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In this step by step tutorial, I'll show you how to draw the basic standing figure for your fashion sketches. It's one of many ways to draw fashion figures and croquis in minutes, no matter if you are a complete beginner, a  fashion school student or a professional designer.

This was my very first fashion figure drawing tutorial I posted on YouTube, which became one of my most watched videos. Back then I used a ruler and compasses to construct the figure, but you really don't need any measuring t

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The “Over the shoulder” premium fashion template is a dynamic, three-quarter back view. The model is looking backward over her raised shoulder, the head tilted down. This very flirtatious and seductive pose is just right for backless gowns and elaborate details at the back.

The figure is taking a step forward creating a movement-filled stance. It’s suitable for showing off all types of dresses, pants and special details on pockets and hems.


WHAT'S INSIDE This pack includes 24 individual vector tem

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Looking for a delicate and flirtatious fashion croqui? The Arm Grip is a very girlish and playful static front view. This stance is great for airy designs with feminine details like flowers, bows, ruffles, as well as layers of sheer fabrics.

The model is holding her the elbow of her opposite arm, appearing shy, innocent and natural. Her weight is distributed on one leg with the other knee dropped forward-center.  This is a curve-enhancing stance that shows off your legs and draws attention to the

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New Kids Fashion Templates


8 new E-Books!

  • 2 E-Books- Girls’ garments for Summer and Winter seasons
  • 2 E-Books- Boys’ garments for Summer and Winter seasons
  • 2 E-books- Girls’ & Boys’ Silhouettes/Mannequin to dress up for your Story Board presentation
  • 2 E-Books- Girls’ & Boys’ Accessories flat sketches of Baby goods/ Nursery, footwear, belts, hats, cold weather products, eyewear and FREE Bonus page as always!

 **In each Title/Download you will find: E-Book to view in PDF & a Vector format to manipulate in Adobe Illustrator CS3 a

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Adobe Illustrator Flat Sketches for Men clothing


Illustrator Fashion Templates for Men

1- Men flat sketches for Knit Tops.

2- Men flat sketches for Woven Tops.

3- Men flat sketches for Pants.

4- Men flat sketches for Shorts.

5- Men flat sketches for Jackets & Outerwear.

You may buy them separated for $57.00 Now $33.00


You may buy my Silver Package that include Illustrator flat sketches for Knit tops, Woven Tops & Jackets/Outerwear:

You get 3 ebooks for $171.00 Now $75.00


You may buy my Bronze Package that include Illustrator flat sketches for Pants

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Welcome to Fuel4Fashion Blog...

I invite all fashion aspirants and industry watchers to the Fuel4Fashion blog (

Fuel4Fashion as an entity is nearly four years old, but my fashion industry journey began over a decade ago. In the period, the experiences and opportunities that came my way have helped shape Fuel4Fashion into the independent fashion design entity that it is today. The journey ahead is in many ways more exciting and challenging, and this blog will help me document the way Fuel4Fashi

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Illustrator Fashion Templates
Attention: Fashion Designers,  Graphic Artists, Freelance Designers, Assistant designers....
Ebook to Download  
Flat sketches pre-drawn in Adobe Illustrator Compatible CS3 include: black & white , front & back view for all styles.  Are you ready to work less and have more time to focus on New Ideas and New concepts for your garments ?
 Save time and energy with my 5 new ebooks with all necessary basic blank templates
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Fashion croquis templates illustrator FREE

My Name is Nadia Faubert creator of

I would like to invite you all to sign up for your FREE Adobe Illustrator Fashion flat sketches.

Receive your Adobe Illustrator fashion clothing free instantly!


Best Regards

Nadia Faubert

Creator of:

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Illustrator Essential

Illustrator Essential is a Must-have ebook for apparel designers...from assistant designer, graphic artist to Fashion design professionals!


I am happy to share with you my New library and make you save time and energy...and it is my way to say "I care" about your success.


File open and just copy/paste my pre sketched details to your Adobe Illustrator Fashion Sketches Clothing and accessories!


Create Beautiful garment flat sketches, apparel CAD design and Fashion Design Story Board Fast & Easy!


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Illustrator templates of Pockets

225 Illustrator Flat Sketch Pockets


In this e-book you will find over 105 different kind of pockets for your girl garment and more than 88 different kind of pockets Front & Back for your boy’s garment…In BONUS I have add 32 Zipper pockets with different zipper pullers and teeth! WOW!

Just copy and paste pre-sketched pockets into your Adobe Illustrator fashion sketches in second you have your front & back done!

Grab your FREE Illustrator Fashion Templates by visiting:

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