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Empire Waist Dresses Can Ramp up Your Look

In a rapidly changing world, fashion has become an indispensable part of our lives, there is always something new to look out for, from trendy crop tops to denim styles and how to pair different wholesale dresses. If you are also one of those people who love something classy, magnificent, yet very flattering on your body, then you will find that the place you visit today is quite valuable.

shestar wholesale v-neck sequins stitching gradient evening dress

There are a variety of empire waist dresses that complement your kind of shape. Whether your figure is pear,

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Tussar silk sarees are the symbol of beauty and grace. With their golden copper shine, they have a charm that can reach hearts in an instant. All Indian women have an inclination for sarees; they just love wearing it on various occasions. Every girl, from a young age, has used their mothers’ and grandmothers’ sarees for several times. But as they grow up, they start keeping a collection of their own, which showcases their culture and roots.

Tussar silk sarees are one such creation that reflects e

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We’re living in a world that feels increasingly chaotic, increasingly hopeless, and increasingly dark. The times we live in today are among the most uncertain that the human race has ever experienced and many have given up hope in humanity. Many countries are bitterly divided, there are constant threats of war coming from the US President, and the UK is stuck in perpetual constitutional crisis over its exit from the European Union.

With such darkness prevailing at the moment, it can be extremely

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An Essay on Cultural Studies

An essay on culturology is a review of what has been read a literary work, a film or a play, a musical work or picture.
The volume of the essay is 5-7 pages of the standard A4 format.

Sample review plan:

1. Description of the work (author, title, year of writing), brief retelling its content or description of its features (if the work non-verbal - music, painting).

2. Immediate response to the work (tip-impression).

3. Critical analysis or complex analysis: the meaning of the name, analysis of it for

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There is no doubt that fashion holds a special place in society. At the moment, a number of millennials spend most of their money on apparel. Clothes have been important for some time, and the following will give you an idea of how important apparel truly is.


In the Beginning

Most people know that fashion deals with the art of clothing a person, but fashion truly began because of a need. Studies conclude that people started wearing clothes around 170,000 years ago. This puts clothed human beings

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L.A. fashion designers wanted to showcase their original designs in my book, A City of Angels: The History of Los Angeles, Its Landmarks and Fashions. Your designs will be worn by female models posed in front of L.A. landmarks. The models and landmarks will be photographed separately and composited in post production to create fine art photos for the book. 8858666489?profile=original

This project is a joint collaboration of talent to get exposure in the industry. Designers will receive images and a credit line in the book

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2014 version of the zipper product standards, by the National Standardization Management Committee in accordance with the law for the record (industry standards bulletin 2014 No. ninth). Formal implementation in November 1, 2014.
From history up, the zipper product standards in China have done five major revisions, respectively in 1985, 1989, 1995, 2001 and 2014, the five modifications have distinct characteristics of the times, clearly reflect the zipper industry in China, every progress and de

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History of the Wedding Dress

History of the Wedding Dress


When we think of a traditional wedding dress, we definitely imagine it in white color. However, the history of wedding dress is rooted in deep antiquity. Colors and styles of dresses for a wedding ceremony have been constantly changed throughout the years, depending on religious and cultural factors.

In medieval times, wedding was part of a business deal when two noble families united for beneficial alliance. Wedding dress was chosen according to social status of the f

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The History of Prom

The History of Prom


Today we are going to reminisce a little about history of prom – the event of paramount importance for each and every high school student.

