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When you think of class, you cannot go beyond diamonds. And when talking about a classy gift, what can match the elegance of diamond pendants? They are available in a series of interesting designs that keep you spoilt for choice. And the new age pendants for women are not over-expensive, as well. And if you want a break from monotony, then you can choose from a series of amazing options.

Heart Shaped Single Pendants

This is a basic version of diamond pendants that always remain in demand. Classic

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Adorn Your Lady Love with Long Pearl Necklace

Gifting necklaces is one of the best and easiest ways to woo your lady love. It is because necklaces are thoughtful gifts which suit into every occasion – anniversary, special celebration, or birthdays. It is a gift that stays forever. Sensing the ongoing fashion and trends, many companies are coming up with New Pearl Necklace designs, which look attractive and compliment both Indian and Western attire.





Necklaces & Pendants

If you are about to atten

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Women's Fashion Jewelry

8843925489?profile=originalWomens are the loveliest making of God. In any case, to safeguard the excellence, it is imperative that we should take increasingly preventive measures. Correspondingly, to improve your excellence that is less with age, it is additionally critical that we should utilize a few things that can make them increasingly delightful, even with age. Out of numerous things accessible that can improve the excellence of ladies, gems is the best one in the rundown. It is an imperative piece of mold from anti

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Rakhsha Bandhan is about to arrive and with that comes the time to relish and cherish your special bond with your sister. All the fights you two have had, all the great fun moments you had with her and all the beatings that you two have taken from your parents together, remembering all this makes you nostalgic doesn’t it? It is quite easy to take this beautiful relationship for granted but it is important that from time to time you show her how much you love her and care for her and gifting her

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We celebrate important occasions like birthday, anniversaries etc. by gifting or getting fine jewellery for ourselves. Why not do it for the nation’s special occasion like the Independence Day? Perrian believes the right way of honouring the sacrifice of our freedom fighters is through jewellery. And over the course of the article we will try to explain you exactly how!

Right from the beginning of the month of August vendors in the streets start selling various accessories which embodies the ess

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While looking for some exciting jewelry options for gifting my fiancé fine jewelry for her upcoming birthday I came across several adornments which I thought were worth gifting. Having never heard of jewelry made out of rose gold my question is, is it any good?

Rose gold, is in fact a very famous choice for buying diamond embellishments of different styles and categories, which of course, includes earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, etc; It is actually a classic alloy amalgamation whose popular

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A bride’s wedding look is completed by the diamond jewelry she wears and it will create a memory that will remain with her forever. Buying diamond jewelry for your wedding is not an easy task and accounts for a lot of your total budget for the wedding because of its high price. However, has a few tips about how to plan your purchase of wedding diamond jewelry and save a few bucks.


Choose your diamond jewelry first


First of all, make sure that your outfit matches your adornments. Beca

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  • Tips from our experts at Perrian that will help you select the best diamond jewellery for your date night.


Regardless of whether it's a night out with your partner that has been with you since past 20 years or a date with somebody you've never met, preparing your wardrobe for a date night is constantly loaded with some measure of fear. While each lady needs to look great during a date, she additionally wouldn't like to look as if she's making an extra and redundant effort. You may have at long l

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About us is a multinational online jewelry portal, entrenched in four different countries namely Australia, India, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America that believes in selling high-quality conflict free diamonds.

The company’s agenda is to deliver fine jewelry products at the doorsteps of the individuals that are keen to add to their regalia or gift someone on special occasions; saving their time and efforts.

This is how we are unique

The main aim behind the establishme

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Iced out jewelry can make you shining bright

If you love drawing attention to your individuality together with your great style, then the iced out jewelry is your right choice. Wearing great iced out chains, earrings, rings and bracelets, you'll be sparkling like a star, even if you usually tend to wear quite modest outfit. The foremost aesthetic advantage of this type of jewelry is that it produces a special effect, when stones dance and shine in the light, no matter if it’s daylight, lamplight, or perhaps candlelight. The fact is that th

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Great jewelry on people appears to be symbol of success and that is particularly true once this jewelry looks expensive, studded with diamonds and just what not. It's the best way of telling the world that you're wealthy and that you have style. This really is precisely the reasons why a great number of great music artists are usually clad in golden and iced out jewelry. For reasons unknown, people seem to relate positively to these individuals and that just indicates every person thinking of ge

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New blog post “Wish Every Day was Christmas!” NOW up on La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog:

Arrrggghhh! I know I have literally had difficulties getting over my prolonged holiday mentality after the Christmas and New Year breaks but what can I do? Who said we cannot keep the holiday cheer alive all year long? Okay anyway I am so not ready to go back to reality, I may as well indulge myself in staying in wonderland a bit longer, mentally though. I paid my first visit to a snowless white Christmas mar

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For those who love Fashion, exclusivity and the best handicraft....
For those who want to write about what this little island can create.....
for those who prefer to be always the only one....

Murano has a present for YOU!!!!

San Marco creation ®


It is made out on a plate with Murrine that are cold grinded by diamond, a technique that allows this extension of the Murrina.
Embellished with Swarovski crystals (Crystal 001) embedded on glass

The necklace is composed of two different chains in 925 sterl

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Top 5 Jewelry Trends For Fall

Mixing metals like gold and silver and layering of necklaces and bracelets were all the rage in 2011. Big, bold and chunky pieces also made it big that year and are continuing to throw their weight around this year. The spring of 2012 ushered in classic pieces, which include timeless diamonds. Although the green leaves of summer starts to turn gold, green remains to be in as the forthcoming fashion season celebrates nature by featuring natural pieces. We’re talking about sustainability and crude
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I’ve just had it on good authority (this month’s edition of Marie Claire, to be precise), that the key jewellery trends for AW10 will be HUGE necklaces and rather quirky pendants.This is great news for people like me, who are quite bony and pale up top – summer’s “barely there” look was not a great one for us.

So, I’ve gone shopping for some humongous pieces which are guaranteed to give you neck strain – but hey, you’ll look fantastic!

To start us off, how about this sparkly gold crystal love star
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Jewelry industry is one of the industries where establishing a trust and authentication is the most prior goal for any company for encouraging new buyers. The reason behind is that it is quite capital intensive.

Keeping in mind the same thing and to encourage new buyers for establishing long term business relations with Dwarka Gems Limited, it has acquired the Gold membership of the world’s largest business to business (b2b)
portal is the most trustworthy platform for all k
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