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In this step by step tutorial, I'll show you how to draw the basic standing figure for your fashion sketches. It's one of many ways to draw fashion figures and croquis in minutes, no matter if you are a complete beginner, a  fashion school student or a professional designer.

This was my very first fashion figure drawing tutorial I posted on YouTube, which became one of my most watched videos. Back then I used a ruler and compasses to construct the figure, but you really don't need any measuring t

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The Most Remarkable Books Every Fashion Newbie Needs- Blog Graphic

Gathering inspiration, sometimes our fashion research might just be limited to fashion magazines and websites. For wannabe fashion designers in college or fashionistas, I think it's so much more important to diversify their sources of ideas. As a fashion newbie, you need a wide range of knowledge in a variety of fields, in order to develop your own style as a fashion designer or illustrator. Below is a list of books which will change your way of thinking completely.



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The “Over the shoulder” premium fashion template is a dynamic, three-quarter back view. The model is looking backward over her raised shoulder, the head tilted down. This very flirtatious and seductive pose is just right for backless gowns and elaborate details at the back.

The figure is taking a step forward creating a movement-filled stance. It’s suitable for showing off all types of dresses, pants and special details on pockets and hems.


WHAT'S INSIDE This pack includes 24 individual vector tem

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Looking for a delicate and flirtatious fashion croqui? The Arm Grip is a very girlish and playful static front view. This stance is great for airy designs with feminine details like flowers, bows, ruffles, as well as layers of sheer fabrics.

The model is holding her the elbow of her opposite arm, appearing shy, innocent and natural. Her weight is distributed on one leg with the other knee dropped forward-center.  This is a curve-enhancing stance that shows off your legs and draws attention to the

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Game of Thrones Wedding Dresses


The fantasy genre has never been my thing in the past, so I was astonished about how quick I fell in love with the Game of Thrones show.

In this Tutorial, I'm going to show you how to draw three beautiful Game of Thrones wedding dresses. This is my first time using markers to draw an illustration, so it's my learning-by-doing day. For me, the tricky part of drawing with markers is the blending of the colors, especially with my collection of colors being relatively limited. I hope you'd understand

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Three Size for this Pattern


Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd


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Extensive library of pre-sketched hardware & accessories like zippers & zipper pulls, buttons, snaps, rivets, grommets, buckles, belts, clasps, scarves, bows, etc. created specifically for fashion designers to save time and increase productivity when drawing flat sketches and CAD presentation boards! 



Just copy and paste to add any pre-sketched apparel detail to your Adobe Illustrator flat sketches to quickly add impeccable details in just a few clicks! All sketches in our Adobe Illustrator hardw

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Welcome to technical fashion drawing made easy!
We've pre-drawn tons of apparel designs in Adobe Illustrator, so that YOU won't have to! Our to-scale Fashion Sketch Templates contain everything apparel designers need for quick flat sketching of just about any fashion design idea you can think of!
Each flat sketch template is made to fit with one another so you can simply mix and match sketches and garment details to quickly draw your fashion flats. Kind of like paper dolls for fashion technical
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fashion illustration by Irina V. Ivanova

fashion illustration by Irina V. Ivanova.


versatile drawing styles, variety of art media( watercolor, digital rendering, pencil, acrylic paining ) and broad selection of themes ( children's, fashion history inspired, contemporary)
contact us if you have any question via this contact form
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