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valentines-day-womens-mothers-day-red-rose-with-ribbon-heart-gift-surprise_114579-448.jpg?w=1380&t=st=1708607665~exp=1708608265~hmac=9c440e5e2f3b8245fe72f67f22dc091e8857d890020a2e5c5b06aa81e4bc613cHave you ever wondered what a rose's colour means? Maybe you know that red roses represent love and romance. However, yellow, blue, and black roses all have their symbolic meaning. For example, blue roses represent mystery. Yellow roses are perfect to offer to friends, while green roses indicate power and fertility. Orange flowers symbolize joy, while pink roses represent thanksgiving. White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity, and loyalty, and make an appropriate present for a new beginning

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Flowers are the best in making you feel happier, better, and more relaxed. The evergreen beauty and elegant scents of these flowers make it a wonderful gift to give to your loved ones on a special occasion and also cheer up someone who is suffering from illness and depression. There are a plethora of flowers available in different colors, and each color has a unique meaning. Before choosing the flowers as a present, first of all, know their meaning. Here, we have discussed some yellow-colored f

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Tips to Buy Wedding Flowers

Your wedding is the most crucial day of life and can you imagine it without fresh flowers? When you have professionally arranged flowers, it adds to the beauty of the ceremony and keeps your invitees fresh as well. Here are some tips for ordering the wholesale wedding flowers:


1-Focus on Few Handpicked Flowers

You should select one local flower some other secondary flowers and some fillers to complete the arrangement.

  • Roses- If you want to give your floral arrangement some sensual touch the black r
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Beauty Bubbles…… Cecilia Lundgren

It starts with love, as do all things made in Italy. A love of beauty, artistry and local quality. The scents are a curated assortment inspired by journeys through marketplaces redolent with fresh flavors, fragrances and the bustle of life. The soap formulas are made of skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, glycerin, Italian olive oil and coconut oil.


Artist Cecilia Lundgren and Via Mercato came together to create a perfect marriage of art and soap. Cecilia’s loose ink and watercolor work
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The Perfect Favors for Every Type of Wedding

Favors—those little gifts you give your guests as a thank you for attending your wedding—are a big trend. You can select expensive and elaborate favors or very inexpensive and simple favors. The idea is not to dazzle your guests with great favors, but to make them feel special and appreciated and to add a special touch to your wedding. Here are some great ideas for favors that your guests will adore.

Some favors are more expensive than others, but the bottom line of making your guests feel spec

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Popular dishes served at Christmas feast

Christmas is celebrated in different ways in various parts of the world. In Mexico, people participate in the final Posada on the Christmas eve and then enjoy their Christmas meal in the evening. In Philippines, Christians go to the Church to hear the last Simbang Gabi which is followed by a midnight feast. In France, people enjoy the main Christmas meal on Christmas eve. The meal is eaten after people return from the midnight Church service.

There are different Christmas dishes that are eaten an

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Medicinal Flowers- The Gift of Nature

The Medicinal Benefits of Flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They are colorful and fragrant. They are also a symbol of love and romance. While everyone acknowledges the beauty of flowers, most people don’t know about their medicinal benefits. In fact, a large percentage of people have no clue that flowers play a significant role in health industry.


Infographics Source:

Whether we talk of White Lily or Pulsatilla, there

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Parents’ Day is a grand occasion that gives a chance to children to thank their parents for everything that they have done for them. As children never grow old in the eyes of parents, whatever they do pleases the heart of parents.


This is why, every child regardless of his or her age must implement something, which could make the parents feel proud always, and make them feel like a Parents’ Day, everyday.

There are thousands of ways to express your care and respect to honor your parents. However,

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Pastel garden?

8843299865?profile=originalPastel garden? what would you call this set?

featuring Magali Paris Jewelry, magali paris bijoux, Nina Valero bag, floral skirt, painted flowers, floral min shoes, mint cropped top and more.. fashion rooftop I want

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Attn: Designer and Merchandiser 

Lace Trims Manufacturer and Supplier


Simple and Clean

Global Sourcing Supplier - “Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd “is a huge or small quantity supplier of Lace Fabric, Laces, Crochet, Trimmings for the apparel, Craft and all home furnishing industries.


Lace Trimming and Fabric Manufacturer –


Have sample for your PP Sample, Counter Sample and Bulk Production


If you are interested in our products, please log on our Webpages


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Welcome to Melissa's Spring Garden – “We Are Flowers.”
Held on the 29th floor of Hotel Indigo (HongKong) decorated with some unique and colorful blooms by a professional floral designer in every corner, Melissa Spring/Summer 2014 Press Presentation had been turned into a perfect little getaway where the guests could enjoy a delightful and relaxing afternoon tea, and even make their own flower arrangement while imagining themselves being a floral fairy surrounded by Melissa's flowery and beautifu

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Black and White Roses

8843215654?profile=original8843216101?profile=originalLook of The Day.  I'm making attempts to stay on top of my blog, but life has gotten in the way lately. Though my schedule is crazy busy, I had a window of opportunity today to go out and get some blog images. I didn't go for anything spectacular. The goal was to get images. I hope to post more images soon. #Black #White #Print #Rose #Dress

More images at

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813 I love you!

8843222468?profile=originalGive love! it's "I Love You Days" at One Meaning and they are offering Fashion Rooftop fans 10% off your entire purchase!

All their designs mean "I love you" based on the phrase: 813 means “I love you”...8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything.® They formed the numbers into a butterfly and other beautiful symbols that signify that you're becoming the change you'd like to see in the world, because transforming.

use code: 813FASHRO

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To: Sourcing Team And Merchandising Dept

For: Global Sourcing Center, Sourcing Team, Merchandise Sourcing, Sourcing Agents Supplier


Black Chain Tape

Art No.:#D0627-1


Lace & Trims Manufacturer And Supplier

 Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

Welcome All Kinds Develop For Coming Season

Factory Direct Office

Your Requirement / Order Form


We are specialized supply in Garment Accessories:

Embroidered Lace, Braids, Ribbon, Elastic lace, Crochet, Tape, Belt, Packing Bow, Cord Loc

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Art No D0711-1

Welcome All Kinds Develop For Coming Season

When you like it

Factory Direct Office

Your Requirement / Order Form

Introduce Manufacturer - Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

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