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History Of Fashion In India

India is a land of massive diversity and multiculturalism that is reflected in the deviation of traditional outfits and the styles that vary from one state to another, which is unusual to see elsewhere in the world. Fashion in India has traveled from one culture to another for ages and evidence of India following fashion can be found out right from the times of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

8844290889?profile=originalThe history of fashion in India dates back to ancient times, yet fashion keeps on evolving, as it was the tradi

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How is Fashion Influenced by Culture?

India is famous for its rich traditions, scenic beauties, popular people, and its emerging fashion industry. The fashion industry in India offers sequins and gold thread to its customers which adds significance to the Indian fashion community. Fashion and culture are two contrasting elements which is a part of every propaganda India creates for its fashion industry.


Embroidery is considered a basic Indian fashion trademark. Popular Indian designers have come up with several embroidered designs an

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Swimming Costumes According to Body Type

Summer is almost in and it is time to hit the beach and pool in our sexy bikinis. We love to spend time on the beach around this time of the year and flaunt ourselves in our swimming costumes. Whether they are two piece swimwear or one piece swimsuits, we will tell you how you can look fabulous in them. Here are some tips on which type of swimming costume you should buy according to your body type.


  • Women battling a bulging tummy should pick a swimwear with smooth silhouette and a fitted torso. Cu
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An adorable bathing suit, mermaid swimsuit is fun and vibrant in many ways. It is capable of making your beach visit appealing and stylish. In addition to ladies, these are available as kids bathing suits for little girls and teens who do not want their swimwear to be plain or boring. For an off-the-beach-party, you can also pair the bathing suit with a skirt without compromising the comfort. Ensure that you are pairing the suit with a skirt that goes well with it.

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8843910094?profile=originalSwimsuits are filthy pricey, the reason they need extra care!

Let's accept it! We have all experienced the heartbreaks that come with throwing away the swimsuit that we enjoyed last summer. And the worst part, it has become your favorite go-to piece at the beach.

The discoloration, wrapped padding, loose threads and the sagging elastic don’t make for a good-looking swimsuit. And things like saltwater, chlorine, sunscreen stamps, and numerous wears, makes even the best swimwear, the worst one.


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Top Summer Men Dress Shirt Colors - Men's Style

Summer usually is a beautiful time of year. At least where I live. Men and women are both about their business wearing great clothes and looking hip. It’s no wonder that men are more concerned about how they dress and look than they were some decades ago. When it comes to options, men usually get the short end of the stick as compared to the fairer sex. Women can choose from a multitude of clothing options at various stores. Men on the other hand, usually only have five or six safe options to bu

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one gram gold chokers

Choker  means close fitting necklace which is worn around the neck. Choker can be made with different variety of materials like gold, silver, metal, german silver, 1 gram gold, etc,. Actually choker is most popolar in 1920s. Again now a days it became very popular. Chokers can available in different types of designs like peacock, leafs, mango design, pearls, rubies and more.

now maximum people are using one gram gold because less price. this information from  siri designers

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8843783277?profile=originalIn order to feel confident and comfortable at the beach, every lady should make the right choice of swimwear. However, you'll need to ensure you keep away from these humiliating shoreline mold socially awkward act in the event that you would prefer not to misunderstand the sort of consideration in your swimsuit. Going with string bikinis swimwear is a great idea when you the right way to carry it. Here are some blunders that you should avoid in order to look your best.


1) Get Rid Of Your Worn Ou

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In the modern-day world, every woman has a unique clothing sense and a personality that requires a wardrobe similar to her choice and designers today have made sure to provide a variety of looks for almost every style. However, there are a few elegant and classy items that should be a part of almost every wardrobe and can be worn by women of any style, personality, and fashion sense. These dresses for women can be worn on different occasions and should be paired with other accessories to create

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Bohemian Bop on Fashion Rooftop

New on our Chic List: Bohemian Bop - Bohemian Bop is an online retail shop offering designs from both Bohemian Bop and bohēm labels. Bohemian Bop is a one of a kind & limited edition knitwear line made with
hand dyed or vintage lace. Bohēm is a line elegant #clothing for the active woman who is an old soul yet young at heart.
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Fall travel Style

8843547655?profile=originalFall Travel Style - Day 1 --> Stay tuned for the #holiday #wishlist & #giftguides. Visit our Chic notes, in case you missed one of our recent stories. WWW.FASHIONROOFTOP.COM #fashion #style

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Hand Chains, The Columbus Dispatch & Me.

Be sure to pick today's newspaper for my feature on the popularity of hand chains. 
 See the full feature here - 
Thank you Allison Ward! Much fun working with you and your team!
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Participating designer of my New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza 2014 - fashion show (1): Hong Kong-based Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta inspired by traditional kimono -

To open the show, we will bring you the breathtaking kimono inspired masterpieces by the phenomenal Naoko Tsuruta (鶴田奈央子), Hong Kong-based Japanese couture designer. Crafted from an entire roll of luxury kimono fabric, each couture dress is a perfect blend of traditional handcraftsmanship, modern style and contempor

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New Arrivals@La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry/Accessories Store: French Luxury Scarf Brand Cute Fashionista's Exclusive Scarf Collection “Oriental Series” by Lucrezia Solena

Dear valued customers,
Here’s the GREAT NEWS you’ve been waiting for!
To cater to different women’s style needs, La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry Store is now turned into an one-stop shop for exclusive fashion items in addition to jewelry to glam up a daily look. I am very excited to announce that La Mode by GV Miao Jew

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6 Fabulous Valentines Gift Ideas For Her

8843285459?profile=originalNow Valentine remains few days only and lovers are busy to gift something matchless. Whether it is boy or girl everyone are looking for surprising her or him.

Number of people are really confused that which one is the best presents for her? How they can see smile on her face? How they can get lovely compliments from her? If you are one of them, I am trying to be a part of solutions.

But before that I am showing few interesting facts about Valentine's day that remove the myth Valentine's day is as

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