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The Fabulous Range Of Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the important accessories to stay shaded in style! Be it a woman or a man, we love carrying sunglasses as it provides an extra hint of coolness to the whole look. These protective wear have now become a necessity without which stepping out of the home is not possible. But sometimes choosing the correct sunglass according to your face becomes a task! And also with so many brands offering them, one can be puzzled as which one to choose. Well, the one brand that solves the problem is

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10 Most Popular Handbag Brands

Handbag is a most essential fashion accessories today and world's most prominent fashion labels launch their designer handbags collection gradually. Here is 10 most popular brands known for their handbags collection. Here brands are listed according to their revenues, brand values, social media engagement and other parameters.
I also try to put some facts about handbag and fashion accessories industry with little fun.

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Sasha Luss in "Ruffles" for Harper's BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek
Sasha Luss in "Ruffles" for Harper's BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

Benjamin Kanarek photographs the top breakout model of the Fall/Winter 2013 season, Sasha Luss for Harper’s BAZAAR en Español, May 2013.

Sasha Luss explores a selection of ruffled looks of the Spring-Summer Season.

Sasha Luss blossoms like an Hibiscus with Gareth Pugh's Flamenco cape, flounces as a Lisianthus in a Francesco Sconamiglio sheer dress, proudly swings with a stiff and large ruffled peplum on a Balenc

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YSL Fall 13'

Were you thinking what I was thinking when I first saw this collection? Something like "What the hell?" I didn't sugarcoat my surprise when I saw the pieces in this show. So not what I was expecting from YSL. Heidi Slimane knocked it out of the park for Spring 13' so what happened here? I'm all about changing things up but I seriously wondered if he had overindulged in 'spirits' while designing this collection or just had Marc Jacobs circa 1992 on the brain the whole time. Case in point:
Ok, so I
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What makes you Tick?

A bit of a strange question I know, but what makes you tick? Most particularly, what type of watch makes you tick? There are many different watches on the high street and online today that are filled with a variety of features to suit each individual’s lifestyle. Whether you are a lover of vintage or an athletic swimmer, there is a watch out there to suit your lifestyle down to a T.

For the vintage lover, Fossil watches fit the brief. Think worn leather straps, antique finishings and old school f

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Style Star: Ryan Gosling

There's Something about Ryan that keeps us cant say no to this one time oscar nominee. Clean cut, a little bit mysterious, and alot off edginess in his style. Not everyone cant pull of this style. But if you like to try, make sure you have his essense of style: Leather jacket, sunglasses, white shoes, and alot of confidence!!

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The September Issue
All year, every year, I anticipate it's arrival more impatiently than a child on Christmas Eve. And now, here it is Christmas in August. Call me gluttonous, but with a 726-page fashion feast on my plate, I can't help but drool. And just to add to my delight, who better to grace the cover than one of my favorite fashion icons, Ms. Halle Berry?
The September Issue of Vogue on newsstands now!

I flipped anxiously past the appetizers (at least 100 pages of advertisemen
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After NYFW is over, now is the time to choose our best top looks from the all shows:

  1. Bucker : Like the whole clean cut.
  2. Marc By Marc Jacob: What else can i say?
  3. Tommy Hilfiger: Modern American Classic Collection.
  4. Richard Chai: The Real StreetStyle.
  5. Band of The Outsiders: Great Sportwear Collection.
  6. Michael Kors: Love the hobo look.

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Hello to all, I'm new to the Network :}

Bonjour, Aloha, Hello, to Everyone

I just signed up on Sept. 2 and now I want to introduce myself. My name is Jaleesa, I came here to the Fashion Network in hopes of some of your awesome fashion blogging abilities would rub off on me. I have been a blogger for more than two years and now I want to try my hand at fashion blogging! I totally love fashion but I can't decide on my favorite designer, it's between Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs, so I thought that if I started blogging about fashion it woul
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I want to do plus sizes. Great opportunity. Need to get the customersinterested. They dont buy our 14 and 16′s I always get stuck with them.” That was the tweet that started it all. Marc Jacob’s business partner Robert Duffy (aka @MarcJacobsInt in the Twitter world) revealed last week the fashion house’s possible plus-sized collection. (more…)

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Luxury Fashion Trends: Why Labels Matter

Image via Flikr/Cheng Xin

Whether you are into the latest Marc Jacobs handbag or the coveted iPhone 4, most us all have a weakness for certain brands or labels. Have you ever wondered what makes us splurge on an authentic Louis Vuitton rather than taking a trip to Canal Street for the best knock-off? Wired author Jonah Lehrer explores the question…


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Rachel Pally and Kevin Circosta modeling looks from Boyfriend/Girlfriend

A little something we found on Refinery29 got us thinking about relationships and the work world. Rachel Pally and long-term boyfriend Kevin Circota teamed up and designed a new line that enables couples to share clothing including plaid shirts and oversized tees that will look great on you
and your significant other. Awwww. But there’s another side to this shoompiness. As beautiful and creatively productive as romantic rela

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The beautiful and the talented mix in the lobby outside the CFDA Awards at Lincoln Center - Photo by Kevin Tachman for The Daily Beast

Per usual, the annual awards show thrown by the Council of Fashion Designers of Amercia at Manhattan’s Lincoln center was a hurricane of glitz, talent, beauty, style, and industry power. Also per usual, our invitation got lost in the mail. Sigh.

Thankfully, as these once-negligible awards rise in esteem with every passing year, corresponding coverage on the Interne

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Get an inside look at the biggest Fashion houses!!!

Loic Prigent, the man behind the lens of fashion documentaries such as "Marc Jacobs Louis Vouitton", is at it again as his new film, "The Day Before" captures labels Proenza Schouler, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi, and Jean Paul Gaultier in the hours leading up to their high profile shows.
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