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Punk initially started in the 1970s and hit its top amid the 1980s. Amid these circumstances it was regular to see Doc Martens on feet, band shirts, trench coats, and battle boots. Present day punk garments has changed a little however regardless it depends on a similar liberal utilization of splendid hues, different distinctive plaid plans, and hairdos that are similarly as extravagant and bright as the garments, if not more so. Punk dresses are one kind of apparel that can be utilized to begin

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The punk fashion

(dark soul is actually better than "Zelda" (Series) design so exquisite, belongs to the imitative design)
The giant doctrine used in science fiction games, can let people have a fall beyond the control of "non human" feeling, in fact my childhood was spent.steampunk bag My father is a paper factory staff, where we eat is at the top of a machine, we are at the foot of the high-speed rotating machine, a fall will be crushed into meat roller! (and it has died), and between us and the machines, the

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Photo © Carl Posey 2015

It may be due to the move of IDILVICE™ headquarters to California from New York City, or the fact that in these trying global warming times, we are reminded more and more of the beauty of nature that we have the privilege to still enjoy on this Earth today. 

Either way, designer Idil has been caught marveling about the immense beauty she has been experiencing since her move to the San Francisco Bay Area, so it may simply be the inspiration that surrounds her new offices in

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Majesty Black

8843325276?profile=originalNew on our Chic List: MajestyBlack A must see collection of luxury leather pieces, specializing in gloves, hats and other fine accoutrements. http://fashionrooftop.com/accessories.htm

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Punk'd Out - The Met Ball.

As any fashionista knows, the fashion Oscar's red carpet, otherwise known as The Met Ball, took place last night. With a theme of 'punk', I think Gisele captured the theme in pose best.
Tommy & Dee Hilfiger. Love this!
SJP & 'Best Hair of the Night'
Ashley Olsen. 
Donatella & Allegra. Werq!
Jennifer Lopez & Michael Kors.....
.....& 2nd best hair of the night. 
And simply because they're just beautiful people - Joan Smalls & Tom Ford.
Images - Style.com
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The Cotton Candy Punk Couture Contest is still on!!!!! Were my homeis at to help me gain my goal! The one person who gets the most people to fan Cotton Candy Punk Couture on Facebook and Buzznet and at least purchase on garment gets Three!!! free Cotton Candy Punk Couture goodies!! Did I mention it will custom one of a kind goodies! Now lets see that number actually grow!! I know you have it in you!! Please dont like this post just let your friends, their friends and so on know about Cotton Cand

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The First ever Cotton Candy Punk Couture Contest!!!!! I need more fans!! At least 400 by the end of the year! The one person who gets the most people to fan and at least purchase on garment gets two free Cotton Candy Punk Couture goodies!! Did I mention it will custom one of a kind goodies!! Get as people to fan and tag you one my wall for credit and the possibility to win fun prizes! Good luck and lets keep that number growing!!!

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'Two Planets' by Maria Lau

That's So New YorkSince my Ax+Apple post around two weeks ago, my admiration for jewelry has heightened; I mean, the search for admirable jewelry designers has even managed to snatch itself a place on my "to do" list. Although I usually tend to hunt for the international among the local, recently I've come across a designer who is both local and international, meaning that the her London location would be considered local (seeming that London central is around forty/fifty minutes from me) yet

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No joking around: The ladies of the 70s nailed stage style and played a huge role in molding the era's fashion and trends.

And they still do, today!


Check out House Of Jeffers to read about how these music icons of the disco and glam rock era continue to influence fashion today!

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8842932695?profile=originalCotton Candy Punk Couture's new 2011 summer collection Dazzle! Is going to knock your socks off with bright colors and glitter. Thank you to my awesome models Jennifer, Ashley and Adrian! Thank you to Mercy McNab for the photos! It was an awesome way to spend a sunday! Here are some shots not to give to much away! 



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Une Partie De The' francais

8858545695?profile=originalUne Partie De the' Francais: A french tea Party presenting Petit Bon Bon the spring collection launch party for emerging fashion brand Cotton Candy Punk Couture! Tea and cocktail dresses inspired by french couture and custome candys!



Pink glitter heels
$65 - electriqueboutique.com


Jimmy Choo peeptoe shoes
525 EUR - mytheresa.com


Miu Miu glitter heels
$640 - barneys.com



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