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Italian Sunglasses


There is a certain prestige that comes with Italian made sunglasses. As with other products originating from particular countries the reputation of quality that comes with it and something that is very much well earned.

Italy has as much of a cultural heritage of producing high quality sunglasses as they do shoes or suits, with family owned and run workshops deploying generations of expertise in the industry making them the absolute pinnacle of production for sunglasses.

If you travel throug

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Glamour selects by Jimmy choo


The iconic luxury brand Jimmy Choo, a British fashion house that is the ambassador of luxury in the fashion world, and is mainly recognized and treasured for its impeccable heels.

However, they didn’t just stop at making their mark as a renowned shoe company. Jimmy Choo went ahead with being the most startling fashion house that offers exemplary scarves, belts, bags, clutches, accessories, and fragrances to both men and women.

As stated by the ace shoe designer Jimmy Choo, the brand justifies ever

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The new year is here, and one thing is certain: 2021 is expected to bring some of the hottest trends in wholesale womens sunglasses ever. All the common themes in 2021 include the continued popularity of back styles and the reappearance of brightly colored lenses. If you dig into a retro-style look, then 2021 will be your year. Among all the retro styles, we also saw some fresh, futuristic looks. Hot trends have ultra-modern mirrored lenses, distinctive geometric shapes, and elegant metal detail

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Can you add a prescription to your sunglasses?

So you’ve got a new prescription and you happen to have a favourite pair of sunglasses and now you are left thinking, “can I turn my shades into prescription sunglasses”? The one world answer is Yes. 

You can pop out the sunglasses lenses and replace them with prescription lenses. However, you must try and do it yourself. Even if it looks like a simple task, leave it to the professionals.

You may buy sunglasses online that also has optical power on their lenses. Tinted glasses or transition lenses

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Why should you wear sunglasses in the Summer? 

Problems with your vision have the ability to impact your quality of life. This is why you must take proper care of your eyes. However, many people make the unconscious mistake of leaving their eyes naked when stepping out in the summer sun.

If you are also among those people, buy sunglasses today and save your eyes from UV rays. Or you may also buy polarized sunglasses to cut down glare and drive safely in the daylight. 


If you get your sunnies from S

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UK Eyewear Trends for Men's & Women's

What’s fun without following the latest eyewear trends for men and women? Nothing, right? With the new year coming, we’ve got all new excuses to add more glasses to our collection. No matter whether you’ll be getting new frames for prescription glasses or just for your style, the latest range is worth investing. 

Let’s take a look at the trendy glasses trends in 2021 for men and women

Transparent Glasses

Coming in the number one spot are the ever so modern and attractive transparent glasses. These

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The COVID-19 pandemic had its impact on a lot of things. Indeed, the lives of a lot of people have been put on pause. Students stopped going to school. Some companies even closed down and employees lost their jobs. The frontliners especially the healthcare workers have grown to be exhausted after month after month of growing number of cases as they work nonstop under layers of clothing with the hot personal protective equipment or PPE that covers their entire bodies. The economic state of countr

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Sitting in the yard with friends, going to the beach or grabbing a snack at a favorite restaurant are all activities that many of us love to engage in during the summer months. However, you might find yourself dripping with sweat and feeling uncomfortable when the summer sun hits. Instead of having to sacrifice style, opt for some fashion tricks to stay cool and attractive. Remember to always wear sunscreen and stay in the shade when possible as well. Some fashionable ways to beat the heat inclu

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The Best Sunglasses for Your Face


When it comes to making a decision about which kind of sunglasses to get, it is important for a person to keep in mind the shape of the face of the person. That is why when someone is in the business of selling wholesale sunglasses, he or she must make sure that they have many varieties of sunglasses that will suit many different types of face shapes. The reality is that one style of sunglasses that looks terrific on one person may really look ugly on another person. Everyone deserves to look gr

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It's always difficult finding a pair of sunglasses or glasses that will suit you. Well, worry no more. I have a simple solution for you which can be completed in under 5 minutes and you will be left with a set of facial measurements, with which you will be able to determine your face shape if you wish. 


There are four measurements that you will be required to take, so you will need a tape measure, a pen/pencil and a piece of paper.

  • Face Length: Measure from the where your forehead meats your hairl
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There are such a group of people around us.

They work hard and think positively

Rarely complain about others and life

They are not abuse her own quality to be more proud by favourers

Always keep an elegant to themself

They love life

Will balance the relationship between work and life

Give themself a space to breathe

This group of people, we call it "Girlboss."

They may not be perfect

But have the courage to face life

They look very ordinary

But always define their own beauty


Spring is coming

Thousands of choi

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The best guide for finding the perfect Sunglasses

8843872866?profile=originalThe sunglasses have an effective means of enhancing beauty. When worn with a T- shirt and jeans, they would still transform an individual. They have a glamorous effect that makes people to love them. However, do not think that every sunglass is good for you. That is an error made by most people. Hence, they never enjoy the benefits of the sunglasses. The selection of sunglasses is very easy. There are two important things you must consider when searching for shades. They include:

  • Finding the sung
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Want fake Oakley sunglasses? No problem at all


Talk of sun glasses and the first names that come to mind are Ray Ban and Oakleys. Of course, these are reputed brands available in the worldwide market today. No other brand can beat these models as far as quality is concerned. Naturally, they are expensive and quite out of the reach of the common person on the street. The popularity of these brands has made people yearn to acquire them. Those that cannot afford to pay for these sun glasses have to make do with the fake Oakley sunglasses and fa

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Your Guide to Spring Fling Dresses

Spring means wedding season, and we can’t wait to get out of the cold and into our sundresses, out of our snow boots and into new heels. You too? Great! We’re going to help you find the perfect dress for all your spring RSVPs.


Garden wedding
We’re obsessed with this Watercolor Print Chiffon Gown for formal parties. We love it styled with fresh, neutral make up, and loose waves or a side braid. A soft pink lip and some swanky Dior sunglasses are the perfect compliment. Get the Look!

Cocktail Dres

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Affordable Fashion Accessories For Women

As we all know that women are more conscious about fashion accessories than anyone else. These fashion accessories complete your outfit. Luckily, when it comes to women's fashion accessories, the choices are limitless. With just a little imagination and your distinctive intelligence of style, you can make your whole look from hot to sizzling, sweet to glam, or sexy to oh so seductive. These fashion accessories are used by women in all situations to enhance their classiness and delicate style. Ac

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Irrespective of what you wear, a great pair of sunglasses will instantly elevate your looks. However, you have to understand/know the right pair for you. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses does not only improve your looks, but also protect you against dangerous ultraviolet rays. Here is an overview of a few factors that you need to consider when buying sunglasses to protect you from the sun:


Go for Bigger Sunglasses

The more coverage your sunglasses can provide, the less damage the sun will infl

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The Fabulous Range Of Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the important accessories to stay shaded in style! Be it a woman or a man, we love carrying sunglasses as it provides an extra hint of coolness to the whole look. These protective wear have now become a necessity without which stepping out of the home is not possible. But sometimes choosing the correct sunglass according to your face becomes a task! And also with so many brands offering them, one can be puzzled as which one to choose. Well, the one brand that solves the problem is

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Even though the summer sun hasn't yet broken the sky this year you'll soon see those autumn colours and winter boots fill the shelves of your favourite retailers. Yes, we're talking about an industry that's always fashionably early and the likes of Tom Ford revealed his autumn/winter range for this year back in February.

This is nothing unusual, of course - it takes those valuable six months for buyers to choose their best picks and get the retail wheels in motion. But it also gives us a chance t

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