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The International Beauty Movement Presents:


The High Fashion Makeup and Hair Style Look Book For Aspiring Models, Women that like looking beautiful, Makeup Artists, and Hair Stylists that are looking for new and unique styles and looks that are sure to always be hot both on the runway and in the streets.


Check Out the High Fashion Makeup & Hair Look Book at:

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Next Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming July 4, 2018


Unjust Magazine will release it’s next explosive issue on July 4, 2018 and some of the feature articles will be dedicated to the inhumane immigration policies of the Trump Administration to separate Hispanic children from their families and placing these immigrant children in cages like animals, we will be featuring an indepth article on the inhumane immigration policies of the Trump Admin

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Next Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming July 4, 2018


This is the official Unjust Magazine Front Cover for the next issue coming out online July 4, 2018 that will feature an article exposing the immigrant abuse now taking place on America’s borders.


Unjust Magazine, M.O.R.E. and The International Beauty Movement all stand in support of all Latino people and children in Central and South America that are risking everything to come to America.


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10 Best Books Recommended for Youth These Days

Best Books Recommended for Youth. They say books are closest companions, and yes it can be for sure thought to be valid. Not just are they (books) the best utilization of time, additionally dependably shows us a considerable measure about everything, are there to liven our creative energy, and help us make an escape from this unremarkable, hopeless world. As a youngster, you can in any case be considerably more and emerge from your companions, in the event that you investigate these cool thought

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We are very pleased to announce that Figure Drawing Templates Sets #1,female figure and set #2 male figure by Irina V. Ivanova are now available online for sale at

Please note, both books are for sale via Fulfillment by Amazon program. This means that: * books are stored at and shipped from Amazon warehouse * Amazon handles processing for payment and shipment. In other words, when you purchase our products from, you buy directly from the most trusted web store in the world.

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Fashion illustrator David Downton at F.I.T.


Hey everyone, I just uploaded some video of renown fashion illustrator,
David Downton, speaking at F.I.T. yesterday.
Here's the links...

In the picture is Bil Donovan (left), author of 'Advanced Fashion Drawing,' and
on the right is renown fashion illustrator David Downton, author of 'Masters of Fashion Illustration.'

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I finally got around to starting on the videos I had been planning to do. The camera quality isn't that great. My other video camera is broken (boo!), so I had to use my cell phone. Hopefully you get the picture though. This first set of videos is just an overview of the books that I'm using this semester.

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Yamamoto To “Bomb” Your Coffee Table

When Yohji Yamamotoannounced that his very first biography is to be released in October,
we must admit that we expected the usual rags-to-riches story with an awful lot of gloating and good PR. We were in for a sweet surprise. Yamamoto’s biography, entitled My Dear Bomb (alluding to his random spurts of creative energy, not actual explosives), doesn’t just discuss the man behind the designs, but also, his philosophies. With over four decades of experience under his belt and a daughter that debut
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Silk by Rupert James

Have you heard about Silk by Rupert James. Christine Fairbrother is a high-powered barrister, the scourge of the divorce courts, hoping to become a QC – to “take silk” – after her next high-profile case. Her daughter, Isabelle Cissé, is a talented graduate launching herself on the London fashion scene, full of dreams and ambitions – and still smarting from her parents’ divorce. Blonde, beautiful Victoria Crabtree is the mistress of a wealthy Italian garment manufacturer, bored with being a kept
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The Towering World of Jimmy Choo

Fashion Indie reports thats “The Towering World of Jimmy Choo” is a must read. Everyone starts somewhere, even a luxury brand maker.


Just as the fashion industry requires distinctly raw talent, success is partially determined on a social status basis, who you know outweighing what you know. You may very well be the world’s best designer, but until someone finds you, someone with a name that is, your efforts might as well seclude themselves to the privacy of your own home. Believe it or not, luxur
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Tickle Me Tuesday: Listography Books

I spent my weekend shopping for photo props at Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters. I always stop and check out the book titles; this time I found Love Listography: You Love Life In Lists.Questions asked:1. Who have you kissed?2. Who have you wanted to kiss?3. Where is the kinkest place you’ve had sex?4. What are you dream honeymoon places?5. What were your worst breakupsI love writing lists (heck, stickie notes on my computer are a godsend) and this book allows for some great reminiscing on past &
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Sunday Therapy

At some point in our life, we’ve asked ourselves the question “What’s my purpose? What do I want to do with my life?” Heck, my dear friend and SXSW partner in crime Melissa Pierce is making a documentary about it. I was reading Sassy, Savvy Mom’s post, What I Am and What I Am Not. Don Shapiro commented, saying he was very interested in the life experiences of all the women who’d commented there. I discovered that Don is writing a book in which he asks the question:Have you ever followed an inner
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LOVE magazine- A daring launch?

Fashion fraternity waited long for the sought after launch of the LOVE magazine, the latest style magazine from the british publishing gaint, Conde Nast.The magazine launch amidst this economy, does come as a surprise where the publishing industry is already feeling the dent. The magazine cover is rather different with Beth Bitto posing nude. It truly makes me say.. yes "Bold is Beautiful". It is refreshing to see non-anorexic people posing for the front with such confidence but can's say the sa
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