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For many moms and fathers, having a baby is a very joyful thing. They start to buy things for the baby during pregnancy. Among them, clothes are indispensable, but how to choose wholesale clothes for the newborn? There are a few points that must be paid attention to, otherwise, it is a safety hazard.

kiskissing wholesale 2 Pieces Infant I Love Mama Papa Camouflage Colorblock Jumpsuit And Accessory

  1. Choose Pure Cotton Blend Clothing

    kiskissing wholesale Simple Baby Girl Plain Top

    Babies have strong sweat secretion and need good sweat absorption, good breathability, soft and lose clothing, so be sure to choose pure cotton clothing.
  2. Choose a Card

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Tips for Choosing Children's Shirts

After having a baby, parents attach great importance to their children's food, clothing, housing, and transportation. They must not only dress well, but also dress beautifully. Many mothers will dress their children carefully. For example, wholesale kids shirts, casual shirts are more popular for adults, and their casual and generous make many people love them. With the development of fashion and the increasing enrichment of children's clothing, casual shirts have also become the daily wear of s

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Hair weaves do more than just add volume and thickness to your original hair. Sew-in weaves are one of the best options for someone who wants to have natural-looking hair. Hair Extensions allow you to take a break from chemical and heat while allowing you to experiment with various hairstyles.


Do Sew-In Extensions Protect Your Hair Or Damage Them!

Sew-in hair extensions take the burnt-out look from hair styling, so instead of putting your hair through using heat protectors, combing and brushing, t

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Cotton sarees are worn by all women of India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka as it is a traditional garment. Women either use a blouse or choli to wear a saree. The sarees are made with various types of fabrics and designs. Some of these fabrics are cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, etc. The sarees come with various types of designs, patterns, and textures and women all over India purchase them either for daily use or for parties whether simple or grand. Here is the detail of pure cotton sarees or co

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Hailing from the towns of Maldah and Murshidabad in Bengal, pure Matka silk sarees has a distinctive sheen that makes it so popular across the country and beyond. Even though it has a rough texture, the texture of the silk resembles linen, hence the beautiful shine. The matka silk saree reflects a sheer elegance that makes it a perfect outfit to wear at weddings and parties. Let’s have a look at these celebrities who styled it right and take some desi style inspiration to try at your next event.

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Pure silk saree- love of every woman

thu_1484117922.jpg?width=600The traditional Indian wear has now become a fashion statement for every event/ function. Silk is one of the finest fabric with lot of variety comes in various fabric forms- Mulberry, Muga, Tussar, Eri etc. A pure silk designer saree is becoming popular amongst women and can be seen on red carpets flaunted by many Bollywood actresses. No doubt, pure silk saree prices will be high but, it is worth the texture, sheen and design. This is the reason why a pure silk designer saree is in the category

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If you are bored with your wardrobe it means that you need to revamp your style soon. Saree is your best friend that you can drape in many ways with different blouse and every time it will give you a new look. That’s the beauty of this traditional attire.

The more you collect the more you can play with your style. From never-ending kitty parties to those family gatherings that you attend occasionally, a saree can be your picture perfect outfit. Being a modern diva or a timeless beauty, if you don

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Quality or Fashion: Choice is yours


Trends and fashion are what define today’s world. We see everyone being driven by the trends and talking about them, giving them so much importance over anything. We live in a world of trends and fashions which are driven by corporate sector or celebrities. In the following article, we will discuss whether the hype is worth it or we should go with quality over fashion:

Fashion Changes Everyday

We see fashion changes every day. Like we see, one thing comes in for a day and then it is replaced b

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It's all About a Banarasi Saree!

Nope, it's not just a saree. It is the "Banarasi Silk" saree that Indian women love to dress in, for any occasion. Banarasi saree has always been Indian women's favorite dress since ages. Be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan taking lunch with French President Francois Hollande or Marilyn Monroe shooting for a cover, these ladies had draped the Banarasi saree in the most elegant way as possible.


