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Black Friday, the most anticipated shopping event of the year, is just around the corner, and things are getting more exciting. After all, it is a sale that brings a sack full of discounted deals both online and on the high street. And this year’s sale looks to be greater and more thrilling than ever, with shoppers eager to secure goodies at the incredible offers. You can find anything and everything at unbelievable savings, from clothes and household utilities to electronic gadgets and jewels!

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Celebrate the uniqueness of your love story with birthstone engagement and wedding rings that beautifully blend tradition and personalization. Each gemstone represents a month and carries its own symbolism, making these rings not only stunning but also deeply meaningful. Discover our curated selection of 12 best birthstone engagement and wedding rings that are sure to captivate your heart.


1. January - Garnet:

Embrace the rich red hues of garnet symbolizing love and devotion. Set in

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Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring


Planning to take an oath of foreverness with your significant other? Sapphire, the gemstone of sincerity, faithfulness, and truth makes for a beautiful engagement ring. Even though diamonds are the most preferred stones for an engagement ring, choosing vivid shades of sapphires will make your ring stand out.

The trend for gemstone engagement ring has risen significantly, especially due to the trendsetters or celebrities wearing sapphire engagement rings, most notably by the royal duchess of Cambr

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Why to Choose White Sapphire over Diamond

The world is full of similar-looking things having different qualities. In the world of gemstones, this fact goes for many similar-looking gemstones such as tanzanite and blue sapphire, ruby and pink sapphire. Likewise, there is diamond and there is white sapphire. If you have decided to go for a diamond ornament, then before investing your money, you should think over another available option which is a white sapphire. Let us find out what makes a white sapphire a better choice over a diamond.


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5 Colored Gemstone Gifts for This Year

Are you the kind of person who browses articles to get inspiration for “what to give your loved one” for an occasion? Then this article is for you.

Throughout the year we have special occasions, be it mother’s day, father’s birthday, parent’s anniversary, or sister’s graduation day, and the only question we are stuck with are ‘what special gift should I give my loved ones to make them feel special?’

Gemstones are rare in nature and so they make a wonderful gift that will be cherished forever by th

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Necklaces come in an array of different lengths, and this can be confusing when you’re looking to buy gemstone beads necklaces. Take the time to consider your options before you make your purchase, and you’ll find it much easier to find what will work best for you! This guide to different necklace lengths should help you choose which length necklace are right for you, your clothing style, and your overall look.

Why It’s Important

Choosing a necklace length is more important than you might think. I

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How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?

If you plan to walk into a Diamond Store, talking about how you know all about the 4 Cs of Diamonds (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat), you will spend too much Money. The Salesman makes a commission on what you buy. He won’t ask you, “are man-made diamonds cheaper?” He wants you to spend as much as possible. – Guide: How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?


The Jewelry Store Is Not Your Friend:
First, remember the salesman is not there to help you. He is there to get you to spend money. All Jewelry

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Most people love adorable gemstone crystals which come in colours such as red, pink and blue. They inspire a strong fascination. Gemstone jewellery is one of the most sought-after jewellery online in India. However, there are some essential things to know when getting this kind of jewellery. These include getting an idea what this jewellery entails and available options. These jewellery pieces come in various colurs and flavours. Thus, there are essentials to know before buying gemstone jeweller

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Words have incredible healing power, if you are interested in love with. You can use specific words to heal - such as love and thank you, but you can go a step further, with prayer, or mantra, you are taught to use words in a very resonant soothing way to promote healing.



Mantra is repeated over and over again, usually loud, so you can feel the vibration of the phrase in your throat. For example, OM is one of the most widely recognized voices, if you let resonate in your throat, it will create t

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Jasper is an element of earth and rock. It is made of quartz, which comprises 12% of the Earth's surface. Therefore, it is much grounded, known as nurturing and caring shield. Jasper is a powerful healing, help, support and stones. It allows us to exist in nature and absorbed by the Earth's frequency. Bonding, it is by the color of the earth, and may include brown, red, and yellow. Because it often contains mineral oxides, Jaspers many different patterns and multicolored designs.


Healing Properti

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Pisces born between February 19 and March 20, are very spiritual, intuitive, think so compassionate and kind to others, they tend to assume too much of other people's problems. These features representatives Pisces sun sign. Sun sign to your interests and personality, but your rising sign, moon sign is in creating your character's personality. Rising sign, also known as the rising sign, sometimes you can be better than your sun sign performance because it determines how others perceive you.



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First, it is my dear friend's wedding. What is beautiful and special gift will also last a lifetime? What is the most important gift also reflects the spirit of love surrounding her life in this particular incident? I immediately knew the answer: I chose the pearl necklace her mother. 


My friend hugged me when she saw the necklace; I explained some of the nurturing and protection of mother of pearl. I have always believed that more of the world than we know, she said. I'll wear it to work, to hel

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Ancient culture has been used to treat a variety of crystals and stones physical and mental illnesses, but they are still widely used in today's busy modern world. Even if you suspect that crystal healing, give it a try never hurt, because it is absolutely safe, incredible treatment. There are a variety of stones and crystals to choose from, but we have been able to collect from your aura that apparent negative energy, to provide clarity and vibrant small list. Negative energy can easily be stuc

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8843531880?profile=originalNatural coloured diamonds and gemstones have long been regarded as the one of rarest commodities in the world. Celebrated for their deep hues and vibrant colours, these precious gems are more than a fashion statement and status symbol, they are also a sound investment in the midst of financial uncertainty.  Add to that the fact that diamond prices have risen 160 percent in the last decade, and the fact that the price of coloured diamonds happens to be significantly higher than their white or col

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New Arrivals@La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry/Accessories Store: French Luxury Scarf Brand Cute Fashionista's Exclusive Scarf Collection “Oriental Series” by Lucrezia Solena

Dear valued customers,
Here’s the GREAT NEWS you’ve been waiting for!
To cater to different women’s style needs, La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry Store is now turned into an one-stop shop for exclusive fashion items in addition to jewelry to glam up a daily look. I am very excited to announce that La Mode by GV Miao Jew

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Jean Joaillerie Launches "Cinq à Sept" Collection

Jean Joaillerie Launches "Cinq à Sept" Collection !A Series Of Broochs / Necklace ( Detachable) That Will Take You From The Boardroom To The Ballroom !

"Cing à Sept Collection" Autumn/Winter 2011

A Statement Piece That Will Take You From the Boardroom To The Ballroom......And Just About Anywhere In Between !

A Limited Edition Series Of Handcrafted Broochs/ (Detachable) Necklace designed

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8842879471?profile=originalFor the whole of March we are offering out special Gemstone Collection at a 10% discount. This collection features luxurious blue lapis and intense red agate, hand polished, and carefully inlaid into sterling silver, from one of Bangkok’s best designers. Just use promotion code – MARPROMO a...t the end of the check-out process after logging onto your account. See them all @
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