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Yifei Garment Factory is professional OEM custom wholesale t shirts, polo shirts wholesaler China

Promotional Polo shirt 100% polyester custom design/logo Polo shirt

Quick Details Place Of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: OEM

Feature: Anti-Shrink, Anti-pilling

Collar: Turtleneck

Fabric Weight: 180 Grams

Material: Polyester/Cotton

Sleeve Style: Short sleeve

Color: Customized

Size: Customized

Label: Customized

Logo: Customized/printing/Embroidery

Supply Item: OEM

Sample Lead Time: 5 Days

MOQ: 100 PCS Order


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Have you ever impulsively bought a beautiful pair of earrings from an earrings wholesaler and never worn them? Everyone has made this grave mistake at least once in their life. We’ve all headed down the path of choosing a design, bringing it back home, trying it on and feeling less than thrilled. This is because we have all made the mistake of not choosing the right earrings according to our face structure. Believe it or not, there is no - one size fits all – when it comes to earrings. The shape

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Are you looking to gift your sweetheart with a necklace? Then, you have landed on the right page. Pleasing a woman is never easy, which is why we are here to help you choose the right gift for your woman. Nothing can please a woman more than jewellery. If you are thinking about gifting a piece of jewellery, then you can never go wrong with a necklace. Why so? Because unlike rings and bangles; you do not have to worry about the size whether it will fit or not.

For men who are puzzled and confused

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We often try different methods to get smooth and bouncy hair but it seems to be an impossible process to get bouncy hair in a minute. Having bouncy, silky and smooth hair is like a dream come true for every girl. We don’t have much time to do use all those homemade masks if you are going to a party or an important meeting. We need something really quick and spontaneous and that’s why we use different hair styling tools to get beautiful and glamorous hairs in no time. By using the right hair styl

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Benefits of Buying JCUK Jewellery

Jewellery has been an integral part of human cultures since ancient times. It serves different purposes that are significant to you. Jewellery has a lot of importance in everyone’s life be it every day or any special occasions. Wholesale JCUK jewellery is being used by people to flaunt their social status. People like to show their wealth and richness through their dresses and different forms of jewellery.

Status, style and quality are the three attributes that wholesale JCUK jewellery brands are

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womens dress wholesaler

For a matter of fact, style is something that no money can ever buy. Creative edge and having new ideas to own the style statements are the two major requirements for great dressing sense. Yes, it is quite easy to get hung up on the latest trends, but what about the old clothes that lay around in the corners of your closet, doing nothing? If they are your favourite, and you don’t want to let them go, you need to curate innovative ideas to wrap them in unique ways, for the most wonderful fashion

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Fashion jewellery is the best way to update your style statement. So, if you are thinking of taking your style to a completely new level then you need to accessorize yourself with the latest collection of this season. There is an extensive range of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. This winter season, jewellery wholesalers are bringing various bold-statement making options. From bold stackable bracelets, pendant necklaces, colorful earrings, and pinky rings, you can get almost every piece of y

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Fashion accessories to consider in 2018

Are you looking for totally a trendy piece of fashion accessory to compliment your look in the next party? Fashion accessories wholesale UK is the right option for you. Wholesalers keep their stores full with almost every fashion jewellery piece.

Why is fashion accessory important? 

Having the fashion accessories is crucial for completing the look of any fashionista. With every changing year, we see a unique collection of fashion jewellery in different styles, shapes, and sizes. And, it is importa

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Why Purchase Wholesale Fashion Jewellery?

Fashion jewellery enables a woman to present her unique style. These days fashion jewellery is used for casual wear, party wear, and occasional wear. It can be purchased in different colours, styles, etc. to match the attire and to be worn on different occasions. These days we have the convenience of numerous online jewellery sites from where it can be purchased. Yoko’s Fashions is a leading online wholesale jewellery website from where fashion jewellery can be purchased.


Why purchase Wholesale J

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Whether you’re a nurse or a doctor, a policeman or a guard, it is your uniform which will help you to be identified for the good work you’d be doing for the people. To provide everyone with these, there are a number of formal uniforms manufacturers who make these uniforms for almost all kinds of profession. Since manufacturers prefer to make these uniforms in bulk, they expect a large order which generally comes through an organization. For example, it could be a big hospital needing uniforms fo

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Uniforms are worn by individuals that belong to an organization or establishment. From schools to workplaces, hospitals and law enforcement officers, uniforms are extremely important as they help to create an exclusive identity and make it easier to differentiate from the rest. There is also a feel-good factor to it. Organizations, establishments and institutions where wearing a uniform is mandatory, can think about investing in bulk buying. If you are wondering why, then scroll down to be intim

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Fringe and Tassel Manufacturer - Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

Art No.:F1129-1

We are Lace Trims Factory and Garment Accessories Supplier

 – Supply to all kind Merchandiser in Textile and Clothing Industry -


Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

E-mail: liseng@biznetvigator.com

Welcome any garment accessories requirements on your Owner Brand Apparel and Fashion New Style collection coming season


Major product Fringe and Tassel for all Kind Textile and Clothing Industry


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collection bags manufacturer have to offer many types and varieties. And thanks to that, today, in the market, there exist so many types of bags that could easily confuse a small business who's not a pro.

So here are Four Types of Bags (in no order) that are must-haves in your Inventory - 

Handbags :

Handbags are of course the most popular types, carried around by the ladies all the time. But what has changed over the years is that in this sub-niche, top manufacturers and suppliers are offering too

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Guess you like this pattern for you search


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Find free to Contact us: liseng@biznetvigator.com or info.hkliseng@gmail.com


Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd


Manufacturer and exporter of a variety products range includes lace, crochet, ribbon, trimming, woven label, velvet and elastic


“The Best Global Sour

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Every year various design houses features an elite selection of exotic bags in their collection to woo the fashion-forward women and men. In the fashion world, owning an exotic bag is surely going to set you apart from the other designer bags available in the market. As these bags are designed and crafted from materials that are difficult to find, it gives the bags an aura of exclusivity. Also, they last for years and are treated by many as family heirlooms that is handed down to future generati

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If you are planning to establish any type of retail business in a United Kingdom especially in its capital London, you will have to enlist the local vendors related to your business first. Those sellers should have large wholesale collection along variety of stock, so that their customers can easily fulfill the requirements of work. The best wholesaler in London not only has huge varieties but also offers excellent pricing to its buyers. Wholesalers always make best deals for their buyers to get

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UK Online Trusted Wholesaler

Receiving things at the door after ordering on a phone or on internet has been becoming the most common and amusing activity around the world. Due to the recent busy life routines, people like to have home services for their daily necessities. Services related to food, textile and electronics have been the most wanted. Manufacturers are producing huge quantities to meet the consumer's requirement. Products are made in large scale for creating buying opportunities for the people around the world.
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Are you looking to open up a law enforcement uniforms store? Well, then your timing could not be better. As more number of people are currently choosing to join the law enforcement agencies of USA than ever before, there is now an increased demand for clothing items that are right for this profession. It is for this reason that opening a store that deals in law enforcement uniforms California will enhance your chances of finding great profits. It will also solidify your position in the clothing

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While thinking of shopping for clothes, not many people give socks their due importance. However, they still play an important role in keeping the feet free from developing scars and abrasions as they wear their shoes or boots. Whether you are looking for sporting socks that you can wear while playing soccer, home socks that you can wear at home for keeping your feet warm, or the standard ones that can be combined with different types of shoes, they still play an important functional role in you

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