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Michael Clayton, American best-selling author.steampunk maskIn addition to the famous Jurassic Park series, it is also the play writer and producer of the emergency room story.
As a writer, Clayton's most important identity is "the skeptic", namely, questioning the moral and ethical boundaries of science and technology through novel works. In short, what field does Clayton write about? He can show the worst possible conditions in the future of the field. steampunk gas mask As a result, his work

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The punk fashion

(dark soul is actually better than "Zelda" (Series) design so exquisite, belongs to the imitative design)
The giant doctrine used in science fiction games, can let people have a fall beyond the control of "non human" feeling, in fact my childhood was spent.steampunk bag My father is a paper factory staff, where we eat is at the top of a machine, we are at the foot of the high-speed rotating machine, a fall will be crushed into meat roller! (and it has died), and between us and the machines, the

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Gothic clothing for women borrows style from Punk, Victorian and Renaissance fashion, mixed with contemporary designs. Gothic fashion is carried by women of the gothic subgenre.

What is Gothic fashion?

Gothic fashion is typically characterized by dark colors especially stark black with pale face makeup. In Goth subculture, both Gothic women and men adopt this fashion. They wear black clothes, black hair, black eyeliner, and black nails to give the impression to society, of breaking the traditional

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Gothic Clothing and fashion represents dark clothing and sometimes the most sombre dresses of the Goth subculture. The boys and girls, who embrace the Gothic culture, stand mainstream from their non-Goth peers in their dressing sense and fashion style. They hardly carry the fashion styles that match their personality. For purchasing Gothic clothing they are very few and rare brick and mortar shops in between. The online Gothic clothing dress stores have completely resolved all the issues and now

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Inspirations of Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding is perfect for you if you are a member of the Gothic subculture or vampire lore that your tastes are run to the dark side, like black calla lilies. Don’t hesitate and go ahead to have your gothic wedding now, a gothic themed wedding will have many factors that are required to make it gothic, dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and fog.


Gothic wedding themes, decide it with Gothic movie you two like; be creative to have a Gothic wedding, that’s will unique enou

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Fashionable Gothic Style


Gothic is cool, fashionable and awfully interesting. At least, that's considered by a lot of famous designers whose collections are full of very notable things that will help you to create a mysterious gothic image. If you want to express yourself too as a special with your "I", capability of standing up, but a bright and original person, we will tell you what you should buy.

1. A long leather skirt
“Long” is an important word, because there is nothing common between short leather skirt and Goth

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Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Everyone seems to have talked about its customary tradition of wearing green rather than its religious significance. We don’t celebrate this religious festival in Ireland here in Asia, but a fashion maniac like me dares to cross cultural boundaries for style sake. I joined the crowd to catch up with the go green trend. How’s it? Si o no?
Thank you Zalora Hong Kong for this glamorous Gothic Princess green precious stone leather cuff embellished with crystals for c

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STEAMPUNK FASHION by Victorian Woman

8858601696?profile=originalSteampunk top hat and necklace

What is steampunk? Steampunk is a literary genre, a field of science fiction called "Uchronia" (a fiction that permits us to imagine what would be the world if a past event had a different outcome; a time gap, an alternative version of history). Steampunk is strongly linked to the Victorian Era and the fantastic world of Steampunk is linked to the 19ème century industrial revolution. That's why the setting is made of steam machine

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Victorian Woman just launched a small collection of luxury skirts and a crinoline made from vaporous and luxury fabrics such as silk, satin, lace, tulle and always adorned with genuine gemstones.

All designs available at

Here they are!

Skirt "Persephone"


Skirt "Lolita" worn with the crinoline "Eden" (2nd picture)


Skirt "Haute Couture"



Crinoline "Eden"


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The First ever Cotton Candy Punk Couture Contest!!!!! I need more fans!! At least 400 by the end of the year! The one person who gets the most people to fan and at least purchase on garment gets two free Cotton Candy Punk Couture goodies!! Did I mention it will custom one of a kind goodies!! Get as people to fan and tag you one my wall for credit and the possibility to win fun prizes! Good luck and lets keep that number growing!!!

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Dear all!

I have the pleasure to inform that thanks to this discount code (FASHION2011), you will have a 20% discount on the whole online shop, luxury gothic chic style and rock fashion accessories, handmade in unique item and limited edition, until the end of August! Don't miss this offer!

Let's discover underbust corsets, top hats, belts, victorian jewelry and hand jewelry, evening bags, hair accessories, cloaks and spats, made of silk, satin and laces decorated with GEMSTO

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A Chantilly Web: lovely lace

8842944900?profile=originalWhen I was a little girl an old French nun taught me to lace make, not proficiently but enough to make a pattern. I was probably 11 and I was transfixed on the delicate dance of the wooden bobbins as she demonstrated how to weave her magic black web. There is something dark and gothic about black lace and to see a nun in a rocking chair making this sensual fabric in retrospect is quite strange.


“I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always

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Gareth Pugh A/W 2010 RTW (Collections)

With collections in Paris emphasizing the cleanliness and crispness of cut and line. Gareth Pugh knows exactly how to do just that! Previous collections in gray, black, and white, Pugh works with an achromatic color palette, and an apocalyptic conscious! Black was the predominant color for this collection, chevron pattern cuts, angular in nature, narrow silhouettes, with the distinct Gothic and Futurist touch that is Gareth Pugh.
I always look forward to seeing Pugh's collections, I grasp such wh
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Gothic Black Rose Necklace

Hello Darlins, Today I would like to show you my beautiful Gothic Black Rose necklace.20 Inches of beauty. The rose is handsculpted by me, Jewelles, out of polymer clay.I had the most vivid daydream when I was creating this necklace. Please let me share it with you.The moon is full.You are wearing a black dress with a full flair at the hem.You are listening to love ballads.He is pouring some wine.He walks out toward the balcony where you are standing looking at the moon.You turn toward him, your
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