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A customizable, built-in CRM solution is an excellent thing to do about following this proven direction. The perfect tool helps you enhance a corporation's functionality in many areas: sales, client support, promotion, and after-sales service. In addition, it is a known truth that customer relationship management automation can bring a 9-figure profit for every dollar invested in its development. To put it simply, a customized CRM solution provides an excellent solution to show a business's data

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IoT Development

IoT could be the buzzword among smart apparatus today. The Web of Things (IoT) attempts to bridge the difference between the current IT infrastructures and tomorrow's business methods. IoT apparatus relate to one another and into the internet, which is a source of infinite possibilities for businesses interested in the industrial internet of things' software development products and services. The internet of things (IoT) refers to the mix of this internet of things application development servic

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Offshore Salesforce Development

1 such dilemma is the Salesforce dedicated team of all developers gap between using Salesforce software and using other BPM solutions that don't need a great support and maintenance module. This gap was first pointed out by Salesforce when you compare Salesforce to open source projects including Joomla and Drupal. While both projects could sustain a growing community of developers, only Salesforce was able to keep up with the rapid innovation happening in such technologies. While the core concep

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Take a look at various types of eCommerce mobile apps, eCommerce market statistics in the USA, eCommerce mobile app features and how you should decide to choose a good eCommerce mobile app development company?

Learn about the various basic and advanced features of the eCommerce mobile app and what are the benefits of getting your own eCommerce app for targeting mobile users.

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We have seen the enormous growth of customization all over in every industry and the trend has remained touched in the clothing industry as well. So, if you don't want to miss out on the unique sales, it is crucial for business owners to integrate the apparel design software in the current existing website or online store to offer customization options to the customers to design their unique products. Nowadays, no one wants to use mass-manufactured products or accessories, end-users looking for

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Concept 2 Consumption (C2C) is an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary fashion ecosystem.  C2C is the vision of industry veteran, Samuel Alexander. By coupling more than three decades in fashion—and his experience leveraging technology— Alexander positions his clients to take advantage of the ever-evolving fashion industry. 


His latest creation, C2C, is a Global Fashion and Technology Ecosystem. 

The business to business (B2B) platform, Order Register, 

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Article By: Hardeep Singh, Web Development in Delhi

Innovation in IT and superfluous evolution in digital technology has brought about a revolution in the way businesses operate and we live today. Internet has enabled us to communicate, disseminate, educate and to conduct business in more prolific form than ever before. In terms of insightful businessmen, they opt for online businesses in order to make a swift and a purposeful reach towards the global audience and to transform them into their pot

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12 Best Fashion Apps to Download Today


Fashion hungry women will love the myriad mobile apps available for shopping on the go. There are apps that allow you to create wish lists as well if you just want to window shop or shop now and buy later. As more businesses start making fashions available for purchase via mobile app, the fashion loving woman will have little trouble finding the hottest fashions available at competitive costs too. Here are the top 12 fashion apps to date in opinion of

1) PS Dept

This app will

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Three Size for this Pattern

Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

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The Importance of Using a Professional Fit Model!

“How much does a fit model cost? Is that for one hour only? I really can’t afford that. Can we just fit on me? I can use my friend, he/she is the right size…”

This is a common response from emerging designers when discussing the fittings.

The main misconception about fit models is due to the fact that they are called models. Therefore, it’s important to understand the differences between a runway model (which is what we normally associate models with) and a fit model.

Here is a brief explanation to

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Beta Release for Order Register will be January 15 2015

Summary: The beta Release for Order Register – Conception to Consumption software will be on January 15th, 2015. Order Register is a company that helps individuals to grow their fashion businesses while also promoting awareness among their customers and target audiences during the course of expanding their fashion business. They pride themselves at offering effective management services to various fashi

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Tech Pack

When developing a product or collection from scratch it’s easy to start designing and planning without first considering the importance of how you’ll communicate your designs to the team that will help bring your vision to life.  A tech pack is the fashion industry’s universal form that explains all the details and specs for each garment. Before getting too far into the design process, consider these three important reasons how a tech pack will help your business:


  1. Personal organization: Having a 
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Designing your next collection? How is the development process going so far? Hopefully your collection is coming well and on time. A major next step for you is to cost and price your products right to make sure that you will be making a profit.

As you are working on your cost sheets and in order to help you avoid this bad experience, here are 5 points to consider while costing and pricing your fashion line:


  1. Consider your target market – your product should be a perfect match (all around) for your
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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING for some of the most successfully branded label companies in the world.

With over 35 years of experience in marketing, product development, and technology innovation, I have been instrumental in the growth and development of numerous major labels such as Votre Nom, Levi Strauss, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones of New York, Nygard Industries, Lois, InWear, Bluedot International, Leather International, David Dart, Laundry, Shelli Segal, Kookai, Enzym, Blue Addict, Hype,

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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT for some of the most successfully branded label companies in the world.

With over 35 years of experience in marketing, product development, and , I have been instrumental in the growth and development of numerous major labels such as Votre Nom, Levi Strauss, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones of New York, Nygard Industries, Lois, InWear, Bluedot International, Leather International, David Dart, Laundry, Shelli Segal, Kookai, Enzym, Blue Addict, Hype, B-Zen and Sue Wong.

Allow me to help

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Brand yourself




When most people think of brand recognition or brand loyalty, they think of large  companies. Brands  are not exclusve to large comapnies ; brands can make smaller business  stand out and be  very successful especially when in competitive / fickle  industry , like the  fashion industry.


developing and managing a brand is hard work , and you must focus on knowing what your customers want and how you can give it to them. Being consistent in your services/ products offered and any other type of

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FotyMody becomes wider!

Our “baby” – FotyMody Magazine is 8 month of age in September, 2010. In spite of this little “age”, it feels itself pretty confidently: 4 issues, Ukrainian and foreign photosessions, interviews with hidden and evident fashion characters…There were many misunderstandings and question marks when we have launched a magazine. Then – praise and admires. Of course, we – creators of this magazine – met some difficulties on our way, but they have hardened us. And we decided to move further now!To move f
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Beer cooling bowl

Ufo - beer cooling bowlCompetition entry for It's Aperitivo time competition organized by designboom in collaboration with Peroni Nastro azzurro and Alessi .Beer cooling bowl in shape of flying saucer.Eccentric design ideas by Peter Jakubik.
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Plastic lighting case with technical lamp designed by Peter Jakubik.


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Private Label-Eco-friendly Manufacturing

Hi Everyone,I have over ten years experience in product development and overseas manufacturing.If you have any questions, I can help you out, If i cant seem to find the answer I'll do my best to get you the answer.Our company also specializes in organic eco-friendly private label manufacturing. We take care of the all manufacturing and shipping and deliver to your door. We also can get a great price with lower (click on private label tab)
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