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FotyMody: Which qualities should a person have to become a stylist?
Lesya Shynkarenko: A good stylist is an artist first of all. A person who have just good taste and understands fashion can`t be a stylist. A stylist is a person who doesn`t have any limits in imagination, but has sense of harmony. A work of stylist isn`t only clothes, it`s an image which contains lighting, proportions, furniture.
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Today is the 1st of May 2011. A month has passed from the day when the 8th FotyMody issue was launched. 
The energy of creation has passed all technological transformations, has infused, and FotyMody editorial stuff presents a visual material transformation of this issue. 
As we said before, “Energy in nature doesn`t appear from nothing and doesn`t disappear, it just turns from one form into another”. So Pretenders` energy (designers who participated at off-schedule program at Kiev Fashion Days FW
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FotyMody Analytics: Kris Kulakovska.

FotyMody: What is more important for the designer: the daily hard work, or sudden muse?
Kris Kulakovska: Both are equally important. Painstaking work provides stability, and a muse – the good ideas. After all, the idea that comes with the muse should be brought to life – and you can’t make it without working.

FotyMody: Has it become fashionable to wear clothing from the Ukrainian designers? 
Kris Kulakovska: It depends on what designers. There is a category of people who buy only because of the phr
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FotyMody Bloggers: Anastasiya Kharytonova.

The only thing which, perhaps, discourages the judges of the Ukrainian fashion, is its youth, and accordingly, its immaturity. Really, as compared to the old-timers of world fashion industry we look as young probationers who helplessly rush about and bustle about, in order to produce a good impression, forgetting about quality of the work; while their tutors are busy at creation something really outstanding.

Youth can be an excuse sometimes, although mostly it serves as prickly reproach. But also
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FotyMody: Tell about unity of fashion and art. 

Moiseev & Dorofeeva: Fashion is fleeting, art isn`t always topical and has commercial context. We think, that many people think in such way. Fashion and art don`t oppose each other, because in both cases an artist/a designer has aim of self-expression, solution of artistic image, where some creative remaking, fresh ideas, desire to create something new are present. Eventually, it`s old philosophical question of “unity and struggle of opposites”, whe
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FotyMody Bloggers: Angela Vitenko.

Fashion photography is reflection of fashion in certain époque. What is its diversity from other kinds of photography? First of all, it presents things which make fashion and are fashionable. Secondly, an image, production, interest of a product are the main things in fashion photography, because audience should pay attention to picture`s brightness. Thirdly, it should have society appeal, people should be ready to perceive this product, to be interested in it, to embody ideas into reality. 

I ca
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FotyMody: “Fashion is religion, Vogue is The Bible”?
Eugenia Shabaeva: In fact, it is so. I see two kinds of love for fashion. The first is fanatical, when person doesn`t see anything, he sees just fashion. The second is the intellect love, when you really appreciate fashion. Vogue (or any other magazine of that level) is not The Bible, but The Book of Fashion. In my life photography did not begin from fashion magazines. But later thanks to them I understood what I need and want, where I should g
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FotyMody Bloggers: Masha Vaschentseva.

Exclusively, shocking, qualitatively and at the same time – reserved, strictly and expensively. What the first comes to mind after such interesting combination? Is it kind of casual? In turn, it is very changeable and full of wrangling phenomenon which is necessary for every modern person, most often the image of such person is formed under the influence of fashion concepts. For some of them it`s the main indicator of trends, but for someone else it`s just a peculiar form of freedom of style. 

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Red Kisses in the 7th FotyMody issue

The 7th issue of magazine of fashion photosessions FotyMody ( came out on the 1st of February.

The theme of new issue – Red Lips.

 “Red lips – a sure-fire variant for the frame”. These are the words of a make-up artist and a photographer. Red lips are always relevant, always on top, always out of time” – editorial stuff of the magazine comments.

In Profi Talk rubric in 7th FotyMody issue:

Director of textile factory Fabio Mascii tells about specificity of fabrics` creation

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FotyMody becomes wider!

