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Where lays the joy of erotic pleasure? There are so many factors of getting pleased in erotic lovemaking sessions. If one of the factors is not satisfied you will not be satisfied in that lovemaking session by Kolkata Model Girls. You know only ejaculation or orgasm is not the right way to get pleased. If it would, people would not love girls for lovemaking. This is why; you have to choose the Kolkata Independent girls who makes you completely satisfied. For this reason, you have to find out the

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We celebrate important occasions like birthday, anniversaries etc. by gifting or getting fine jewellery for ourselves. Why not do it for the nation’s special occasion like the Independence Day? Perrian believes the right way of honouring the sacrifice of our freedom fighters is through jewellery. And over the course of the article we will try to explain you exactly how!

Right from the beginning of the month of August vendors in the streets start selling various accessories which embodies the ess

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8843211866?profile=originalItalia Independent is a creative and stylish brand for independent people which blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation. Inspired by race car design and offering its version of fashion made in Italy, Italia Independent Eyewear combines know-how and modernity, with a special care in the choice of materials like carbon, aluminum, acetate, titanium for a collection between style and performance. Italia Independent seeks to update Made in Italy by revisiting the classic icons, operating

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Inspirational Women of today

With International Womens Day upon us, the celebratory day has made us take a step back to look at the things we have achieved over the past few decades. International Womens Day is mostly celebrated in the United States but has made its way around the globe so other people can also take a moment to worship women and thank them for their hard work and commitment which has got them to where they are today. As this special day makes its way back around, we take a look at some of the most inspirati

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ICU - IN PARIS.COM / Christan Summers

That's So New YorkThe majority of you may recall mentions of an interview with ICU - IN PARIS.COM Owner/Founder Christan Summers briefly last week; although it may have taken me just over a week to pull myself together and choose an image whilst piecing together the presentation of the interview, I have pulled the rabbit out of the hatand finally thrown placed everything together. Somehow during mine and Christan's conversation, we did manage to go off subject a little, and at a guess we most

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Heidi Mottram: Part One of Two

That's So New YorkI'm not usually one for rather basic "I like this bag; that's all" type posts, as I'm sure the majority of you know I can talk for England and frequently tend to ramble on for two or three paragraphs as I introduce a label, the said labels background and go onto introduce an entire collection, followed by six or seven reasonably large images of that particular collection, yet recently I've began admiring the scrapbook-type format which I have seen in use on a handful of addi

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8842898480?profile=originalIn response to designer requests, Bel Esprit created Showroom International, a juried platform to connect international, independent designers with buyers, press, media and industry professionals.  Thanks to the Internet, there are a wealth of media outlets looking to cover the latest trends and newest designers on the scene.  Showroom International is a one-stop outlet for bloggers, online and print magazines and media outlets looking for cutting edge design to spotlight.  For emerging designer

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KITTINHAWK: Recycled Couture


This season, there are some amazing designers moving LA Fashion forward; we’ve been bringing them to you this week.

One of the exciting independent fashion labels on our radar is Kittinhawk. KITTINHAWK, designed by Allysun Maria Dutra, features handmade, slow fashionthat is described as recycled couture. Splitting her time between SanFrancisco and Los Angeles, Dutra designs pieces that are earth friendlyand fashion forward.

KITTINHAWK’s current collectionboasts fabulous pieces that run the gamut f
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Katy Perry’s hit California Girls was THE song of the summer. And now that fall is looming upon us, it's is the perfect time to secure some candy for these rainy days.




Read the complete fashion article about confectionery inspired clothing & accessories at Sense Of Fashion.

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(Photo via 5 Elements-Berlin)

Yeah, maybe your country isn’t having a great time with this international economic recession, but some countries—China, Germany, etc.—are doing quite well thankyouverymuch. Indeed, WWD found that German citizens are still looking to shop. Since, well, we also love to spend (even if our bank accounts disagree), we thought we’d give you a low-down of next week’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Now, don’t get too jealous…


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As an artist and fashion enthusiast, the brand Vividbraille is a stand out amongst independent fashion labels. I am enamored with their most recent addition, the Universal Scarf. I am a victim of having to "modify" many clothing and accessory purchases to fit my style & mood; standard really isn't my thing. With the "Universal Scarf", Vividbraille builds versatility and function in the scarf's design. The handmade, multi-functional scarf is edged with ceramic buttons, allowing it to be utilized
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Beer cooling bowl

Ufo - beer cooling bowlCompetition entry for It's Aperitivo time competition organized by designboom in collaboration with Peroni Nastro azzurro and Alessi .Beer cooling bowl in shape of flying saucer.Eccentric design ideas by Peter Jakubik.
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Plastic lighting case with technical lamp designed by Peter Jakubik.


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La Geneve North are proud to announce the return of their Independent fashion showcase event 'A La Mode' taking place on Friday 18th September 2009 at the Luxurious Charing Cross Hotel in Central London during London Fashion Week.This high profile event attracts a range of fashion professionals including buyers, Stylists, and Press. It is a unique opportunity for emerging and independent designers to showcase their designs on a professional Catwalk to press, buyers and the public, consisting of
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Make your clientèle and yourself more comfortable in a wide-open salon with personality. Scottsdale’s Industry 12 Hair Design Salon is seeking an independent stylist to help pick the satellite radio stations in our spacious and fun environment.• Keep all your retail sales• Keep your own salon key• Come and go when you want• Take all the vacation you want* Must have a good sense of humor and a great sense of style!Further inquires please call 480.991.9911 or email us at industry12hairdesign@gmail
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