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In pursuing success, motivation is the driving force that propels us forward. Each morning presents an opportunity to set the tone for the day ahead and fuel our ambition for the journey ahead. By incorporating daily quotes into our routines, we can cultivate a mindset of success and empowerment. Let's delve into how daily quotes can ignite our ambition and pave the way for achieving our goals.

The Power of Daily Inspiration

Daily inspiration acts as a beacon of light guiding us through the chall

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Vise informacija mozete vidjeti na www.radakrivokapicradonjic.me
Prijavu i fotografiju slati na mejl radakrivokapicradonjic@gmail.com
Dobicete povratni mejl u kojem cemo vas obavijestiti kada je vas termin za razgovor.

Rada Krivokapic Radonjic modna kreatorka i stilistkinja


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„Kovilm” predstavlja preoblikovanje prethodnika kravate i leptir mašne. Izrada je ručna. Radi se u svim bojama sa ispisivanjem monograma vlasnika uključujući po želji interpunkcije na lijevoj strani. Ono pretpostavlja dugoročnu, tačnije vječnu upamćenost svojih prethodnika, čiji je uspjeh doveo do dugoročne saradnje sa svijetom 21. vijeka.
Odredite boju i veličinu na sajtu www.radakrivokapicradonjic.me i pošaljite na email: radaradonjicsmk@gmail.com radakrivokapicradon

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Simbol luksuza.
Ali sto stoji iza toga?
Krvava istorija krznenog kaputa.
Da bi se sasila jedna bunda treba ubiti 100 cincila ili 60 lasica, 42 lisice, 40 rakuna, 20 vidri, 20 jazavaca, nekoliko desetina ponija, 30 karakul jagnjadi (astraganom).
Ovo poslednje se dobija na dva nacina:
ili se mladenci vade iz stomaka majke ovce, ili se ceka prirodan porodjaj, pa se mladenci zakolju i oderu.
Rada Krivokapic Radonjic modna kreatorka i stilistkinja

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Sta obuci na maturskoj veceri

Sta obuci na maturskoj veceri

Objavljeno u aprilu 2020.

Mature su zavrsni ispiti zrelosti, proslava kraja jedne etape zivota, vrijeme kada se donose vazne zivotne odluke i trenutak kada otvarate novu stranicu zivota.
Postavlja se glavno pitanje:”Sta da obucem”?
San svake djevojke je da se pojavi u unikatnoj haljini krojenoj samo za nju sa potpisom cuvenog kreatora, dok muskarci zele da se pojave u odjevnim predmetima rucno radjenim. To ostavite za kasnija vremena kada se bude svodio racun ko je st

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Unjust Magazine Presents the R.I.P. Hip Hop Issue Coming April 13, 2019

brought to you by M.O.R.E. (Move On Racism Everywhere)


Unjust Magazine will feature articles and a special tribute to Nipsy Hussle, Chinx, Xxxtentacion, The Jacka, Young Greatness, and Jimmy Wopo, all of these rising hip hop artists were killed and died way before their time, and these rappers will always be remembered for the memories that reside in our hearts and souls, may they all Rest In Paradise.

Please Feel Free To Visi

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The 2018 Winter Issue of Unjust Magazine Is Now Available Online Free For You to Read, Brought to You By M.O.R.E. (MOVE ON RACISM EVERYWHERE)


Unjust Magazine gives you factual articles on the hate that Trump has recreated in racists and how it now divides Americans along racial lines. This issue of Unjust Magazine features must read articles on Voter Suppression in the South in the 2018 mid-term election, How America is Divided By Race and Trump Rhetoric, Kanye West aka Koonye West * “2018 Coon

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The 2018 Winter Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming November 27, 2018




This issue will feature articles on:


Voter Suppression in the South

America Divided By Race and Trump Rhetoric

Kanye West aka Koonye West * “Coon of the Year”

Immigration Disparity

A Tribute to President Barack Obama & More…







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This is the Official July 4, 2018 Issue of Unjust Magazine that features articles exposing Immigration Child Abuse, the Jehovah Witnesses Child Sex Abuse Cases Worldwide, the Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Cases Worldwide, an Honorable Tribute to Both Angela Davis and Afeni Shakur Davis (mother of Tupac Shakur), the Racist Rosanne Barr tweets that cost her job, the Buffalo Wild Wings Racist Tweets, and an article on the May 18, 2018 Santa Fe High School Mass Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.



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Next Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming July 4, 2018


Unjust Magazine will release it’s next explosive issue on July 4, 2018 and some of the feature articles will be dedicated to the inhumane immigration policies of the Trump Administration to separate Hispanic children from their families and placing these immigrant children in cages like animals, we will be featuring an indepth article on the inhumane immigration policies of the Trump Admin

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Next Issue of Unjust Magazine Coming July 4, 2018


This is the official Unjust Magazine Front Cover for the next issue coming out online July 4, 2018 that will feature an article exposing the immigrant abuse now taking place on America’s borders.


Unjust Magazine, M.O.R.E. and The International Beauty Movement all stand in support of all Latino people and children in Central and South America that are risking everything to come to America.


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8843839491?profile=originalThe 2018 Debut Issue of Unjust Magazine is an eye opening account of all the disturbing issues that now plague America, and this magazine is a must read for any and all people in America and abroad, because you are guaranteed to find an article in Unjust Magazine that hits home with you, no matter what your race is or your economic status is, Unjust Magazine will touch a nerve in you to stand up for a bigger purpose in life besides yourself.



Unjust Magazine pays homage to both Malcolm X and Col

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The presentation published intentionally to give a little tribute to friendship. This presentation will be helpful for knowing what friendship is and how it will an important part of everyone’s life. Here are some most inspiring short stories that will make your friendship richer than ever. Real friend contribute everything he has and never expect anything as rewards. The value of forgiveness you can le
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Father's Day2014 : Best Quotes for Fathers

For upcoming Father's Day(15th June 2014) here is a fascinating presentation on most inspiring and motivational quotes on father and father's love. With most popular and heart touching quotes I have added eye catching photos regarding the subject. Read it and share through your email or social media for this father's day.

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Photo by Inez & Vinoodh.

Currently celebrating over 25 years of stellar work with her partner, Vinoodh Matadin, with the retrospective “Pretty Much Everything” at Amsterdam’s Foam Museum, the veteran has learned that for style and fashion, there is no “off” switch. “A lot of people say, ‘Oh, I’m not into fashion. I don’t care about what I wear.’ But when they go for a job interview, they wear something different than [what they would wear] just to go work in the garden or pick up the kids from sc

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Everyone’s favorite crazy aunt and PR sorceress holds forth on the future under the blue skies of Bryant Park. [Racked] http://www.afingo.com/blogs/blog-patrol/here-is-what-i-think-is-the-future-street-life-and-lifestyle-style-is-in-fashion-luxury-forget-it-its-over-kelly-cutrone/
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"I always wanted to be an actress, mainly because I wanted to be glamorous.” Mission accomplished, http://www.afingo.com/blogs/blog-patrol/i-started-designing-my-own-bags-in-my-basement-my-business-just-grew-from-there-but-it-didnt-happen-overnight-handbag-designer-lulu-guinness/Miss
. [Telegraph
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After over 20 years in the industry, the New-York based designer isstill learning—this season marks his first foray into young-adult marketready-to-wear. [FWD]http://www.afingo.com/blogs/blog-patrol/%E2%80%9Cthis-collection-is-dedicated-for-someone-around-25-years-old-i-don%E2%80%99t-want-to-grow-old-with-my-fashion%E2%80%9Ddesigner-angel-sanchez/
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