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Indian fashion began gaining popularity in western culture in the 1960s and 1970s, just when western culture started gaining popularity in India. The western culture dresses have incorporated the classical Indian techniques, textiles, printing, sequence of tinsels, the craft of coloring, knitting, and embroidery to display the infusion of the western and eastern cultures. Indian fashion and culture have come to the attention of fashion designers from around the globe. They have utilized Indian t

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The Latest Prom Dresses Trends You Have to Know

The prom is a great time to get dressed up in your favorite dress, flash your sparkling accessories, and enjoy this happy time with your friends. When it comes to the hottest trends about wholesale prom dresses, there is a lot to look forward to in this season. Read on to discover some of the latest trends in prom dresses, which you need to know so that you can become the most outstanding beauty at the prom.

Prom Dresses with High Slits

shestar wholesale snake skin printed prom dress

Be prepare to dare to rock a prom dress boasting a high slit

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Women have always been at the forefront of the fashion industry. Women's fashion is a constantly changing and developing world that is full of diversity. If you are a true fashionista, then you must be familiar with all the latest fashion trends and styles. Whether you are going to work or taking part in a casual party, dressing up correctly is a high priority for you. However, achieving this goal may become a little difficult when you feel a lack of choice.

If you are a busy worker who doesn’t h

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Does anyone want a dull kitchen? There are only a few interesting colors to revitalize your kitchen. Choosing the right canvas art wall decor color will definitely make your kitchen brighter. Such a kitchen makes the cooking experience more exciting and fulfilling.


Here are some wall art ideas modern that can make your kitchen look bright and cheerful. Taste is definitely subjective, but these colors have recently become a trend.


White / Peach Abstract Wall Art

The white kitchen looks elegant and

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8843854691?profile=originalDiamonds -- investment that lasts forever. See amazing works of art from the worlds best high jewelry houses. --->
#fashionrooftop @fashion_rooftop Chic Notes section. See all new stories and visit our Chic list of “it” and selected #brands and #designers from around the #world #exquisitediamonds #jewerly #finejewelry #highjewelry

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Happy Wednesday!

We're starting our afternoon with brand new work from Cecilia Lundgren for the University of Gothenburg, Magazine Karriär, and Hälsostaden. In her signature style, Cecilia abstracts the figures and spaces with this new selection of work.

See more work here.

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It often seems that only the upper echelons of society visit art galleries frequently. While this option is open to all, most people are too intimidated to enter such an establishment. This is a shame as it means that the general population is missing out on something truly beautiful. Well, it is time to set your concerns aside and try to find a place to visit. Here are a couple of tips that will help you make the most of your trip:

pexels-photo-69903.jpeg?width=700Image Source: Pexels

Choose a Place that Interests You

There are

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Wedding life, love and art into fiction

It is natural to want to build fences round the things we love, fences that protect them, and that keep them near us.

Soon after I began writing, I found it impossible to stay within the fences of the marriage I inhabited. I left not because of anything dramatic - violence, an affair - but because I didn't want to be a married person any more.

This sounds silly, but the feeling affected me strongly, and was accompanied by all sorts of symptoms including anxiety dreams that vanished the night we se

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Affordable Art Online Comes Cheap and Easy

Art is a source of inspiration for many. It is something that brings freshness and a new artistic dimension into a person’s life. However as much as people may love art, buying art may not be within everyone’s reach. The idea of not being able to buy a beautiful work of art due to its price is enough to break a person’s heart if you are an art lover. This is where affordable art comes into the picture.


The best way to satiate art-thirst is to buy this form of art for which a person does not need

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Terraces Memo of my Hometwon Yunnan




Bracelet design blog, to some people is: art is art, life is life, but to me, art is life and life is art, they are one. Yunnan is my hometown, one of the best and most beautiful place to me.So many year not stay there, but still so many wonderful memory in there, sometime those memory pop up in my free time after work.Yes, it is a very besutiful place to live and work, as designer, all we like beautiful nature and the plants,animals, plus the mankind work in them. All things make hometown becom

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Bracelet watch inspire by classi designer

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 Nowadays, fashion is first business of a individual people, and with the development of internet and crossing boundary travelling, the fashion wind can cover whole land in a very short time.

Different culture produce different style fashion, some fashion is regional and local trend, but some of them are widely accept by other people with different language and custom.

Japan is a big developed country and leads the fashion society by some classic thins such as cartoon and kids movie.

Now they have

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“Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer’s day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul….”
- Vincent by Don McLean -

When speaking of the best of Dutch culture and art, one would automatically think of one of the Netherlands’ greatest national treasures - the legendary painter Vincent van Gogh. The VIP preview of Van Gogh Museum Relievo Collection dedicated to art lovers and Van Gogh fans like myself was part of The Dutch Days in Hong Kong held in Hong Kong f

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Be Our Talent

We're looking for MUAs, Hairstylist, FEMALE MODELS, Nail Techs, and Dressers for our A/W Fashion Show, Hosted by RAW Artists. 

If you want to take part reply with your title in the subject box, either on mm or by email: 

The details are: 

Host: RAW Artists @ ;
Venue: The Wick ;
Location: Brooklyn, NY 
Date: March, 26, 2015 
Call Time: 3:00 pm 
Show Time: 8:00 PM 

You'll get one free ticket to give away but the person must be 21 ye

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