semiprecious (44)

Pendant in Rhodochrosite

High quality of the stone

Zircone Swarvski

Unique piece


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Stones & their meanings


The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history.

Agates attract strength. Agate is a protection from bad dreams. It also protects from stress and energy drains. Agates have been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times. They were used to ward off storms. They were prized gems in antiquity. The agates with banded colors were placed at the head of a sleeper to give rich and varied dreams. Agates have been thought to be good to harden the gums.

Healing properties of agate

Agate i

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Crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac or mauve is called amethyst, a stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkeness and to instill a sober mind. The word amethyst comes from the Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and amethyst is believed to protect one from poison.

Power Stone

It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams, or rub it across your forehead to offer relief from a headache.

Protection Stone

Ancient Egypti

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70's S/S 2011 Trends


With the 70′s boho theme for summer, floral patterns, light pinks, creams and pastels, accessories and jewellery to match.

AMANDA MARCUCCI , has come up with jewellery to complement and enhance the look. Layers of cold plate chains adorned with semiprecious stones and charms. Using light and natural stones such as, Pearls, Agate, Turquoise, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Coral, Amethyst, Opals and Amazonite  alongside sweet little charms of Dragonflies, Butterflies, Bumble bee’s, hearts, Chinese coi

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