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This is my list of the five most important things every model should do before a shoot. In this article, I'm going to talk about how you should prepare for your modeling shoot. I'm sure you've seen models walking down the ramp to their big chance in front of the camera. If you've seen any of these models, chances are they're doing a little extra workout before the photoshoot. It makes sense though, right? There's no way a model can go into a photoshoot without packing their suitcase full of musc

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Happy Wednesday!

We're starting our afternoon with brand new work from Cecilia Lundgren for the University of Gothenburg, Magazine Karriär, and Hälsostaden. In her signature style, Cecilia abstracts the figures and spaces with this new selection of work.

See more work here.

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New Zealand with Mokshini

Fashion and Lifestyle Illustrator Nadeesha Godamunne, known professionally as Mokshini, was born in Sri Lanka but raised in New Zealand, immersed in a natural beauty that helped shape her identity as an artist. When asked her about her childhood, she told us, “It now seems magical. Nature was abundant; I remember hiking and canoeing on camping trips as a teenager.” While she is known for her work in fashion, these ink and watercolor paintings of her childhood home reveal another side of Mokshini

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Our worlds are shifting so quickly. So, we're cooking up a storm on what we think is really good. What's worth considering. Observing the difference between average and exceptional. And what can make our overall experience more positively beautiful. Here is some of the latest work from several of our artists that inspires us, and we hope will inspire you, too. 
For more details visit at Traffic Creative Management !
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8843606864?profile=originalAfter being caught up in the hustle and bustle of a packed work schedule for three months, I finally had time to sit down and post up my visit to Viniga back in March. From a workshop to a retail store, the launch of its first stand-alone boutique this year has witnessed not only the uplifting growth of the brand but also the founder's uncompromising faith in and passion for exploring timeless style. No one understands Coco Chanel's famous quote “fashion fades, only style remains the same” bette

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The populess company


New on our List, Men's section: The Populess Company --> Born where the prairies meet the mountains, The Populess Co. is
a lifestyle brand focused on simple quality and timeless design.
Inspired by the artistry of like-minded individuals and the
craftsmen's culture. Their hand crafted leather goods and ethically
sourced apparel strive to bring the substance and character of the
past to modern lifestyles, adventures, and creative pursuits.
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Inspirations of Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding is perfect for you if you are a member of the Gothic subculture or vampire lore that your tastes are run to the dark side, like black calla lilies. Don’t hesitate and go ahead to have your gothic wedding now, a gothic themed wedding will have many factors that are required to make it gothic, dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and fog.


Gothic wedding themes, decide it with Gothic movie you two like; be creative to have a Gothic wedding, that’s will unique enou

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8843513883?profile=originalPeony Lim, creative and social media consultant, luxury brand ambassador & ‪#‎blogger‬ shared her ‪#‎travelstyle‬ and ‪#‎packinglist‬ with us --> <--- ‪#‎styletips‬ ‪#‎fashioninspo‬ ‪#‎stylish‬ ‪#‎streetstyle‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎fashionrooftop‬

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Three Size for this Pattern

Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

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There are loads of perks to working for yourself, from a flexible schedule to working on lots of exciting projects. And hey, being your own boss means every little bit of success is your success. But being a successful freelancer isn’t just about how creative and talented you are.


In fact, you can guarantee there’s a swarm of talented creatives nearby, all circling around the very same jobs you’ve got your eyes on.


So what can you do to get ahead of the competition and secure your success? It’s

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Models Casting..

While we wave goodbye to Fashion Week for a while, the models who rocked the runways are already moving on to their next jobs. We take a look at how they prepare for castings and what they do to ensure that they wow everyone and land the job. We’ve got some hot insider details that we’re sure our models will love to hear more about.


8843457259?profile=originalWe’ve all heard about those lucky individuals who take the express route to fame, finding their big break through being scouted. Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Adria

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City Spotlights: Bristol

Welcome to the first in our series of City Spotlights, where we will be giving a little insight into the UK’s many different metropolis’ and letting you in on a few secrets the common guidebook often fails to include.

As this is the first offering in the series, we thought we’d delve a little deeper into Bristol - the South West’s creative hub (and home to one of the country’s most distinctive accents).

Bristol is a real creative hub and arguably the South West’s most vibrant city. On foot, its di

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Now or never, the wait is finally over – it takes me 4 years to accomplish my blogging mission to bring Asia's most talented young designers to the world’s attention. La Mode by GV Miao's unprecedented and groundbreaking “project of the year” – New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza will take place on September 18, New York – save the date!

The idea of throwing a catwalk show for young, up-and-coming Asian/Hong Kong designers in New York, the well-known fashion capital of the US came from my bl

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Welcome to Melissa's Spring Garden – “We Are Flowers.”
Held on the 29th floor of Hotel Indigo (HongKong) decorated with some unique and colorful blooms by a professional floral designer in every corner, Melissa Spring/Summer 2014 Press Presentation had been turned into a perfect little getaway where the guests could enjoy a delightful and relaxing afternoon tea, and even make their own flower arrangement while imagining themselves being a floral fairy surrounded by Melissa's flowery and beautifu

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Welcome to Fuel4Fashion Blog...

I invite all fashion aspirants and industry watchers to the Fuel4Fashion blog (

Fuel4Fashion as an entity is nearly four years old, but my fashion industry journey began over a decade ago. In the period, the experiences and opportunities that came my way have helped shape Fuel4Fashion into the independent fashion design entity that it is today. The journey ahead is in many ways more exciting and challenging, and this blog will help me document the way Fuel4Fashi

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Creative people

 We are conducting a market research study on the topic of: 


We are looking for Males & Females 30-45 years old  


Day/Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012 in Manhattan

  Time Schedule:

 Group 1: 12:30 - 4:30 p.m. – “Female & Males age 30-54”

 Group 2: 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. – “Female & Males age 30-54”

 If you qualify and participate, you will receive $300.00-$325.00 Length

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Octopus Tentacles


... or a disorderly yet orderly train of thought…

I find it interesting how the title of ones function in my metier has evolved since I began this profession in the early 80's. A Fashion Photographer was generally hired to capture images of men, woman and children adorned in this seasons most or least captivating clothing, that would be paraded in your local newspapers, catalogues or magazines.  Sometimes if you were really on a roll your images would be glorified on a pos

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"Fashion Rebels"

I love how fashion has since exploded into this big colorful ray touching people all over the world!! I love that people are more open to trying something different, stepping outside of the box, breaking some rules, and being a fashion rebel! Yes that is what we will call it, "Fashion Rebel". This is what my designs represent! We are the rebels of fashion and style.. We are going beyond the normal expectations and you will never expect what we have coming.. Please stay tuned for the new collecti

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Why Fashion?

All business relationships are complex and often more so than personal relations.  But adding the artistic, emotional and illogical aspects of the arts business to the pot really gets things boiling.trans.gif

The fashion industry is a mix of business strategy, emotional uncertainty, artistic need and uncontrollable compulsions that would leave a business coach reeling in its wake.  How anyone survives in this industry has always been one of the questions asked by many

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