All major accomplishments call for a celebration of some sort, and the end of senior (and sometimes junior) year is definitely not an exception. It marks the finish line of a year-long arduous pursuit of knowledge and entails lifted curfews, breathtaking dances, afterparties and many other ways of having fun. Short for promenade or promotion

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The Evolution of Citizen Watch


Citizen’s brand slogan “Better Starts Now” reflects in its never-ending innovation for watch making. From 1926 to 2015 citizen set many benchmark in global watch industry. Citizen invented first GPS satellite synchronized known as “Eco-drive Satellite Wave” in 2011. Here in this infographic, one can view the five most remarkable evolution of citizen watch. In US Open 2015, Citizen became official timekeeper and this is 23rd year as official time keeper of US open tennis championships. Citizen’s

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Sophisticated and Classy Tanchoi Sarees

Tanchoi is the name given to a specialized weaving technique that is done on silk. The reason that this technique is different from all others in India is because it uses single or double colors in the warp threads and two to five colors on the weft thread. However, all these variations fall under the same hue.

The history of Tanchoi silk can be traced to China, which was brought to India by direct trade with Chinese craftsmen as well as Persian craftsmen who imbibed this art from the Chinese a

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Cheongsams or qipaos (旗袍) are believed to have the most alluring body-hugging silhouette that highlights feminine curves in the best way ever. Today’s top international designers/brands such as Vivienne Tam and Shiatzy Chen have seeked inspiration from these traditional Chinese dresses for setting the modern oriental trend to celebrate the inheritance of Chinese clothing aesthetics. To promote “Hong Kong Week 2013@Taipei,” Institute of Textiles & Clothing (the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) a

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Fashion History Lesson: The Crop Top

c450x565.jpgCrop Top: A woman's garment or undergarment for the upper body, cut so that it reveals the midriff. Midriff baring tops also known as "Crop Tops" have made a comeback. These days crop tops are causing less of a controvers (view the rest of the blog post at: http://www.ambersweet.net/2012/06/fashion-history-lesson-crop-top.html

Peace and Love,

Amber Sweet


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fashion illustration by Irina V. Ivanova

fashion illustration by Irina V. Ivanova.


versatile drawing styles, variety of art media( watercolor, digital rendering, pencil, acrylic paining ) and broad selection of themes ( children's, fashion history inspired, contemporary)
contact us if you have any question via this contact form
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Muse of the Month Eunice Johnson

8842869876?profile=originalNot only was Mrs Eunice Johnson responsible for the largest traveling fashion show, showcasing African-American models of various skin tones rocking the latest couture, and the subject of a traveling style retrospective presented by Macy's, Ebony and Fashion Fair Cosmetics, but she was on fashionably fly lady in her day.
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Fashion illustrator David Downton at F.I.T.


Hey everyone, I just uploaded some video of renown fashion illustrator,
David Downton, speaking at F.I.T. yesterday.
Here's the links...

In the picture is Bil Donovan (left), author of 'Advanced Fashion Drawing,' and
on the right is renown fashion illustrator David Downton, author of 'Masters of Fashion Illustration.'

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Left: Balenciaga flamenco-inspired evening dress,1951; Right: Balenciaga evening ensemble with toreador bolero, 1946. (Photos via The Cut - Henry Clarke/Vogue; Copyright© Condé Nast; Christian Bérard/Vogue; Copyright©Condé Nast)

Fashion buffs and history geeks finally have something to gab about. Starting this fall, the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute will hold an exhibition featuring notable Spanish designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga. This Upper East Side curating hotspot will display over 60 garments

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Boris Gasparian for the Institute of Archaeology and Enthography

Long before women around the world slipped their feet into Manolos, Jimmy Choos, and Louboutins, there was one high-quality leather pair that was purely practical. The New York Times reports that
archaeologists working in a remote cave in Armenia have recently discovered what they say is the world’s oldest leather shoe. First look at it and you may think you see a dirty potato, but this moccasin-like slipper is a perfectly preserved

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Between North and South, among history and earth Dioses proposes a
winning combination in Murano Glass and Sicilian marble giving life to a
jewel that points out the peculiarity of all its creations.

Travelling around the world we found out the most interesting materials
and translate them in relevant creations through the made in Italy
design appreciated in the most exclusive environment.

We look up to the differences of the world cultures and we mix them
together with ourstyle, nevertheless our pa
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