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Fabulous Hi-Low Skirts can Boost Your Confidence

Hi-low skirts are the new swag of recent years that not only looks the classiest clothing to date but also can boost your confidence if you rock it on the right occasions. Don’t worry about how to throw on it or how to match it with the right outfits or accessories, as I will tell you some tips here. These fabulous and matching wholesale womens skirts that make up some excellent hi-low styles will take your breath away in first glance. No need to wait any longer, just take a look and find the st

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Funky Clothing can Offer Women a Fashionable Look

If you got tired of wearing the typical boring costumes at parties and dinners. Then here are some amazing wholesale womens clothing ideas for you that can bring vibrant and fresh colors to your closet and make the most of your sartorial expertise. Add some trendy fashion pieces to your wardrobe and match them to make it a perfect stylish look that will stand out from the crowd. The past year had some excellent color combinations and versatile cuts. Now you can take off those boring outfits and

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The holidays will appear before you know it, and wholesale sequin dresses are definitely a must for all of the parties that will follow. These stunning sequin dresses are the best way to stand out, and they can easily work for family holiday gathering, holiday party, and night outdoor activities. Everything depends on the sequin dresses you choose and the way you style them.

shestar wholesale sexy sequins decor split thigh dress
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If you are going on a date, you may be excited about the occasion but anxious about what to wear. Every woman has been through this problem at one point or another when the pressure to leave a good impression is sky-high. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to what you should wear, there are some tips to creating a popular wholesale women’s apparel to suit your dating type. Whether you are headed out for a candlelight dinner, to the movies, or just for a simply coffee, we have got st

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Let’s face it. A lot of guys are just not born with the fashionable taste of their partners, and many don’t care. A lot of men mostly care about comfort, and they will not hesitate to wear gym shorts to almost any occasion. Women have a unique challenge to get their guys to look as trendy as they do. There are tactful methods to make your guy the envy of every other woman at your next social gathering.

Swap Out the Old with the New

Generally speaking, guys do not have a lot of attention to detail.

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“Make her your front of everyone...every time.”


Want to show your love? - 8 ways to do it

There’s love everywhere, only if you have the eye to find it. If you believe that showing off your love for someone is not worth the effort - you’re correct. However, if you do not shower your partner with love anyway, you need to give a reality check to yourself. If you really want to pep up your life, you must shower your partner with all the ways to make her feel the bliss of being wanted and needed.

Why do you need love?

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Classy night out with girlfriends

Is there anything better and more rewarding than spending some quality time with your girlfriends? These moments together can become very precious, especially when you lose yourself in the fast pace of modern adult life. Even getting together for a home gathering is a fun evening to look forward to, but if you want to make your girl’s night out classier, you can visit some of the most popular places such as clubs and restaurants and make even more great memories of your wonderful friendship. Opt

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Ladies, listen up. Women nightwear can be comfortable and fashionable if you know what to look for. Also, you can be comfortable and sexy at the same time with lots of today's materials. Ladies nightwear used only for an hour of leisure with your partner are over, but the ladies have been demanding for sexy lingerie and designers of lingeries have heard it. The negligee is the most popular styles of women's nightwear, and this type of lingerie is a long nightgown.


Read This: The Chemises: Simple,

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New blog post “Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) – Watch Me on Stage: My Modeling Album & Video" NOW up on La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog:

I have written a lot from a reviewer’s perspective about The Original People Design (TOPd)’s signature ethnic exoticism featuring the vibrant colors of passion and unique bold prints by Hong Kong-based French-African designer Amina Lamarre Delafoulhouse (also read my previous post “African Fashion Show in Hong Kong: All Are Equal; All Are Welcome!”), but this

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How To Dress From Day To Night

Bonjour & Bonne Nuit

When your time is limited between work and play hours (and don't have time to run home for a full outfit change), the key to looking fabulous from day to night is to wear apparel that can easily transition from the office to a night out on the town. 
Who ever said you can't wear sequins during daytime?! Fashionistas know that old rules should be tossed out the window. Featured here (on the left) is a stylish outfit that can work during the daytime, since it pairs a sequined tank top with conserv
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Due to the large press attention we are now sending out our last reminder of tickets for our Fashion Night Cannes 2011.

Join us in the Villa Oxygene and see the Playboy Bunnies live

More surprises are to come

Thank You
Last Tickets at



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Fashion Night Cannes at Carlton Hotel

US Designer Ashley paige will host a Celebrity Fashion Show on May 19 at Carlton Hotel.


For our second Fashion Night Cannes on May 20 at Villa Oxygene we have still tickets available


Ticket sale for Fashion Night Cannes started at: outlink.gif

Fashion Night at Carlton Hotel, Cannes

The Carlton Hotel is always top of mind when one thinks of Cannes – its classic façade stands out in every picture of the Croisette and it is the epicenter of activity during the Film Festival.

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Oscar Recap

The big night came and now its over.  While Hollywood attended their fancy parties for a feel good time after all the excitement of the night, I was exhausted from the entire show and trying to keep up with my Oscar app.  Yes,  I know a little crazy but I wanted to have enough information for myself rather than reading the critics.  And yes, I’m sure some critics had a field day with their summation.  I on the other hand believe fair is fair and give credit where it is due.

As you know, the night

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Oscar Mania

As I sat doing research for this piece, my mind was bombarded with color choices, fabric choices, accessory choices. Two thoughts constantly nagged like a bee buzzing from one flower to another: Truly, how do all those actresses and actors decide on who will be their designer? How do they make their final choice of the dress from all the other dresses?

The prestigious honor of obtaining the coveted Oscar goes to those selected few that become masters at their craft and are recognized on Oscar nig

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8842871494?profile=originalWant to be part of the Cannes Film Festival and celebrate with vip's and int. fashionistas?

Do you want to expose your product to int. media and tv?

Are you looking for product placement with int. Celebrities?


Join the Fashion Night concept and put your brand into the spotlight.


Thank You


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I believe in Harmony

Dear All

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a good start in 2011.
Don't forget to spend a minute of your good spirit to the people in need around the world.

Infos about our events in 2011 and promotion packages for designer and brands can be checked on the link below

Thank You
Dieter Behrentin
Behrentin Communication - the brand stylists
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The September Issue
All year, every year, I anticipate it's arrival more impatiently than a child on Christmas Eve. And now, here it is Christmas in August. Call me gluttonous, but with a 726-page fashion feast on my plate, I can't help but drool. And just to add to my delight, who better to grace the cover than one of my favorite fashion icons, Ms. Halle Berry?
The September Issue of Vogue on newsstands now!

I flipped anxiously past the appetizers (at least 100 pages of advertisemen
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