Our “baby” – FotyMody Magazine is 8 month of age in September, 2010. In spite of this little “age”, it feels itself pretty confidently: 4 issues, Ukrainian and foreign photosessions, interviews with hidden and evident fashion characters…There were many misunderstandings and question marks when we have launched a magazine. Then – praise and admires. Of course, we – creators of this magazine – met some difficulties on our way, but they have hardened us. And we decided to move further now!To move f
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So Matveeva: skin “eats up” shadows

“Make-up faults can lead to many minuses on the photo. When you work with the model for the first time, it often happens that the skin “eats up” the shadows. This is visible on the photo only. If you don`t moisten the skin before make-up in winter, then the face can be covered with peel and it will be noticeable too. Insufficient made-up skin always gives spots on the camera!” – So Matveeva, stylist & make-up artist,, Ukraine
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So Matveeva: the man`s face is construction

“The man`s face is a kind of construction. Often it is imperfect, often – very original. When you make make-up, you should always start out from this construction and work in the line of ideal (as you imagine and see this ideal). That`s why face displays properly in that make-up which is made deliberately”, – So Matveeva, stylist & make-up artist, www.fafastudio., Ukraine
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“Scout should be well informed about world tendencies. To know the criteria for selection of models in one or another country. To distinguish the in-demand type of model. Of course, scout should be a psychologist and be able to get on the right side of model and client. He should be able to make model fell successful and create the working mood for her. Also he should use the individual approach for each model”, – Antonina Maricheva, director of international model agency MAGIC Models, Ukraine
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1. You can make “the effect of expressive eyes” much more expressive! Using the dark and light shadows! Of course, the Lifesaver which has name Mascara also will help us. Voilà! And if the model can`t boast of thick eyelashes, we have the only salvation (which probably was created by good men), and it is – yes, yes- false eyelashes!2. Do you have to make several images? Then the make-up with usage of a standard technique is exactly not your friend. When we talk about the fashion image, we should
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“There are situations in the work of each make-up artist, when you need to switch over to extreme conditions. For example, to make make-up for 10 models in an hour and a half before the show. Or to lay out all the cosmetics on the car`s hood during the shooting on location. The make-up artist`s steadfastness, his ability to withstand the bad conditions and to do his work quickly and professionally appear exactly in such cases”, – Ulyana Matviyv, make-up artist,, Ukraine
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Serg Samonov: photographer's “own” model

“Each photographer has options to "own" model. “My” model is the one, who never looks straight at the camera and don`t wait breathless me to press the shutter button! In addition “my” model is a person who are easy to get in touch with. She is beautiful in body and soul. Like me, she should know what she wants from the shoot!”- Serg Samonov, photographer,, Ukraine
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“Fashion blogs are an ideal and useful alternative to glance. Fashion blogger is a reviewer, who becomes a critic sooner or later. Of course, he writes about his likings and about “necessary information” in correlation 50 to 50. If blogger has a desire to attract more users, he posts the information that is topical for fashion world at present. But that information, which he likes to write about, can be much more interesting, plus the unique content always adds popularity to your blog! At last,
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"We made our shooting near Big Ben. It’s very crowded because there is anunderground and this is a centre. The main trouble was to wait untileveryone will pass us, so that no one could get into the objective withcoffee or part of a face. That’s why we couldn’t express emotions. I wasdepressed cause I arrived from Cambridge and it was rainy and foggy inLondon. We couldn’t see anything through it…
Then we found a cabin round the corner and model relaxed because therewas no one there. And at that mo
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Daria Lisihina: backups of make-up

“There are two types of models. Universal with whom you can make any image. And not universal – only one image suits to them. It happens: you plan to make-up a girl, for example, with azure shades, but this make-up does not fit her. So! If “azure shades” don`t suit to your model, do not make such make-up! Why do you have to insist on something and lose time and get a “mediocre picture” eventually? It is better to do some backups of make-up and realize them!” – Daria Lisihina, stylist and photogr
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