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Latest Father and Son Tattoos Ideas


Looking for unique Father and Son tattoo ideas? Here are several tattoo designs to inspire you. The father and son symbol is an enduring, powerful symbol that can symbolize many different things, from strength to wisdom. It can range from a simple black tattoo to a massive colorful pattern. Regardless of the design, you're sure to find something that will represent your relationship perfectly. Listed below are some of the latest and greatest designs for father and son tattoos.

A tattoo of your so

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Do tattooing and its counterculture fascinate you to a great extent? If yes, you would be thoroughly surprised to know there are events and festivals helping this particular art field thrive better all across the globe. 

For example, the renowned tattoo show of Las Vegas invites numerous talented artists so that they can sell their unique designs. Here, one can also shop for clothes, bikes, and jewellery, and enjoy live music performances. Now that is amazing, right?

Continue reading for further i

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A Brief Discussion on the Five Mandala Tattoo Themes

Besides spicing up a dull appearance, tattoos are known for acting as a means to express suppressed sentiments, rebel against the conventional notions of the society, and honour someone dead. Well, no matter what the motive is, you must choose a design from among the varied options readily available as carefully as possible. Remember, you have to live with the design forever.

Mandala tattooing has managed to acquire widespread recognition all ac

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At times it gets very easy to get wrapped at the moment and make few etiquette mistakes while getting a tattoo, and that’s completely logical. Not everyone knows the rules to follow while getting a tattoo. However, there are few tips that one should keep in mind to keep the process smooth. Some people make certain mistakes that annoy tattoo artists,and somehow it has an impact on the design also.

This post offers some don’ts that you should commit while getting a tattoo in the studio to make the

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Hi you guys hey guys it's me it's me and we are but girls y'all glad you not well Jessa guess what it's summertime and I know that up oh yeah get it oh yeah and I know that there are a few popular summer trends what are they in Tunisia well I don't want to list them all but on my list one henna art I'm gonna be honest with you guys.

I used to not like henna because I didn't like that it was all brown just like it's not that cute this looks a little different it does look a little different and ea

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Laser Tattoo Removal – How Does it Work

Did you know that about a quarter of all Australians less than 30 years of age have a tattoo and surprisingly, almost a quarter of them want it removed? There are many reasons for this - from getting over a fad to getting over a love whose name has been tattooed on the skin.

Tattoo removal in the past was mainly through surgical interventions and skin-grafting or other painful methods like the use of acid to remove the ink. The results were usually horrendous, to say the least. However, with the

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A tattoo can be considered as an incredible way of making an own style statement. If you look around the world, you may find millions of people who are crazy about having tattooed. Especially the young generation has been caught by tattoo fever. Since the early ages, this body art has been within the culture. The difference is that then people used to get inked to represent any group in which there were included. But now this gets done for styling.

Apart from the mentioned reason, there are some

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New celeb tattoo trends for 2017

Roman numerals, initials, cross and even little hearts: tattoos is currently one of the most popular celebrity trends and we’re always surprised to hear about someone who hasn’t yet surrendered to the ink craze.



They’re definitely an endangered specie but they do exist: a little while ago our very own Taylor Swift admitted she could never commit to a final tattoo design for fear of having to get it later on. Despite recently being on the cover of V Magazine, completely covered in fake tattoos, m

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How to Choose Which Tattoo is Right for You?

Once you decide to get a tattoo, the next big step you’ll have to take is choose the tattoo you want. A tattoo can look perfect on you, provided that you put a lot of thought into deciding which tattoo you’re going to get. The more effort you put into planning your tattoo design, more likely are you to enjoy your new tattoo. Also, tattoo removal can be quite painful and expensive, which means you have to be 100% sure you’re ok with having the tattoo you’ve chosen for the rest of your life. So wi

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Are tattoo eyebrows for you?

Before making the decision to tattoo your eyebrows, should know what your decision means. It is a cosmetic procedure in which permanent pigments or tattoos are used on the dermis of your eyebrow to create the effect of eyebrow makeup.


Finding the artist

The process requires the skills of a qualified permanent makeup artist so you have to be careful in choosing who will finalize the permanent look of your eyebrow. Do your research first and look for the most highly regarded makeup technician .  Thi

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How to manage the tattoo pain?

You must be well aware that getting a tattoo involves immense pain, which can get unbearable. Several factors determine the extent to which the pain will have an effect on you. You should first consider how strong and capable you are of withstanding the pain. If you have a low willpower, it will hurt you even more. You need to be mentally prepared for the pain. Basically, it is all in the mind. The more you fear it, the more is it likely to pain.

Here are some tips, which may help you deal with t

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Bindi: For the True Beauty

There are several jewelries such as Kumkum, tika, tilakam, potto tilaka and sindoor but the most popular and common name of jewelry is Bindi. Way back from the early age, it was derived from the Sanskrit word Bindu which means point or dot. If we try to travel from the early years, you can actually notice that the jewelry is very different from now. The garland was the most significant part of fashion trend for women or even though for the men in the ancient India.


Knowing more

Men who are Hindu w

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Chinese Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival

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