowds, you can’t just rely on the looks offered to you in department stores. Try these tips to create a unique and inspired fashion statement.

Go Retro with Old Magazines

Fashion history is always a great place to start your fashion search. Many fashion magazines have archives that go back nearly a hundred years; browse through old issues to see what the hottest styles were when your parents were kids.


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Iggy Azalea feels “violated” after nude photos of her from a 2016 GQ magazine shoot leaked online.

The “Fancy” rapper released a lengthy statement on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend after the topless photos circulated online. She deleted her social media accounts shortly after.

Screen grabs of her comments show Azalea, 28, defending her choice to pose nude.

She explains, “I hadn’t seen other women’s covers leak so I felt comfortable (on a closed set) to model for such a reputable magazine kn

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Unjust Magazine Presents the R.I.P. Hip Hop Issue Coming April 13, 2019

brought to you by M.O.R.E. (Move On Racism Everywhere)


Unjust Magazine will feature articles and a special tribute to Nipsy Hussle, Chinx, Xxxtentacion, The Jacka, Young Greatness, and Jimmy Wopo, all of these rising hip hop artists were killed and died way before their time, and these rappers will always be remembered for the memories that reside in our hearts and souls, may they all Rest In Paradise.

Please Feel Free To Visi

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Wang Ju, the contestant on the singing competition of the Chinese reality television show, Produce 101, attended the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Pier 94 on November 8, 2018, in New York City. She was well known for her confidence in challenging conventional standards of beauty. She was China’s latest female icon that remarked by her humorous personality and excellent communication skill. She was one of few new rising girl idols being invited to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She was also

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Beauty In the Lens Festival was held at AMC Lincoln Square 13


The opening ceremony of 2019 Beauty In the Lens Festival was successfully held at AMC Lincoln Square 13, New York on Feb 10, 2019. Beauty In the Lens Festival is hosted by Marie Claire China, co-hosted by Eyepetizer App, IMAX Global, Youku (Alibaba Group), and UNIPX MEDIA. The festival was devoted to showcase the best and brightest short films from the globe and to discover sophisticated short film producers internationally wise.



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The 2018 Winter Issue of Unjust Magazine Is Now Available Online Free For You to Read, Brought to You By M.O.R.E. (MOVE ON RACISM EVERYWHERE)


Unjust Magazine gives you factual articles on the hate that Trump has recreated in racists and how it now divides Americans along racial lines. This issue of Unjust Magazine features must read articles on Voter Suppression in the South in the 2018 mid-term election, How America is Divided By Race and Trump Rhetoric, Kanye West aka Koonye West * “2018 Coon

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The 2018 Winter Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming November 27, 2018




This issue will feature articles on:


Voter Suppression in the South

America Divided By Race and Trump Rhetoric

Kanye West aka Koonye West * “Coon of the Year”

Immigration Disparity

A Tribute to President Barack Obama & More…







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Syncing The Digital With Reality

When e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon hit the Indian market, brick and mortar companies started to wipe cold sweat. Online shopping was starting out with a mean purpose, and it looked like it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Malls shut down, bookstores suffered, while all online stores saw business booming.

But fast track a few years into the retail revolution, and it became clear that the repercussions weren’t as apocalyptic as we’d initially assumed them to be. Shopping, after all, is

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Instagram Points Its Lens On eCommerce

Instagram is stepping up its efforts to bring commerce onto its social media network. The platform is rolling out features that include a new shopping channel within its “Explore” tab, where consumers can see posts from brands they currently follow, as well as other recommended brands. That feature, Instagram said, is slated to launch on Monday (Sept. 17) and “expand globally over the coming weeks.” (Already, Instagram users can tune into other channels, such as art and travel.)

The social media

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A popular place to find dropshippers--dropshipping suppliers china


Dropshipping is considered one of the most promising e-commerce business models due to its simplicity and low-level risks.

Currently, 33% of the global e-commerce industry is using drop shipping as their main inventory management model, and China has become the top direct selling service provider. Drop shipping, there are many advantages startups can collaborate with global partners. In addition, drop shipping also provides conveni

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What Is The Blind Drop Ship?

This chapter will introduce the blind drop ship. In short, the drop ship is a retail business that sends the manufacturer’s product directly to the customer. The seller does not need to keep the inventory of merchandise, which greatly reduces the operational risk.

You can imagine you are a consumer, you find a package from a company on your doorstep, you’ve never heard of this company, but the items in the package were purchased by another company. At this point, you should realize that the compa

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This is the Official July 4, 2018 Issue of Unjust Magazine that features articles exposing Immigration Child Abuse, the Jehovah Witnesses Child Sex Abuse Cases Worldwide, the Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Cases Worldwide, an Honorable Tribute to Both Angela Davis and Afeni Shakur Davis (mother of Tupac Shakur), the Racist Rosanne Barr tweets that cost her job, the Buffalo Wild Wings Racist Tweets, and an article on the May 18, 2018 Santa Fe High School Mass Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.



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Next Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming July 4, 2018


Unjust Magazine will release it’s next explosive issue on July 4, 2018 and some of the feature articles will be dedicated to the inhumane immigration policies of the Trump Administration to separate Hispanic children from their families and placing these immigrant children in cages like animals, we will be featuring an indepth article on the inhumane immigration policies of the Trump Admin

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Next Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming July 4, 2018


This is the official Unjust Magazine Front Cover for the next issue coming out online July 4, 2018 that will feature an article exposing the immigrant abuse now taking place on America’s borders.


Unjust Magazine, M.O.R.E. and The International Beauty Movement all stand in support of all Latino people and children in Central and South America that are risking everything to come to America.


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8843839491?profile=originalThe 2018 Debut Issue of Unjust Magazine is an eye opening account of all the disturbing issues that now plague America, and this magazine is a must read for any and all people in America and abroad, because you are guaranteed to find an article in Unjust Magazine that hits home with you, no matter what your race is or your economic status is, Unjust Magazine will touch a nerve in you to stand up for a bigger purpose in life besides yourself.



Unjust Magazine pays homage to both Malcolm X and Col

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Anumber fitness experts believe that one has to consume meat and seafood in order to gain a better physique. There is, however, a growing number of people across the globe who are turning vegan or vegetarian in order to reap benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle.

In India, more than 40% of the population is vegetarian, which is more than the total number of vegetarians all over the world, according to a report published by in 2004.

Bollywood actors are a constant source of

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Ballet and beauty for the summer

Netflix might be taking over our lives, but it doesn’t mean you can miss out a good live performance.

This April offers a particularly special occasion as the Maybank Performing Arts Theater, in collaboration with the Ayala Foundation, presents “An Intimate Evening with Stella Abrera and American Ballet Stars” on April 6 and 7.

Filipino-American Abrera is the principal ballerina of the American Ballet Theater (ABT). She is the first Filipino-American to earn that distinction, something she worked

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A lot is talked about diabetes and foot care. People who have uncontrolled sugar levels also suffer from diabetic neuropathy where they lose sensations in their nerves, especially on their toes. So a cut, starch or bruise on the feet can go unnoticed as they might not feel pain or any kind of sensation for the same. Foot injuries in diabetics can turn to be damaging if not treated promptly. It could lead to – infection, pus or even gangrene – depending on the severity of the damage. This is why

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