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Aspiring to be a fashion designer? Look no further than SGT University in Gurgaon, Haryana. SGT University offers a comprehensive set of fashion and design programs that equip students with industry-relevant skills and hands-on experience.

At SGT University's Faculty of Fashion and Design (FFAD), students can pursue bachelor's, master’s, and PhD degrees in various specializations of fashion and design. The faculty provides a balanced mix of theory and practical learning facilitated by state-of-th

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What makes a Good Wedding Card?

There are many prominent styles and designs which make the day special. It starts with some good symbols and designs which make a good wedding card. A Hindu Wedding Card has many good designs and symbols, but a good wedding card has the most remarkable wedding symbols and messages too. Always have the best designs and styles for the wedding day.
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No one can deny the significance of using innovative cosmetic boxes on Black Friday. Doing this can help improve your sales and brand promotion during this event. It is possible when you have impressive ideas. These ideas are not only for Black Friday but also for other special occasions that bring selling opportunities.
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Kraft boxes are used by manufacturers all over the world. That is due to the amazing structure and qualities of these boxes. They are made of strengthened cardboard. And that is why they can be used as effectively as any other form of packaging. These boxes are renowned for their strength and toughness. That is why they are so suitable for packaging delicate and fragile items. These Kraft boxes are very popular and have many applications in the market. 

These applications and advantages help us t

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Design And Its Importance For Kraft Boxes

For what reason do you take a gander at the bundling while at the same time picking an item for you or your friends and family when the crate will in the long run go in the garbage? For what reason does bundling make a difference to the organizations and the customers? For what reason do you take a gander at the bundling while at the same time picking an item for you or your friends and family when the crate will in the long run go in the garbage? For what reason does bundling make a difference

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 As we all know, everyone has dreamed of going on trips to the sea with the people they love, Seaside is always on the list of each person's destinations. Some people like to go to the sea during the autumn and winter season for refreshment and comfort. Seaside places also became a fashion trend as they promote health benefits and positive psychological effects like calming down and having peace of mind at the same time.

Your holiday will be exciting if you have prepared clothes that will kill yo

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Ethnic Wear – Your Pride in Style 2021

The culture and religion of the girl wearing the kurti influence its designs and patterns. Similarly, people in West Bengal use the salwar suit design generally in white or red colour, and largely long in their structure. Ladies generally love to use Long Straight Stylish Kurti With Palazzo throughout, joyous events, weddings, parties, social meetings or while doing regular chores in your home.


You will find a number of styles of kurtis related to different states and cultures. A few of these ku

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In recent times fashion industry has undergone drastic changes, and students are joining this industry with great hopes. To achieve success in the fashion world students need to join an organization that not only provides academic knowledge but also offers them practical experience. Streets of fashion are seeking creativity, imaginations that can blow the mind of people with their designs, and styling sense to astonish the world of great fashionistas. The fashion industry is becoming the fastest

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Purchasing Gold Jewellery In India

India does not mine gold and all of its gold supplies are imported from overseas by certain authorized banks which further contributes to the prices of gold in India to fluctuate depending upon the international prices and currency. It is pretty obvious that Gold Jewellery prices get affected by these fluctuations as well.

8844274063?profile=originalBefore buying gold jewellery a buyer must always check the per gram price instead of just falling for the mesmerizing gold diamond jhumka designs, gold necklace designs, gold p

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4 Tips on Custom Macaron Boxes For You.

Macarons are delicious delights that everyone likes to eat. These are available in different pastel shades that everyone loves.

The macaron boxes are a required tool for any form of case, from birthday parties to fancy dress balls. These candies must be individually wrapped to be viewed properly.

Since the macarons are so fragile, you need sturdy, stylish boxes to keep them fresh and ready to sell to customers and visitors.

Macarons can be found in cake boxes in the market. Make an option of

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Before you can start a fashion business, it’s important that you think about the business of fashion. Running a business is more than simply having knowledge of the industry you’re in. You need to dedicate hard work and business ethics to ensure it’s run correctly and everything is in order. 

In particular, the design aspect of your brand needs to be up to scratch - it needs to have an engaging logo, a website, utilise social media and even more. Here are design priorities to consider when develo

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Gardenia ~ new addition to our #facemask collection available at our exclusive retail partner @fashion_rooftop
—- also visit our website at @caelinyc for more design inspirations.

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Street style is a very particular fashion style which has originated from British fashion culture. It is a widespread approach to fashion and produces styles that are different from mainstream fashion considerations.


The term street-wear is actually quite a common term in the modern fashion world. The “street” approach to style and fashion is based on individuality. The street style methods enable the individuals to express their identities utilizing the sub-cultural and intersecting styles or tr

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Design Your Own “Product Packaging”

There is nothing more likeable thing by the product brands to design the packaging of their products as per their own taste. Yes! No doubt that every product brand needs a good packaging company for an incredible packaging guideline. But deep inside, they just want a rough suggestion. Also, they want to design each and every part of the packaging of their products on their own. By keeping this fact into consideration, the packaging companies have started a campaign of “Design your own Packaging”

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Ready for St. Patrick's Day?

As holidays approach, we all usually prepare for the festivities that coincide with it. Whether it be cooking, decorating or preparing gifts. There's so much that we do to be ready.

Well, St. Patrick's Day is approaching, and the only thing I worry about on this holiday, is wearing green, so that traditionally I don't get pinched! But, what if you don't own anything green? What if green isn't part of your wardrobe? What do you do? Well, if you wear a green lapel pin, you might be saved from any p

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Many completely new procedures have came up in relation to the developing of the die cutting box in the packing market. This is as a result of the point that present day needs are becoming complex while time is passing by.

The packing market is usually adapting to switch its techniques matching to the switching objectives of its progressively requiring customers. There are many industrially adopted methods to reinforce the particular work productivity of modern-day product packaging facilities.


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What Makes Cardboard Boxes Special?

The cardboard boxes were widely useful for glass appearance till their large advantages were discovered as packaging material. Nowadays, these boxes are increasingly being widely used as packaging product because of their power to give large safety specifically throughout transport. You will find wholesale cardboard boxes and use them as packaging boxes , shipping boxes , shoe boxes, glass boxes , food boxes and several more. The flexibility these boxes get make sure they are use able for the pr

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How Packaging Can Help In Product Sales

You have used time and money developing your product. A patent has been filed. You've committed financial resources, significantly more than estimated, to create your good idea arrive at life. You have made a small quantity and now you are willing to take your strategy to market. You method distributors or suppliers and they love your product. You then get your first purchase and the understanding comes about. How am I going to obtain my good product to my new client? How can it be manufactured?

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Hey, gorgeous divas! Today, we have come up with very interesting stuff for you and surely you would love it. Among all the outfits of women, saree has been always on the top of the list when it comes to trying something traditional yet modern. A saree can turn you from an ordinary girl to dazzling diva. It completes makeover your look within a minute. But we will not give whole credit to saree alone because a blouse equally enhances your look. A simple saree with beautiful blouse neck design ca

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