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Whether you have a salon or day spa, salon chairs are an important tool of the trade. In fact, more than one type of seat will be needed for the best comfort of customers. Also, the store may need seating for the stylist to take an occasional break. Choosing well-built, coordinated furniture is the best way to create an air of professionalism in the store.

When customers enter the store, they will need comfortable seating in the reception area. While they wait for the stylist to complete their la

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Online Fashion Styling Course

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Many might be in misconception that only women would be looking for the ideas to groom themselves, but this is not actually true, but even men lately are making a research for finding the best means of grooming their outlook. The most common search is for grooming their beard, because there comes the fashion of growing beard and grooming according to the style they wished for. You may find many terms related to this while make a research as men's beard trims. If you are the one who is really lon

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8843830297?profile=originalMakeup Artists and Hairstylists Casting Call Auditions for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin for the 2018 Philly Model Face Off Multiple Modeling Magazine Photo and Video Shoot in Philadelphia on August 18, 2018.


The 2018 Philly Model Face Off is a free magazine model photo and video shoot for Ripping Runways Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, Salon Savvy Magazine, and Girl 9 Magazine a

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2018 Philly Model Face Off Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Casting Calls Philadelphia, PA

The International Beauty Movement is Now Casting Creative Makeup Artists, Body Painters, and Creative Hair Stylists for this Exclusive Invitation Only 2018 Philadelphia Summer Model Face Off that will feature Gorgeous & Glamorous East Coast Models competing against Gorgeous & Glamorous Models from the Midwest in this Free $1,000 Magazine Photo and Video Shoot for all Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists that are sele

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Top Tips For A Successful Shopping Trip

When it comes to shopping, do you think you’re getting the best results? There is definitely a skill to having a successful shopping trip, and here are my tips to prepare you for the most rewarding shopping trip ever!

8843707054?profile=originalGo Through Your Wardrobe First

Have a good sort through your wardrobe, and throw everything out that no longer fits or that you don’t like, before you start filling it with new items. Making a ‘needs’ list of essentials is the best thing to do before each shopping trip, and also make

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Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Casting Calls

2016 Las Vegas-Los Angeles Model Face Off

Free Magazine Photo and Video Shoot

Presented by the International Beauty Movement.



The 2016 Las Vegas - Los Angeles Model Face Off is a free magazine model photo and video shoot event for Ripping Runways Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, Salon Savvy Magazine, and Girl 9 Bikini Magazine and it will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 17, 2016 hosted by the International Be

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Girl 9 Magazine Model Casting Calls 2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off


2016 Girl 9 Magazine Model Casting Call For All Bikini and Lingerie Models in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena


Girl 9 Magazine Los Angeles Model Face Off Bikini and Lingerie Model Casting Calls 2016 for Aspiring Models In Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena


Are you a beautiful aspiring bikini model, lingerie model, vixen model, artistic n

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2016 Official Los Angeles-Las Vegas Model Face Off

Magazine Photo Shoot Model Casting Call

2016 Magazine Model Casting Call For All Aspiring Models in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena



Are you an aspiring female model or professional female model age 18-35 that would like the opportunity to build an excellent photo portfolio, receive a free magazine photo shoot, and be featured in an internationally known fashion and lingerie model magazine that’s re

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Salon Savvy Magazine Hair Stylists/ Body Painters/

Makeup Artists Casting Calls 2017



Salon Savvy Magazine Casting Calls 2017 is currently casting hair stylists, body painters, and makeup artists worldwide for possible features in all of our upcoming online issues.


To apply for consideration for a possible magazine feature in our next issue, all hair stylists, body painters, and makeup artists must have a unique and creative photo portfolio of making women look both beautiful and unique.



This is

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Ripping Runways Magazine Model Casting Calls 2017 Casting Female Models/ Makeup Artists/ Hair Stylists/Body Painters For the Next Issue of Ripping Runways Magazine


If you are looking for an incredible opportunity to gain worldwide exposure as a print model, a talented body painter, makeup artist, hair stylist, or talented fashion stylist looking to expand your talent portfolio and gain worldwide exposure in an internationally known online magazine, and you are serious about taking your career to

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International Beauty Magazine Model Casting Calls 2017


International Beauty Movement Magazine Model Casting Calls 2017

Worldwide Calendar Model Search For Female Models, Worldwide ages 18-35 for Ethnic Queen Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, and Project Couture Magazine For the 2017 Calendar Model Issues of all of the above magazines that will be published in December 2016 just in time for the Christmas Holidays.

 We will be selecting 12 beautiful models

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Ethnic Queen Magazine Debut Issue Is Now Online and It’s A hot Magazine That all Fashion Industry Insiders and Female Models Must See.


Ethnic Queen Magazine is the newest magazine to the International Beauty Movement publishing family.


Ethnic Queen Magazine is an online magazine that celebrates the amazing beauty of ethnic women, the vibrant culture, and the unique diversity that beautiful aspiring ethnic models worldwide bring to the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industry, and Ethnic Queen

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and Read Our Magazines At The Links Below:



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Please Click One Of the

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If you are a beautiful aspiring ethnic model age 18-35 that is interested in an incredible print modeling opportunity that could take your modeling career to the next level and open up modeling opportunities in the professional print modeling industry, commercial modeling industry and entertainment industry, as well as help you build an impressive modeling portfolio that could increase your modeling job opportunities, and gain worldwide exposure as a print model or commercial model, then you wil

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Five Things to Look For in a Hair Stylist

hair-stylist-midtown-manhattan.jpgDon’t trust your luscious locks to just anyone! When you put your hair in someone else’s hands, you want to make sure that they are the right hands. How do you know if you are getting the best hair care? Read on to determine five things that you should be looking for when choosing that special hair stylist.

1. Pre-Assessment

A pre-assessment is so important when you sit in a new stylist’s hair chair. They should look you over to determine what kind of hair you have - thick, thin, wavy, straight, e

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Alternatives to Shampoo?

how_to_shampoo_hair_the_right_way1_thumb.jpgWashing your hair is obviously important. It helps you strip your strands from all the dirt and oil that has built up over the day (or week for those who choose not to regularly wash it for a variety of reasons). Regardless of when you wash your hair, you should consider what you are washing your hair with. Some women believe that you get what you pay for and spend an arm and a leg on high end shampoos. Others want to take the organic route and try to concoct their own out of household ingredien

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