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What do you need for a photoshoot? First, your camera. You don't need anything fancy to make your photos great. A basic point-and-shoot camera with a good lens will do the trick. You can learn more about choosing your camera here:

What do you need for a photo for a calendar or catalogue? Your photos need to be of high quality and taken at regular intervals, preferably daily. If you are able to put in the time it really isn't necessary to take everyday shots, but if you only want to release the be

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How Can I Become A Glamour Model?

If you have ever wanted to know how can I become a glamour model, then this article is for you. There are many ways in which you can go about getting into this profession. You could join a modeling agency or sign up at an agency of your own. Most people who sign up with a modeling agency or decide on their own agency choose to do so because they get more contracts and commission on their work. If you want to be a glamour model, it is important that you choose the right company or agency for your

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How Do You Start a Photo Shoot?

So, you've decided to try your hand at photography. Congratulations! You may be asking yourself, "how do you start a photoshoot?" And while there's no "right" or" wrong" way to approach this, there are some tried and true guidelines that will make it easier for you to get started. This article will guide you through the basics of photoshoots so that you can get started shooting and creating wonderful memories that you, and others, will enjoy for years to come.

Let's start with an understanding of

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What is modeling in acting? Modeling refers to the art and science of bringing forth the likeness of a specific person into a visual medium. The modeling profession is widely practiced by many individuals throughout the world and it is not merely about showing people how to act. Modeling in acting refers to the ability to project an individual's acting skills in a completely convincing manner.

Modeling is a process that consists of the study and application of several disciplines including commun

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As we are up for the summer and spring season to come, we are taking note of the most stunning and stylish tips bestowed by celebrity dressing styles. On every occasion they get, our favorite celebrities never miss out on an opportunity to outshine their looks fabulously. The star stylists have several times provided us with the best and latest Indian fashion styling tips with their experimental and stunning looks. Keep on reading to know the fashion tips 2021 inspired by Bollywood celebrities a

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What Saree fabric is perfect?

Choose a saree based on the occasion. For office wear, there are thousands of cotton-based pure cotton or cotton blend sarees that provide utmost comfort. They come in plain or designed in single or multicolor. The traditional sarees called the Ikkat, Madhubani, Uppadas, Kolkata cotton are great for daily wear and office wear. The handlooms are well known for their exquisiteness and fine quality. They come with designs that have patterns of myths, symbols, faiths, fl

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How to Get A Perfect Look With Party Wear Sarees?

How many times did you search for “How to get a perfect look in sarees” before landing here? How many fashion blunders have you already made? How many people did you consult for fashion advice when it comes to sarees? How many people failed you? The list would be very long if you were serious about your search.

But did you find the right answer? Do you know now how to get a perfect look in sarees? If no, then this post is for you. Saree allows you to blend conventional and modern styles. They pro

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The fashion week held recently as a phygital show set some latest Indian fashion trends. The fashion industry in India is going digital, this year the phygital show gave the fashion industry updates on the trends that would be worn to add style and grace.  The fashion show surely set some amazing latest fashion for women and latest fashion for men. From experimental fashion to traditional wear, the fashion week showcased it all for the Indian wearers. Some fashion trends set on the ramp this mon

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Indian wedding sarees such as banarasi sarees are quite popular in India and are crafted in the holy city of Varanasi, also called Banaras.  These wedding silk sarees are one of the finest sarees of India and almost every woman wants to own one Banarasi bridal saree or kanjivaram bridal silk saree in her wardrobe. These royal indian wedding sarees are classic and will make you look like a star at your wedding. You can include them in your bridal trousseau or wear them on your wedding day. Beside

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2020 Ethnic Queen Magazine Free Online Cover Model Contest For Arab models, Indian models, Uzbek models, Moroccan models, Persian models, Pakistani models, Lebanese models, Turkish models, Egyptian models, Bengali models, Bahraini models, Algerian models, Asian models, Muslim models, All Middle Eastern Country models, All Muslim Country models, All Arab Country models, and Jewish models worldwide.