Banarasi sarees are popular for their rich heritage vibe, shades, patterns, and handloom work. It can make anyo

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A complete ethnic look with silk


Dealing with modern fabrics is a risky proposition. Hands down, people have been shifting down to subtler choices. They say with silk, there is nothing that can go wrong. And there’s no denying the vitality of it. Who can possibly say no and turn away from the grandeur of intricated embroidery woven on silk threads, with each fiber assembled in the most splendid manner to refract just the right amount of sunlight. Ask any Indian bride and you will know how she dreams of being clad in a pure silk

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Saree is one of the most beautiful outfits that a woman can ever have and is the most archaic of all Indians wears which provide it the status of an antique work of art. But, more and more women and girls are opting for western wear at the office, and the reasons can be varied. For example- tying a saree in the morning can be a daunting task, managing at work can be difficult, etc, so preferring a business suit over traditional wear. But, these are only perceptions and can be changed.


There is a

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Cotton sarees have become the latest trend to buy chic and stylish sarees that are worn by women and girls of all age groups with pride. They come in many options, colors, designs and prints. These sarees made up of pure and great quality cotton unlike the other fabrics such as Silk and Georgette, and can be worn in all seasons and occasion includes  social gatherings, parties and other functions  comfortably. They are light in weight and symbolizes style, grace and elegance.  Working women who

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When it comes to Indian attire, sarees really make a big difference. There are a huge many variety in Indian sarees. But the Indian pure silk sarees available online are really at par the beauty and sophistication that comes from wearing them and what Indian women would really look for. The most popular varieties in the silk sarees are Kanchipuram silk, Mysore silk, kora silk, Banarasi silk, Arani silk, Pochampally silk, and Patola silk.

saree-sale_n3.jpgBuy traditional silk and cotton sarees, as from the beginni

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The Most Elegant Attire of Today

The most traditional, the most elegant, the most beautiful of all apparel, and the most popular of all attire you can find today is the Indian Saree. The 4 to 9 yards long unstitched cloth which women drape around their body. This is one apparel that is ethnic, mesmerisingly beautiful, and available in a big price range. There is so much to learn about it regarding its designs, colours, concepts and all that you will realise you knew so less. Sarees can look extremely elegant and decent clothes

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The entire globe renown the dressing style of Indians. The Indian women of any age have an immense affection for traditional Indian attire. The Indian wear is one that has never lost its charm and will always allure people from all over the world. The sophistication can well be seen from the embroidery, the stitching, the design, the material and so many other things. These are all the mighty features of our attire we cannot overlook, for eg cotton suit fabric online.

The traditional apparel of

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Weaving History of India

The destiny of India is not located on the bloody path to the west, which she shows signs of fatigue, but along the way bloodless peace that comes from a godly and simple life. India is in danger of losing her soul. She can’t lose and live. It should not, therefore, idly, lazily and helplessly says, I can’t escape the rush of the West. It must be strong enough to withstand for itself and the world. Mahatma Gandhi (1926).

8843641701?profile=originalThe Glorious Past

India has had a love affair with weaving since the time imm

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8843608063?profile=originalNew on our Chic List: Meredith Ray Handbags - Founded by a Fort Worth, Texas designer. The Meredith Ray design aesthetic is of a pure, classy style enhanced by wonderful, colorful skins. ----> http://fashionrooftop.com/bags.htm

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Make a Splash in Gorgeous Indian Sarees

Women often think of Indian garments as boring, conservative and outdated. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is that Indian fashion has come a long way in the last decade. Indian designers are no longer afraid to experiment with innovative silhouettes and cuts. At the same time, there is a major trend towards the re-discovery of lost Indian techniques of embroidery, weaving and dyeing. Consequently, there are plenty of amazingly beautiful Indian garments for special occasions, i

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Choosing the Right Wedding Silk Sarees

In India, wedding season is a special, auspicious time of the year when a lot of ceremonies and functions happen in a short period of time. This is the time when women often end up having to buy a lot of beautiful ethnic clothing. For a wedding, silk sarees are probably the most popular and dependable choice as they are one of those rare garments that combine tradition with trendiness. Though a safe choice, wedding silk sarees nevertheless need to be selected with a lot of care to ensure women f

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Aeveka, Organic Skincare

8858625892?profile=originalAeveka is Organic, Vegan skincare line. Aeveka is all about healthy and pure skincare products made with natural and organic ingredients. Find out more about them on our Chic List:

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