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In this step by step tutorial, I'll show you how to draw the basic standing figure for your fashion sketches. It's one of many ways to draw fashion figures and croquis in minutes, no matter if you are a complete beginner, a  fashion school student or a professional designer.

This was my very first fashion figure drawing tutorial I posted on YouTube, which became one of my most watched videos. Back then I used a ruler and compasses to construct the figure, but you really don't need any measuring t

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The “Over the shoulder” premium fashion template is a dynamic, three-quarter back view. The model is looking backward over her raised shoulder, the head tilted down. This very flirtatious and seductive pose is just right for backless gowns and elaborate details at the back.

The figure is taking a step forward creating a movement-filled stance. It’s suitable for showing off all types of dresses, pants and special details on pockets and hems.


WHAT'S INSIDE This pack includes 24 individual vector tem

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Looking for a delicate and flirtatious fashion croqui? The Arm Grip is a very girlish and playful static front view. This stance is great for airy designs with feminine details like flowers, bows, ruffles, as well as layers of sheer fabrics.

The model is holding her the elbow of her opposite arm, appearing shy, innocent and natural. Her weight is distributed on one leg with the other knee dropped forward-center.  This is a curve-enhancing stance that shows off your legs and draws attention to the

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Game of Thrones Wedding Dresses


The fantasy genre has never been my thing in the past, so I was astonished about how quick I fell in love with the Game of Thrones show.

In this Tutorial, I'm going to show you how to draw three beautiful Game of Thrones wedding dresses. This is my first time using markers to draw an illustration, so it's my learning-by-doing day. For me, the tricky part of drawing with markers is the blending of the colors, especially with my collection of colors being relatively limited. I hope you'd understand

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Life isn’t always black & white

… but sometimes it can sure feel like it. As we head into the second month of 2018, it’s becoming clear that we’re headed for another year of stark contrasts between right and wrong, progress and decay, acceptance and intolerance. We need to remind ourselves daily that there is so much good in the world and if we focus on that, it will grow and multiply. We also have the opportunity to stand up for what we believe in and find meaning and community. When we experience injustice it gives the chanc

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Introducing Matilde Cretier

We are so excited to introduce Matilde's work to you! We have been huge fans for a long time and finally convinced her that we were the perfect partner for her here in the U.S. Her work is both incredibly simple, and graphic, yet rich with color and imagination.  On the page the images grab you, and keep you engaged. Her work is easy to animate, as well.
Mathilde is based in Paris, and specializes in lifestyle and fashion illustration. Her unique work is based on the simple principals of color bl
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Hungry for Creativity: Lucile Prache

One of the great joys in life is good food and eating well. We love everything healthy, but our sweet tooth does need some attention! Our resident foodie and illustration artist Lucille Prache hits the nail on the head with each of her recipe illustrations. We are excited for her success — with everything from calendars, cook books to just plain excellent work. If your project is hungry for some fresh art — dig in and see all the great work she is creating!


Click here See the latest work from Luc

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Maren Esdar illustration

Check out the latest Avenue Magazine with Amal Clonney on the cover! Maren Esdar, one of the talented Traffic Illustrators, did the cover illustration. Her work is a mix of collage and digital illustration. To see more visit


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Beauty in balance: Izak Zenou illustration

Izak Zenou’s illustrations have become the gold standard for fashion and beauty brands worldwide. We asked him what he sees as the next beauty trends for 2017.

IZAK: Beauty today has to transcend the cosmetic aspect and deliver beauty in its purest expression. I believe women want to look healthy, they want to feel good and be good to themselves. They want to use healthy products to enhance their well-being. They should also be celebrating their differences and individuality. Someone with stron
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Imperfectly Perfect: Rebecca Moses

Today’s fashion and beauty retail market is no place for perfect dummies. Renowned mannequin maker Ralph Pucci teamed up with Rebecca Moses to create “Mes Demoiselles: Imperfectly Perfect.” Unlike the haughty or expressionless figures in most shops, this unique series celebrates the imperfection that makes a woman captivating.

The 25 distinctive Mes Demoiselles reflect the spectrum of multicultural individualists who are redefining the standards of beauty. These bright, eccentric mannequins spe
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Our featured artist is illustrator, Rebecca Moses. Rebecca is a colorful storyteller, dream weaver, seasoned brand crafter and arbiter of style. She is a creative visionary and fashion dignitary. Her most prolific work, however, lies in of fashion illustration. Refined yet playful, Rebecca’s chic figures move across the page breathing life and motion into every environment in which they live.

Her rich work has been printed internationally in editorial publications including Marie Claire Italia, I

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If you happen to be going through Luxembourg, a stop at Sofronis Arts will make your visit even more worthwhile! The extraordinary artist and fashion illustrator, Margot Van Huijkelom a.k.a. Margot Mace is currently featured in a solo show with a stunning series of works on paper.


GALERIE SORONIS ARTS 12, rue Munster +352 20 60 01 98

Margot Mace studied at the Academy of Arts with a Masters in Design ARTEZ alongside the fashion greats Viktor and Rolf. Her art work and illu

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Thanksgiving Day Illustration by Mokshini

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

It's sometimes hard, especially in difficult and volatile times, to remember to be grateful for all the good things we have. This is a moment in history that we may never forget. 

Next time you pass a homeless person, give them something-- give them more than you normally would. Sending our love and blessings to all! 


Traffic Team!

Mokshini Illustration

Mokshini illustration
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Fashion Illustrator Rebecca Moses in fashion week swirl

illustration artist

Mad fashion illustration artist Rebecca Moses in fashion week swirl represented by the Traffic Creative Management. Stay tuned for her new line of mannequins for @ralphpucciint @cfda #nyfw #fashionillustration #mannequins @rebeccamosesofficial @wwd @nytimesfashion #alifeinfashion

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