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IoT could be the buzzword among smart apparatus today. The Web of Things (IoT) attempts to bridge the difference between the current IT infrastructures and tomorrow's business methods. IoT apparatus relate to one another and into the internet, which is a source of infinite possibilities for businesses interested in the industrial internet of things' software development products and services. The internet of things (IoT) refers to the mix of this internet of things application development servic

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The first day of back-to-school during the pandemic is a challenge for everyone. Parents, students, teachers, and the administration are full of uncertainties, fear, and what-ifs. For teachers who are the foundation and primary workforce of the back-to-school plans, here are some tips on how you can conduct the back to school operation successful and safe.


Be Familiar with Your School's Back-to-School Guidelines

Almost all institutions are handling the back-to-school process. Each school may do i

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Running a beauty salon or spa can be very challenging and risky. Every business has its own potential threats but in the wellness industry, they can be very challenging. Running a beauty salon demands your constant attention control and improvement. The most important thing is to change your business according to the new trends in the market. If you work mostly with the younger generation then the need for adapting with new trends is greater. But mostly students and teenagers cannot afford expen

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MioSalon is an Easy to use web-based salon and spa software for all your salon and spa owners needs . Key features include SMS alerts, appointment booking, point of sale (POS), customer loyalty management, data analytics and feedback collection.

MioSalon offers an online portal where customers can see availability and salon and software. The solution has a built-in POS which is able to support mixed, pre-paid and partial payments. Users can send SMS alerts and reminders to customers as

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The T-shaped fabric that revolutionized the fashion industry is more of a form of personal expression for people today. From funny slangs, movie characters, to something from the current trend, people want to get things printed on t-shirts and parade them, all of which is possible with an online t-shirt design software.  

The skyrocketing demand for printed t-shirts has given birth to a t-shirt personalization business, which is now a hit among business aspirants looking for ideas. T-shirt person

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Change is the law of nature and this works in business as well. In order to flourish and grow, change is necessary. For sustainable progress, business requires fresh approaches, new plans and different methods after regular durations. Improvisation is as important as execution to run a business.

To match the pace of this competitive market, jewellery business is adopting advanced methods to go about their business operations. The result is better profit margins, better sales, better customer sati

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Beauty salon business is now changed a lot. Professional beauticians offer different types of beauty services and products to customers, such as professional cosmetic procedures, luxury cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, massage, skin care procedures, face, make-up, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, and hairdressing services. 

Every year, the beauty industry undergoes several significant changes, which affects its progress. Many entrepreneurs around the world have abandoned the traditional concept of a be

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 In today's age being trendy is the latest thing that every individual needs. At present generation individual customers love wearing customized outfits on various events whether it is during wedding party, bachelor party, or office party or at any events. So, for tailoring owners, it better to set up your online tailoring store with custom tailoring software that makes a huge difference in eCommerce platform.

 Customized outfits are the best getup any young lady/boy can wear on event days to mak

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We have seen the enormous growth of customization all over in every industry and the trend has remained touched in the clothing industry as well. So, if you don't want to miss out on the unique sales, it is crucial for business owners to integrate the apparel design software in the current existing website or online store to offer customization options to the customers to design their unique products. Nowadays, no one wants to use mass-manufactured products or accessories, end-users looking for

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A period of 10 years ago, which was not matured & grown with the time is "Custom products". However, now as it is grown everywhere, where customer demands is to make a unique product in the online store.

 Have you ever been gone through the scenario where you haven't been able to fulfill the needs of the customers? The color or size of the product, which a customer asked for was not featured in your store? Have you faced all these problems? At times, there comes a situation where you might not be

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Do you want to create your own tailoring platform like leading tailoring business website iTailor or Hockerty?

Or, do you want to revamp your existing online tailoring business instantly?

This is a right platform for you to make your tailoring business success!

We are living in the era of mass customization. According to the recent survey leading report, over 65 percent of customers seek for the platform to personalize their apparel needs to meet their individual preferences.

People usually got tire

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The tailoring industry is booming at an exponential rate. There is a huge opportunity to grow your tailoring business by attracting your fashionable customers.There is nothing better than our online apparel designing tool for selling customized apparels with full personalization options.Still, the demand for customized shirt is rising in today's trendy world. This amazing custom tailoring tool provides benefits for both custom & bespoke tailors.Features of this software as follows

Generates High

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In this technological age, the garment industry is getting an update with the latest trends, and apparel design software is moving around the demands of fashion and customizable expectations. To be updated with the dynamic pattern of the market, the printer should choose to start using garment design software and start manufacturing and then optimize the apparels according to customers' expectations and demand as we all want to wear clothing according to our liking and want to customize them acc
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Once upon a time personalization of the product was the basis of making any fashion apparel or accessories. Everything used to be tailor-made, including clothing, footwear and accessories. With the mass production and industrial revolution this changed, but now we can see the flipside of mass production. Customization or personalization is coming back in the scenario as no one wants to wear similar stuff.

According to the fashion report of 2018, customization is going to be one of the streaming t

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The fashion world is filled to the overflow with innovations and is so complicated; they make your head spin. Be that as it may, be the today’s fashionista, without even an ounce of programming skills, require just a click of a button to browse, price comparison, and buy garments of clothing from the comfort of their… wardrobe. Advanced innovations have put the fashion world, and it’s great that various shoppers in the front line of fast-growing online industry went for satisfying buyers of all

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When we talk about T-shirt design software, we look upon the resource that initiates the people in personalizing their apparel or fabric as per their desire. An entrepreneur or business owners must think about attracting the customers, those who are looking for developing and customizing the apparel as per their desire to stand tall in a crowd. One can aim to demonstrate the site is for sure. Happy and satisfied customers help in boosting the revenue and achieving the goal you have set for the

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Do you know apparel and footwear is one of the fastest growing industries in the USA? According to a recent study, apparel and footwear industry values $358 billion, which is growing at an annual rate of 3% and it has been predicted that the growth rate might reach 5% by 2025. It is not going to be easy for traditional businesses to get market share, but there is a huge room for all aspiring businesses owners and entrepreneurs to take a bite at the big pie.

To survive the changes and gain profit

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Nowadays, people have become very choosy, especially when it comes to fashion. With the growing digital era and ecommerce, consumers have ample of choices at their fingertips than ever before. Not only product, but they will get crucial information about the same easily. Within a few minutes, people can look at online reviews or even give their feedback about the same. Every segment of the fashion industry is growing, whether its clothing or shoe market. The digital era has empowered customers e

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Concept 2 Consumption (C2C) is an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary fashion ecosystem.  C2C is the vision of industry veteran, Samuel Alexander. By coupling more than three decades in fashion—and his experience leveraging technology— Alexander positions his clients to take advantage of the ever-evolving fashion industry. 


His latest creation, C2C, is a Global Fashion and Technology Ecosystem. 

The business to business (B2B) platform, Order Register, 

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Beta Release for Order Register will be January 15 2015

Summary: The beta Release for Order Register – Conception to Consumption software will be on January 15th, 2015. Order Register is a company that helps individuals to grow their fashion businesses while also promoting awareness among their customers and target audiences during the course of expanding their fashion business. They pride themselves at offering effective management services to various fashi

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