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Chrystal Copland in Alexandre Vauthier Couture © Benjamin Kanarek
Chrystal Copland in Alexandre Vauthier Couture © Benjamin Kanarek



The stunning Australian model Chrystal Copland donned Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014 gowns in a “Dark Couture” fashion editorial shot in Paris for ELLE Vietnam September 2013 issue by Benjamin Kanarek and styled by Sohei Yoshida.

Chrystal was adorned in the likes of Chanel, Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab, Stéphane Rolland, Maison Martin Margiela, Atelier Versace, Dior, Armani Privé, Schiaparelli by Christian La

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ICU - IN PARIS.COM / Christan Summers

That's So New YorkThe majority of you may recall mentions of an interview with ICU - IN PARIS.COM Owner/Founder Christan Summers briefly last week; although it may have taken me just over a week to pull myself together and choose an image whilst piecing together the presentation of the interview, I have pulled the rabbit out of the hatand finally thrown placed everything together. Somehow during mine and Christan's conversation, we did manage to go off subject a little, and at a guess we most

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Christian Peau

That's So New YorkIn addition to my growing obsession with various vintage-type styles, such as the classic military look (which is for another post entirely) followed by my recent admiralty for Buffalo Sweaters, accompanied by one of my oldest favorable trends which leans towards pretty much anything pleated, I have recently began geek-ing out on my laptop for hours on end as I flick through and research pretty much anything related to Japanese fashion. Previously, I thought that Japanese fa

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I like shoes.

Heels in particular.  When normal people were wearing a sensible 3 inch heel, I was wearing 4 inches. 

When 4 inch heels came in vogue, I opted for 5 inches plus.  Soon, I may have to invest in stilts.....

As a friend of mine can attest to, there was a point in time where I was so used to wearing sky high heels that when I walked sock or bare footed, I would walk on the balls and toes of my feet as I was so uncomfortable walking flat footed.  Strange but true.

Anyway,  I've recently de
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Christian Louboutin Fastissima boots

This open vamped suede booty is diva’s favorite. The “Gossip Girl” hotties looked absolutely fabulous as they both walked out in their....
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Christian Louboutin vs. Dolce Vita (Fur Boots)

While looking for fur boots, I noticed striking similarities between the Christian Louboutin Toundra boots (left pic) and the Dolce Vita Tatum boots.


Besides the color, the differences I see are the amount of fur and different kinds of fur each boot has.  Also, the platform is hidden in Tatum.  Of course, Toundra costs thousands more than Tatum (Toundra is $2,095 at Bergdorf Goodman and Tatum is $240 at Saks Fifth Avenue).

Your thoughts?


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A friend of the site just sent thiswonderful little pic to us during a recent trip to her local bodega. We
spent at least 10 minutes trying to come up with something sufficiently pithy, sharp, and Post-Structuralist to fully explain the absurdity of this magical, wonderful collision of fashion
branding and anti-bacterial toiletries
, but failed. Instead we’ll just republish her appended comment: “Just found the only hand sanitizer that leaves you feeling dirtier than when it found you.” Really, wit
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As New Yorkers, we’re no strangers to zero privacy. Our apartment wallsare paper-thin and sometimes morning rush hour subway makes us feel likewe’re in a toothpaste tube, but we put up with it for the sake ofliving in this mad, wonderful city of ours. However, there are somethings that can get a bit too close for comfort— and they come from themost unexpected source. Many resort to online shoppingbecause it guarantees privacy and, we assume, no judgment by nosycashiers or pushy salespeople. We e

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Photo via Flickr/Ammar Abd Rabbo

Fashion houses are reaching out—far, far out—to clients, and the extra effort is paying off in couture sales. WWD recently discussed the high—and widespread— demand for couture, and we found their tactics to be…well, really interesting. Forget your prototypical snobby reputation of the high-end fashion world—because these houses are going miles (literally) for their clients.


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“Discovering the latest creations are the real celebrity sightings, and
we get to experience this excitement daily in the fashion closet. After
all, isn’t it always about the clothes?” Indeed, young miss, it is. [Teen Vogue]
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Christian Louboutin + Summerland

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Christian Louboutin + Summerland

Christian Louboutin - We're thrilled to announce that Christian Louboutin has recently joined
Stay tuned to his latest News & the Fall/Winter

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ELLE Interviews Christian Siriano

Want to meet the 23-year-old that’s already written the book on breaking into the fashion industry? Look no further than Christian Siriano.Siriano, the winner of 2008’s Project Runway, hasn’t allowed his reality-TV star to fall – rather, he’s cementing his permanence in the public eye. Last month, Siriano ran three independent showings at New York Fashion Week. This month, he’s promoting his latest work, Fierce Style – an autobiographical account of fame, fashion, and of course, fierce style.In
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Barbie Turns 50!!

Wow, I just love hearing about stuff that spawns my childhood memories--Barbie turns 50 this year ladies and gents!! And, in celebration Mattel will be throwing the fashion spectacular of the season this February! The fashion show will have some 50 designers volunteering their time and efforts to create life size Barbie garments! Part of the show will include garments by the likes of Vera Wang and Jeremy Scott as well as bright pink stilettos with every outfit. Who better to design the shoes the
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Christian Louboutin!

I got to meet Christian Louboutin yesterday! I went to an event held at Jeffrey at Phipps Plaza. The did a meet and great thing and also had some of the shoes from his spring 2009 collection there to preview, which were gorgeous.He took time to speak with everyone and do personalized autographs. He made cute drawings with colored markers on people's shoes and box's. When I met him he was really nice and commented that he liked my blue nail polish.Many people were buying new Louboutins to get sig
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