Ethnic Queen Magazine worldwide magazine modeling contest offers gorgeous and glamorous aspiring M

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Sari is Indian attire that brings out grace and glamour of every woman. It defines every body shape perfectly without looking awkward. It is available in embroidered, plain, dyed and printed patterns.

Some evidences state that in Indus Valley Civilization women used to drape a long portion of cloth. This means since then the trend of sari was adapted. Although they didn’t know that they were wearing a sari, but that’s how we have saris available at every cloth store. Moreover, how can we forget D

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2020 Girl 9 Magazine Free Worldwide Online Magazine Print Model of the Month Photo Model Contest for beautiful aspiring female Lingerie Models, Bikini Models, Cam Models, Vixen Models, Eye Candy Models, Swimsuit Models, Fitness Models, Figure Models, Artistic Nude Models, Pinup Models, Boudoir Models, Exotic Models, Erotic Models, Inked Models, Curvy Models, and aspiring models with beautiful faces, great skin, and great eye catching bodies that look sexy in lingerie, bikini, or creative nude.


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Ways to Look Attractive in Designer Sarees

If you are thinking to buy designer sarees but couldn’t decide what style to go for, then no worries, today I’m going to share my experiences with you so that you can make a better decision while choosing your dress. It doesn’t matter whether you buy your designer saree online or from some physical store you just need to make sure to follow below-mentioned tips carefully.

Blouse Design – It does not matter how stylish your saree is, but if your blouse design is bad then it’ll ruin your entire out

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Sarees are staple of every new traditional look. Not just the mark of respect; Sarees are the most counted thing even for contemporary wear. Right from classy ladies to contemporary chic lover; the apprehensive sarees are perfect to be draped in various different styles. Even the Bollywood actresses are influenced by this traditional attire. One of the most flamboyant things about the sarees is that they can suit all age group people and draped in multiple ways. With umpteen choices available; w

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The art of hand block printing typically hails from Rajasthan wherein cotton is dyed and printed with hand blocks to print a wide range of clothing materials including sarees, tents, salwar kameez, blouses, and so more. As block printing started being used in the major royal festivities and lifestyle in Rajasthan, the overall popularity of block prints and the art of printing soon got widespread.

Origin and History of Hand Block Printing in India

The art of designing block prints is closely linked

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The sensual, free-spirit and timeless Indian Fashion is well related by one of the significant drapery of India and that is the yard of gorgeous saree which depicts the vital style sensibility of an Indian woman. Among the tons of varieties accessible in the saree range, some sarees are out there in a women’s wardrobe that has become an integral part of their everyday clothing essentials. This beloved drapery is the breezing georgette saree that has created its major style crack on the Indian Wo

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Sarees have always been a part of women’s closet in India. However, it is an attire which has remained stagnated as far as the structurality is concerned. So, for some kind of variety, designers and weavers wove different designs and motifs to cater to the changing market need. However, the variety available in the market somewhat fell short in the domain of fabrics, as silk, cotton and a few blended types of cloth were the only choice available to women.

When Chiffon was introduced in the market

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A saree is a dress form which is saved for a special occasion. A saree is said to the purest form of dress to be worn. Modern designs have made sarees in trend among the young fashion lovers. A saree can suit any body shape and can be paired with a wide range of ornaments.


  • The wedding wear

This type consists mostly of bandhni saree which has grid-like pattern created that are created with broad strips. This saree is often worn by women on their wedding functions.

  • Patti saree

This saree is from Rajas

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Sarees are the favorite attires of women in India. All over this nation, women love, wear, and adorn sarees to another level. It is for this reason that sarees retain to have massive popularity in this nation in spite of other garments available.

Sarees can be a little time consuming to drape. However, once you drape it on, you would look infinitely wonderful. Over a couple of decades, the various designs are available on the nine yards. One such variety that has gained massive popularity is the

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