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Summer is here, and your body needs to be swimsuit ready. The following are five tips to help get your body ready for the summer.

Plan It out

Make a realistic plan for yourself. Knowing your goal goes a long way towards helping you stay focused. Be sure to start working on this plan a few months in advance because getting your body summer-ready is no easy feat.

Understand Your Body

It would be a good idea to learn as much as you can about your body to help inform your plan. You need to know things l

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Gemstone bow ties are a unique twist to an age old accessory that is now perfect for both men AND women.   

My Story: I am an undergrad student, currently attending the University of Toronto, and I am double majoring in human bio and neuroscience. So where does fashion, design, art, and gemstones fit into the mix? Well, art and design came naturally from a very young age; from painting portraits of family members and friends, creating handmade cards during the h

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Tunic Pockets


timeless style in simple, comforting form. Slightly elongated with an asymmetrical hemline + stylish side pockets with a ready-to-go look, thisversion is just right.

Tunic Pockets


timeless style in simple, comforting form. Slightly elongated with an asymmetrical hemline + stylish side pockets with a ready-to-go look, this version is just right.

Tunic Pockets


timeless style in simple, comforting form. Slightly elongated with an asymmetrical hemline + stylish side pockets with a rea

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Lace Trims Manufacturer

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Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

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Daniel Sudar with 49ers

Saturday March 31st, 2012 Daniel Sudar showed his couture and ready to wear line at Hamlin Mansion in San Francisco for NFL players Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers and Vontae Davis of the Miami Dolphins fundraiser.  He designed suit for 49ers players; Delaine Walker and Parys Haralson.



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Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress….

That sound you just heard was the sound of my DVF wrap dress cherry popping.  You got it right after 28 years of being a serial thrifter it is my distinct honor to say to you today that this is my very 1st DVF wrap dress I’ve ever found in a thrift store.  I have been very lucky to find DVF pieces here and there but never the iconic wrap dress.  I mean I know woman that still have their original ones from the 70′s!  Women just don’t give these babies up without a fight.  This iconic wrap dress w

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This posting I found 2 really comfortable and STYLISH tops: MAG by Magaschoni and Cynthia Steffe and both of course are black MAG by Magaschoni is synonymous with luxury.  Its collection of women’s sportswear is made of only the highest quality imported fabrics, most notably their cashmere, for a practical yet highly sophisticated look.  The other black top is by Cynthia Steffe and this brand is recognized as one of America’s leading contemporary fashion lines.  Both black tops you would just ne

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Tibi knit top with Susana Monaco skirt …

I can’t think of anything that says casual louder than this ensemble.  I love this knit Tibi with its purple & green pattern, it’s so chic and simple all you do is just pull it over your head and go.  Well you might go after you’re put your khaki Susana Monaco skirt on too.  This skirt with the 2 outside pockets make this skirt modern.  These 2 brands: Tibe & Susana Monaco are known for creating contemporary pieces for the on the go woman.  The perfect silver metallic leather thong sandals would

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I love to have fun with clothes and when I was putting this skirt / dress ????  on Matilda the mannequin I just stopped at her breast and thought “this flies as a dress”!  I would slap my client in this as a dress within a blink of a lash…. It totally works as a dress because that’s the great thing about  Susana Monaco and the fabric they use for construction.  It’s stretchy and it’s form fitting which means this skirt can actually be worn as a dress.  You get 2 for the price of 1 admission

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I just had my Chaiken cherry popped and boy did I enjoy it.  I have never found this brand inside a thrift store until now and this calls for a celebration of sort.  I’m loving this sheer Chaiken blouse, its sexy – its hot – its sophisticated and its sassy.  When Chaiken & Capone 1st launched in 1994, the company (founded by Julie Chaiken & Pamela Capone) gained immediate recognition for its well cut pants.  The brand’s modern take on the suit, flattering the feminine form with expert tailoring

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Red Carpet Ready in La La Land

From Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Kirsten Lea at the Academy Awards 2008 © DR

During the build up to the Academy Awards, several hundred women in Hollywood are on a focused mission to get red carpet ready. There are a few tinsel town elite who, with their trusted team of stylists, hair & make-up artists, dressmakers, aestheticians and trainers, glide through February as if it were any other month. Some call these the fortunate few. I call them smart. Oprah Winfrey once mused that, “luck is preparation me
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Cutout Sweaters. Make a Statement?


Yesterday, I made the trip to Toronto to attend my SECOND (woo) fashion class of this Fall Term. Although I love London, and the people who have made the past two years of my life extremely enjoyable, Toronto seems to give me the right 'snug' fit that I needed with respect to fashion. My profs are amazing and are unbelievably talented, my classmates are the next designers, models and personal shoppers in an elite Torontonian group, and the buzz around campus is absolute
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After over 20 years in the industry, the New-York based designer isstill learning—this season marks his first foray into young-adult marketready-to-wear. [FWD]
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Designers for Le'Chic Couture Fashion Week

Le’Chic Couture Fashion Week is an exhilarating high fashion extravaganza that is occurring in the city of West Palm Beach. This series of shows are centered on dressing the stylish man and woman, from shoes and accessories to swimwear, active wear, lounge wear, suits and more. This event will take place on Thursday, April 8th – Sunday, April 11th, 2010 in various locations around the city of West Palm Beach.The event will be showcasing a selection of established and emerging designers based loc
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SOVA Swarovski Jeweled Dresses

SOVA Boutique Aesthetic style is founded on such fashion as that of Egyptian Queens such as Nefertiti, (Nefertari was the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the Great) and Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII Philopator, Queen of Egypt).The ancient Egyptians loved ornamentation, and all forms of jewellery, including necklaces, rings, anklets and bracelets were popular fashion accessories.Designed, crafted and worn with great thought and care, jewellery was valued not only for its beauty and pre
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Balmain Baby


When I close my eyes and imagine a spectacularly cool ensemble, I picture sculptured jackets, skinny legged drainpipes with an iridescent sheen, a killer rocker heel, maybe with a little sequin added into the mix. The result in my mind is an uber-cool fashion moment, the likes of which would be impossible to source. That is until Balmain hit. Balmain is firmly my new BFF.Balmain Autumn 09-10 Ready to Wear is a little like watching Sienna & Jude on the red carpet. So painfully perfect that it act
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BEEINGE (pronounces be ange) appoint the Parisian fashion designer Schaïly Vanderlhon and her "frensh touch" who knew how to give some sweetness to the male elegance of the spring-summer collection 2008/09 correspond at a clientele distinguished from 25-45 years marked with success, at the summit of the temporal fashion. It is clear that of this meeting in emanated a tendency of sharpness, purity of style on a tone refined made in France having for slogan " the luxury in the pure state ".In spit
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the new power suit


photo from fabricmag.comWhen we think of the 1980s, there's Madonna, bad neon, worse hair, aggressive sexuality and the power suit. Considering the 80s is when we had the junk bond fallout, it seems recessionary times are either indicated by full-on debauchery (think 1920s flapper girl) or a look that says I'm your boss and you can eat my 5 inch stilettos too because I've got a body and I'm gonna show it. It seems we're on the cusp of the latter, although with a more relaxed silhouette. Last yea
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