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 "I wasn't the enthusiast associated with 'The Rachel, '" your woman informed Glamour journal. "That had been type of cringe-y personally. inch For the reason why your woman did not take care of the actual 'do which a lot of additional ladies desired, Aniston exposed it had been simply way too hard to keep without having specialist. It had been sleek, full-bodied as well as nearly just as much of the '90s feeling because "Friends" by itself, however Jennifer Aniston in no way looked after the ac

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CMH Fashion Week Finale Show 2014.

Saturday. October 18th, 2014. The Columbus Anthenaum.
The day that's been in the making since LAST October. As Style Director, the day that is a mix of nerves, anticipation and excitement.....And it was all worth it! With Project Runway's Althea Harper as the headliner and 10 exceptionally talented local designers all showing back to back, it was one phenomenal night. 
Snaps from the night:
 Me in Dolce & Gabbana with one of my styling leads, Mat Magnani in a custom jacket by Dee Hayes.
(Make-up (me
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Genoveva Christoff. You may have heard her name or maybe not. But its certainly a name you should know. A good friend of mine and one of the most talented designers I know. A NY Fashion Week & CMH Fashion Week alum, she never ceases to amaze me with the way she walks he line of unique but never boring wearable designs. Using luxe fabrics and the softest leathers you've touched, quality in construction is just as important to her as quality in the overall look.
She just recently re-launched her we
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Reading In Style.

I couldn't resist picking up Rachel Zoe's new book yesterday and I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. As opposed to a focus on the red carpet as in her first book, 'Style A to Zoe', 'Living in Style' covers Rachel's style go-to's, style tips and lifestyle, the living in style lifestyle.....I would expect nothing less from one of my favorite stylists (who also shares the same birthday as me.... and an equal love of Chanel). :-)

With all the style books out there now, I'm happy to say this
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Lights, Camera, Action!

Yesterday we wrapped day 2 of the CMH Fashion Week Program Photo Shoot. I had the most fun I've had styling a shoot with this one. The team from Charles Penzone Salons rocked the looks and photographer Scott Cunningham, one of the best. We had some tight competition for the cover with contender #1, model Fiona Bryne, above and a beyond gorgeous Rachel Nimke (coming up). Stay tuned! 
Some behind the scences from the shoots:
Laughing it up! (middle) Some model laughs
(bottom left) Designers Erica Woo
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Whatever you choose to call them, they're back. Albeit much more chic than those awful nylon things of many moons ago. This post was inspired by a recent request by The Columbus Dispatch to get my thoughts on 'fanny packs.' Would I wear one? Did I own one? Are they acceptable in today's fashion? Yes, No not yet and yes!
A few of the ones I would wear:
.....(please, please, I implore you, stay far, far away from ANYTHING resembling a pack from the 80's ;-)
Read the full Columbus Dispatch article her
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Rachel Sin

That's So New York - I've been feeling a little like a fashion scout over the course of the past two or three weeks; simply because I seem to keep stumbling across designer after designer, that of which have frequently left me pondering something along the lines of "why on earth has this label still not had its big break?" as it seems that even though I've been graced with an unthinkable amount of talent whilst flicking through a number of stores and designer profiles, it is not unusual to see t

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For all the confusion, various levels of organization, and free cocktails, lasts year’s Fashion’s Night Out was, by any measure, a success—particularly considering it was the first year of questionable purpose an event involving dozens upon dozens of stores, hundreds of brands, and thousands of attendees spread
hither and yon across New York City. Personally, we dug it. Now, this of September 10th it’s back for more. Brace yourself!


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