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How Can I Join Modeling Agency?

People who are looking to become models need to know the answer to the question, "How can I join." Modeling is one of the most popular ways to make money nowadays. There's no big fee to join various modeling agencies around the world. But, if you've got a great portfolio, which will certainly help in getting good modeling jobs, that will also help in getting jobs. Always remember to mention a cover letter when applying for modeling jobs with modeling firms.

If you think you're good at modeling an

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8844249497?profile=originalHave your work published.
Online magazine welcoming photographers, make up artists, writers and creatives of all kinds.
We want to help promote great works.

submit your work for review.

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The packaging is the basic medium for the manufacturers to communicate their audience in an effective way. The potentials product packaging has are endless; the use of such a medium is only limited by your imaginations. It serves the purpose of protection, marketing, embellishment, communication, and many more.

The use of cheap Custom boxes can help you in winning the hearts of your consumers and keeping them retained to your product line; you can also make use of packaging to engage more potenti

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The Must Know Beauty Tips for Teens

Teenage life is hard and maintaining teenage beauty is harder. There are teens that use so much make ups that can make them look much older than what their real age is. In addition, some teens have dilemmas with their skin.


Discussed below on this page are the tips teens may use to enhance their appearance and beauty. These tips are essential, so better follow and keep these tips in mind.

Since teenagers have smooth and young skin, foundation must be minimized. Foundations must not be worn extensi

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12 Trendy Makeup Palettes (Colors You Will Love)

When it comes to our everyday makeup tools, there’s probably nothing more trusty and convenient than a good makeup palette. Great makeup palettes hold a combination of colors and textures that give your eyes, cheeks, and brows the perfect shade and blend of color. They transform boring to beautiful, dull to dazzling, all in just a few minutes! Ready to find your soul-mate palette? We have listed some of the trendiest makeup palettes that are loved by many beauty junkies. Find one that suits your

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Turn Your Old Dress Into a Romper

Jumpsuits and rompers seem to be everywhere these days. So, this made me think of this simple DIY that can really switch up your current wardrobe. This post is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own jumpsuit / romper by refashioning an old dress!


Check out my post here: My Virtuous Project

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Get Fit

8843577084?profile=originalNew Year’s Resolution #1: Get Fit --> Quick Tips:
1. Find a sport you'll enjoy like swimming, martial arts or tennis. You'll be having fun and getting fit at the same time!
2. Find enthusiastic, encouraging activity partner. You are more likely to enjoy your workout with a buddy.
3. Your mind is way more powerful than your body. Know it's power. If you think it's hard, it will be hard.
If you think it's easy, it will be easy. Up to you.
4. Get fit. Don't quit. items that would make your "Get Fit" res
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Without any question, choosing a date and the dress can be the leading worries when it comes to planning a wedding. Looking bright and picture-perfect on the big day definitely takes some planning with some works. In this post, we’ve put together the last wedding beauty time-line, recommended by every best makeup artist in Delhi,

For every bride in order to help them avoid any last minute beauty failure. This post will make sure that you look every bit the blushing, radiant and beautiful bride on

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Help for the emerging designers, brands and fashion start ups is here!

Full production from sketch to full runs and everything in between.      

Sewport - check out the website!

We do minimums. Fast + Reliable + Affordable. 

From sketch to full runs and everything in between!

SEWPORT helps the fashion industry with production capabilities. We make sure designers and brands don’t get held back because of lack of machinery and labour to produce clothes.

SEWPORT Ltd was created to help British fashion de

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Although you know lots of techniques and tricks to apply your own makeup, but a professional makeup artist will be much more careful and deliberate in his or her application than you.  An expert makeup artist knows all well and doing makeup that is greatly different than applying makeup for everyday wear. The artist not only takes into consideration your hair, eye color and skin tone but your wedding dress and lighting as well.


  • Artists use branded products, which can be used under scorching light
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The Contents of a City Girl’s Bag

Living in a big city means spending the larger part of my day outside. I rely on my bag a lot, and I’ve joined the secret group of girls whose bag contents are formidable and mystical like some esoteric depths. Not many people can find their way around my bag, but I can, and this is what I’m most often fishing out of it:


  1. Cosmetics

How often is it that you find lost kohl pencils in the secret pockets of your bag, after days of furious searching? Very often, if you’re anything like me. I don’t often

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NO contracts. NO fees. NO obligation.

Get wholesale pricing on the hottest item on the market. Makeup Eraser!  This chemical free cloth removes make up, even water proof make up, with just water.  It's machine washable and lasts 1,000 machine washes!

Pay only $10 USD per unit and have 100%+ mark up.

Order as little as 5 units and then in groups of 5 from there.
International orders require a minimum order of 20 units.

Check out for details, demos, testimonies, and to order

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Now or never, the wait is finally over – it takes me 4 years to accomplish my blogging mission to bring Asia's most talented young designers to the world’s attention. La Mode by GV Miao's unprecedented and groundbreaking “project of the year” – New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza will take place on September 18, New York – save the date!

The idea of throwing a catwalk show for young, up-and-coming Asian/Hong Kong designers in New York, the well-known fashion capital of the US came from my bl

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A nice surprise from Canada - Bobbi Brown's shimmering spring pastels are so irresistible even to a non-beauty blogger like me, the most flattering gift ever to get me ready for spring with a fresh floral look.

Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:
Tumblr blog:
GV Miao fashion blog fb page:
Pinterest: http

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Fashion shows come and go, but our team's striving for perfection has touched me deeply and inspired me to keep the faith that fashion is not about acting in accord with the prevailing standards and attitudes but creating my own standard of beauty and move on to my next step with strict confidence.

Thousand thanks to make up artist and headpiece/accessory designer Angel Wong, founder of Angel Wong Image and her team member hair stylist Tammy for getting me ready to walk the Women's Day Fashion

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Fashion Rooftop I want: Orange Love

8843148460?profile=originalFashion Rooftop I want: Orange Love include designs by Balmain, Dames & Divas Kimono Wedge Sandals, Brenda B Design Hotohana Necklace, Alexander McQueen Dress Dolce&Gabbana make up and more.

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submissions for Summer Fashion 2012

Flawless Magazine is currently accepting submissions for Issue 6. If you are an artist interested in getting your work published then we want to hear from you. 

The theme for Issue 6 is ‘Summer Fashion 2012’. You are given the freedom to interpret this theme as you wish. We want you to explore this theme, displaying your own style by revealing a unique and individual take on fashion spreads.
The closing date for submissions is the 10th of April 2012

An understanding of fashion and creative professi

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In this latest installment of the Fashion Parade Show we have a beautiful shoe store in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Desmo is your gem in the Caribbean a store that has a charming owner that services the ladies desire for great shoes. With imports from Italy and other parts of Europe, Sergie the owner has a keen eye for the most wonderful shoe and handbag products.


It was a pleasure working with Pure Magazine the primer fashion and lifestyle magazine on the island of St. Maarten.  Elaine

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