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valentines-day-womens-mothers-day-red-rose-with-ribbon-heart-gift-surprise_114579-448.jpg?w=1380&t=st=1708607665~exp=1708608265~hmac=9c440e5e2f3b8245fe72f67f22dc091e8857d890020a2e5c5b06aa81e4bc613cHave you ever wondered what a rose's colour means? Maybe you know that red roses represent love and romance. However, yellow, blue, and black roses all have their symbolic meaning. For example, blue roses represent mystery. Yellow roses are perfect to offer to friends, while green roses indicate power and fertility. Orange flowers symbolize joy, while pink roses represent thanksgiving. White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity, and loyalty, and make an appropriate present for a new beginning

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