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Excellent Maxi Dresses Help You Highlight the Style

Recently, it has become ended up being popular to put on wholesale maxi dresses for women outfits not just in the evenings but in daily life too. A walk, an evening out with friends, or a date with lover are several of the great factors to take your preferred dresses out of the wardrobe. The major plus of this pattern is that maxi dresses, without any doubt, look incredibly feminine and help you highlight the style.

How to Style Your Excellent Maxi Dresses

There has been a revolution in the fashio

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If you are a young man, then you need to have a certain amount of items in your wardrobe. Teen fashion is changing all the time. However, there are a few items that will always be in style. Having these available means you can look great and stylish at any time. Makes sure you have at least one of the following items.


Graphic Shirts

Graphic shirts with bikes or other images on them are always a hit. You can express your own personal style without being too formal. Whether you are at school, out t

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Original chi flat iron is one of the newest innovations when you talk about hair straitening tools. The popularity of the brand is not only because of it can make your hair beautiful, but also this product is surpassing all other brands of hair straightening. There are lots of things that can make original chi iron different from the others.

You have to experience the product yourself to be able to reap all the useful features that it can provide to people. You do not have to suffer from dry and

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Women often spend a lot of time in selecting the perfect outfit for a party or any special occasion. From the fabric’s color to embroidery detailing to silhouette, motifs and patterns, every aspect is taken into consideration. However, in this fuss over dressing, it would be a grave mistake to ignore the other elements of an ensemble. Ladies footwear, in particular, is very important in this regard. The right pair of shoes can add that inimitable touch of elegance and grace, which is required to

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Extensive library of pre-sketched hardware & accessories like zippers & zipper pulls, buttons, snaps, rivets, grommets, buckles, belts, clasps, scarves, bows, etc. created specifically for fashion designers to save time and increase productivity when drawing flat sketches and CAD presentation boards! 



Just copy and paste to add any pre-sketched apparel detail to your Adobe Illustrator flat sketches to quickly add impeccable details in just a few clicks! All sketches in our Adobe Illustrator hardw

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Welcome to technical fashion drawing made easy!
We've pre-drawn tons of apparel designs in Adobe Illustrator, so that YOU won't have to! Our to-scale Fashion Sketch Templates contain everything apparel designers need for quick flat sketching of just about any fashion design idea you can think of!
Each flat sketch template is made to fit with one another so you can simply mix and match sketches and garment details to quickly draw your fashion flats. Kind of like paper dolls for fashion technical
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When In Rome....

....do as the Roman's do. When not in Rome? STILL do as they do!
I'm having a Roman sandal moment. I love the look of these on the leg. They key to pulling them off? Make sure they hug the leg. I recently ordered a pair and low and behold they are way loose on my legs. Not cute but not to despair. Off to 'try on' another pair!
Faves from Alexander Wang. Sexy genius shoes!
Mz. Moss.
The pair I ordered...the pair that doesn't fit ;-(. 
Anyone wear an 8 with regular size calves? Email me. :-)
Images - ny
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Illustrator Fashion Templates

Attention: Fashion Designers,  Graphic Artists, Freelance Designers, Assistant designers....
Ebook to Download  
Flat sketches pre-drawn in Adobe Illustrator Compatible CS3 include: black & white , front & back view for all styles.  Are you ready to work less and have more time to focus on New Ideas and New concepts for your garments ?
 Save time and energy with my 5 new ebooks with all necessary basic blank templates
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Fashion croquis templates illustrator FREE

My Name is Nadia Faubert creator of PrestigeProDesign.com

I would like to invite you all to sign up for your FREE Adobe Illustrator Fashion flat sketches.

Receive your Adobe Illustrator fashion clothing free instantly!


Best Regards

Nadia Faubert

Creator of:

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Illustrator Essential

Illustrator Essential is a Must-have ebook for apparel designers...from assistant designer, graphic artist to Fashion design professionals!


I am happy to share with you my New library and make you save time and energy...and it is my way to say "I care" about your success.


File open and just copy/paste my pre sketched details to your Adobe Illustrator Fashion Sketches Clothing and accessories!


Create Beautiful garment flat sketches, apparel CAD design and Fashion Design Story Board Fast & Easy!


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Illustrator templates of Pockets

225 Illustrator Flat Sketch Pockets


In this e-book you will find over 105 different kind of pockets for your girl garment and more than 88 different kind of pockets Front & Back for your boy’s garment…In BONUS I have add 32 Zipper pockets with different zipper pullers and teeth! WOW!

Just copy and paste pre-sketched pockets into your Adobe Illustrator fashion sketches in second you have your front & back done!

Grab your FREE Illustrator Fashion Templates by visiting: http://www.prestigeprodesign.co

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High-End vs. Affordable Fashion


Just because you want to wear the latest fashion trends and styles, doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune. Refinery29 recently posted an informative how-to guide about color blocking, the popular fashion trend that has taken over this summer. The R29 global editor (Connie Wang) suggested pairing colors that are similar to each other (like the dresses depicted in this post: Orange & Magenta or Red & Fuchsia Pink), in addition to off-setting the bright colors with neutral toned accessories. Thi
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High-End vs. AFFORDABLE Fashion


Just because you want to wear the latest fashion trends and styles, doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune. Since July 4th is nearly here, this week's High-End vs. Affordable style post features cute outfits that can take you from an Independence Day beach party to a backyard barbecue. Whether you live in a hot climate or are just visiting one, cotton maxi dresses will not only protect you from the sun, but also keep you feeling casual and cool at the same time. Pair them with chic flat sandal
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Give her a “new mom” gift from www.afterallslippers.com to lift her spirits, relax her sore feet and swollen ankles and prepare her for the new adventure called motherhood. New moms will love any one of our cute and comfortable ballet flats or flip flops!  They also make unique baby shower party favors too!


Join us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/afterallslippersfan


Visit our website at: http://afterallslippers.com/

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I’m in the process of updating the Flats section of my portfolio with 80-90 new flats!

Visit FashionEngineers.com and scroll down for blog post.

I welcome your comments.

Thanks for visiting.


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If you would like to hire me to do your fliats, specs, line sheets, patterns/ samples or artistic fashion illustration, contact me at Elizabeth@FashionEngineers.com

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Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce myself and tell you about the apparel services I offer.

My name is Elizabeth and I do flats, specs, line sheets, fabric cards etc, as well as samples and patterns for the womenswear sportswear market. In addition to technical illustration, I also do artistic illustration. I work both free hand and in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I have a studio, complete with industrial sewing machines and equipment. I'm located in the US, on the border of NJ and NY and I

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