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Stylish Ways on How to Keep up with Fashion

Fashion trends have always changed every few months. The items you bought last season may no longer be fashionable, but that doesn’t mean you need to shop six times a year to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Wholesale womens fashion is not about following trends but about using them to create your own statement. Even some classic pieces in your wardrobe or a carefully decorated ensemble can make you look trendy. Here are our stylish ways for you on how to keep up with fashion with less ef

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4 Embroidered Must-Have Fall Fashion Items

As autumn arrives, you may consider adding new garments and accessories to your wardrobe. It is important to understand the latest trends that can make you look fashionable. Embroidered items are popular this year, so you can find an assortment of items that are decorated with this type of embellishment.

Everyday or Casual Dresses

You can look feminine in a casual or everyday embroidered dress. While you might think that a dress is a boring garment, colorful embroidery can give it a special look.

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Man Fashion: 4 Sporty Fashion Ideas for Guys


There are so many ways to look cool and polished as a man these days. If you’re a modern man who wants to dress in a chic yet undeniably sporty manner, there are plentiful strong choices on hand for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or simply a spectator. Sporty style is within easy reach for you today.

Put on a Statement Jacket

A nice statement jacket can make you look like the epitome of sporty cool and ease. High-quality outerwear can give your look an edge. It can keep your style exc

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How Simple Accents Elevate Your Style

8843866062?profile=originalDressing to impress isn’t about wearing the most expensive brands. More so, it focuses on the types of accessories you choose and how you wear them. With the right attitude and fashion pieces, you’ll be turning heads left and right.

Style it Up

Perfecting your look takes years of work. While you may already have your style down, there are a few things you can do to spice up your look. Read on four must-have accents that will make you look your best.

A Pair of Stylish Sunglasses

Too many people under

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As a woman, it’s really nice to be able to maintain a signature look. There are so many moving parts to the fashion industry and it’s always changing. However, the best way to approach a signature look involves the amalgamation of classic pieces and trendy ones. The classic options will allow you to experience some consistency in your closet (and budget). Trendy pieces will add new life into the mundane. Consider these four ways you can add some pizzazz to your daily look.

Statement Jewelry


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Developing a well rounded wardrobe is the never ending story of women across the world. It's hard to know which items can be used for multiple occasions, which ones will never get worn, and how to avoid trendy items that lose their fashion presence in a season. We'll outline some wardrobe staples that every woman should get to round out her attire.

Feminine Touches
The beauty of having a shirt that has a subtle feminine embellishment is that it then becomes more versatile. If you have a shirt

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Gemstone bow ties are a unique twist to an age old accessory that is now perfect for both men AND women.   

My Story: I am an undergrad student, currently attending the University of Toronto, and I am double majoring in human bio and neuroscience. So where does fashion, design, art, and gemstones fit into the mix? Well, art and design came naturally from a very young age; from painting portraits of family members and friends, creating handmade cards during the h

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Three Different Necklace for Girls

I know the ladies are very fond of jewelry. But do you know how to choose the right jewelry? In the process of designing a silver necklace, it is always to consider whether the ladies will like the necklace we designed. We know as silver necklaces wholesale for us that is a try, different kinds of necklaces represent the different styles, which are suitable for you to wear in different occasions. Three kinds of different styles of necklace, I hope you will like.


  • A delicate silver necklace, it's f
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6 Jewellery Trends Predictions For 2015

8843421060?profile=originalChristmas and Boxing Day are over already. Now few hours remain, people are over excited to welcoming a new year. I am not exception but sharing my last article of 2014.

Before few days, Microsoft Bing has published “Bing Predicts 2015”. In which Bing experts tried to give predictions from food to fashion, travel to technology and events supposed to be organize in 2015 as well!!!

Bing experts analyzed the search, social and cultural signals and many other parameters that will break through in the

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Statement jewelries are big trends in recent years. Many female stars and fashion bloggers showed us their favor for statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is bold and unique, and it conveys a statement about who the wearer is. Statement pieces are designed for you to have fun with. Here are some ideas on choosing satisfied statement jewelry.

How to choose statement earrings
Statement earrings can add all that jazz to any outfit, glam up any look in seconds. They are just perfect for red carpet even
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Statement Rings

8843349688?profile=originalMake a statement with these statement rings..

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Fall Accessories

Fall Accessories

The change of seasons is always a revitalizing time period. It could be due to the heightened anticipation of what's to come (holidays and a new year), an enlivening sense of newness (as we watch the leaves turn color and feel the air get brisker), and an evolutionary process that always leaves one part of life behind, allowing for new things to develop. Whatever the reason, it's always exciting. 
When the weather changes, so do our outfit selections. A few fall accessory trends this season that
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Let your earrings make a statement

Just come across this photo of The Saturdays’ Una Healey wearing a gorgeous little black ra-ra number, an oversized tote bag and some of the most humongous earringsI’ve ever seen.


The advice is that if you’re dressing down yet want to give your outfit some wow factor, one statement accessory is all you need. We’ve already looked at necklaces, but taking a leaf from Una’s book, I’ve put together some slightly less enormous yet nevertheless stunning earrings.

I’m starting off with these pearl earrin
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