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The versatile wholesale women's leggings are probably the most perfect pants in the world, they are flattering, forgiving and extremely comfortable. And they are almost the definition of versatility - there aren't many outfits that can go seamlessly from lounging on the couch to kicking butt in the gym to walking laps around the parking lot during the women's exercises. Apart from, most people can even be dressed up with a plus size sweater and flat shoes for a day at the office or a casual dinn

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If you are an individual who has been stuck to the one style of mens lingerie and now has changed your mind into trying something new and stylish then you must follow the blog. To get something fashionable and in trend clothing you must know which variants are available such is the case with mens underwear too. Underwear for men has a number of variants and is available in various size, colors, shapes, fabrics, etc. Follow the blog below if you want to know more about the options in mens underwe

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Sexy is the term which has been for a since quite a while ago connected with female underwear. A large portion of us may have caught wind of mens sexy underwear as a part of female dressing style. In any case, the advancement of patterns and style in the male underwear business has challenged these sexual orientation limits. Presently, mens sexy underwear is a significant piece of men's lingerie segment. The thing was impossible some time back, yet it has picked up prominence in ongoing past. We

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Sheer Bikinis Lingerie For Hot ladies style

Being sexy is not just about a women's figure or shape. Actually, it is also about the type of apparel she wears especially lingerie. Anyway, a lot of women are actually afraid to try one on for problems of size and other insecurities. Anyway, with just a matter of self-esteem, one can surely be relax wearing sheer bikinis lingerie. Definitely, if that happens to you, people around you especially your partner will view more of you as women such as sexiness and feminism. In his eye, you will actu

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Best Features with the Right Swimwear Choice

Today's swimwear choices make it much simpler for all ladies to build the confidence and look amazing on the beach. Match these body types with some swimwear advises that will help you feel relax in a bathing suit that is matched for your shape.

Small bust or chest

If you have got a little bust, opting for 2 pieces is probably your top bet. Try a halter top, ensure that top fits rightly, and is not too loose.  If possible, try getting different top size and bottom to fit, like a mix n match styles

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Yoga Pant- A Flattering Date Night Outfit

Most of the time, the date attire requires a careful as well as a thoughtful consideration. It would not be wrong to say that, it is always important to find a perfect date night outfit. One of the most considerable aspects is to stick to your personality and wear the attire that makes you comfortable and describes you the best.

Gone are the days, when the yoga pants were considered as the best suited for just yoga or active wear. These days yoga pants have become the most loved and common casual

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It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes someone stylish. It helps to have a well-stocked wardrobe, but two different people could wear the exact same outfit to vastly different effect. People who are stylish have a special quality about them that makes their clothing look even cooler. Though it's hard to define good style, here are some factors that make someone more fashionable.

The Right Attitude

Stylish people hold themselves in a way that demands attention. You can't glance at them witho

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In terms of hair-styling, a single constantly would like the most effective goods. Folks desire to retain use of chemical compounds small. Nevertheless the tough simple truth is in which nowadays virtually every head of hair attention merchandise is constructed of chemical compounds. Too much use of these kinds of goods brings about simply problems for your normal head of hair. The particular head of hair may turn difficult and also brittle thus, may turn splitting effortlessly. A single excelle

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Plus-Size Barbie Stirs Controversy


When it comes to the body image in most cases your damned if you do and damned if you don't. There is always going to be criticism either way you go. According to a recent image posted by, which is a site where artists compete on creative creations. This Barbie image was created by an artist by the name of bakalia. Shortly after it was posted on, posted the image

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50 Shades Of Grey Movie Adds Rita Ora To The Cast



Looks as if Rita Ora will be putting down the mic and picking up the script! It was announced that she will be joining the cast in the highly anticipated '50 Shades of Grey' movie. She will be playing the role of Mia, who is the adopted sister of Christian Grey. 

fifty-shades-of-grey-daktota-johnson-jamie-dornan.jpgSome of the cast thus far includes: Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, Victor Rasuk as Jose Rodriquez, Luke Grimes a

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Did you tune in to Iconici Weekly Radio hosted by Miss Naiya Marcelo, Poetrynmotion and Syndee last night? If not you missed a great show! Our hosts brought you some of the latest and hottest Fashion and Entertainment news and gossip that has made headlines this week. They were also joined with Special guest escape artist Curtis Lovell!

Lovell has been buried alive twice - an escape Houdini once performed and said

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Radio: Special Guest: Recording Artist Nathan Asher


Did you catch Iconici Weekly Radio hosted by Miss Naiya Marcelo, Poetrynmotion and Syndee last night? If not, no worries you can still listen in to hear the latest and hottest Fashion and Entertainment news and gossip that has made headlines this week. They were also joined with special guest recording artist Nathan Asher.

Nathan is a multi instrumentalist with a background in keyboard, guitar, and production.

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Well the Iconic model Cindy Crawford can now add another magazine cover to her already extensive list! Crawford is shown on the cover of the upcoming issue of Marie Claire Mexico looking just as fabulous as she always has. She is pictured as the late screen actress Maria Felix, who was considered by many to be the most iconic leading lady of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Maria Felix was known for her larger-tha

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Katy Perry released her "Unconditionally" video yesterday and I must say it isn't a side of her that we see too often! This is the second single from her album "Prism." Perry shows off her high end fashion in beautiful gowns and pearls while her dressed up dancers prance around her outside in the snow and in a ballroom.


We are used to the 'chic' persona that Perry is so good at portraying! For those of you th

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Kate Moss Looking Sexy As A Playboy Bunny


There has been talk for months now about the American super model Kate Moss posing to be on the cover of the iconic Playboy magazine for their special 60th anniversary edition. If your anything like us, we just couldn't wait until the first photo was released. Moss has had many sexy shoots over the years and we just can't get enough! 

Moss is due to turn the big 4-0 on January 16th and this is a perfect way t

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Last night on Iconici Weekly Radio Miss Naiya Marcelo, Poetrynmotion and Syndee hit the airways to bring you all the latest and hottest Fashion and Entertainment news and gossip that has made headlines this week. They were joined by special guests Models, Hosts and Producers, Annabelle Gutman and Johanna Rea!

Annabelle and Johanna met in acting school at Bobby Chase and clicked immediately.  They decided to push fo

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Britney Spears 'Work Bitch' Video Debut


Britney Spears debuted her latest video 'Work Bitch' yesterday Oct 1st, and I must say it's quite intriguing! 'Work Bitch' is the lead single for her upcoming 8th studio album that is due to be released Dec 3rd 2013.

Spears revealed a little bit about her new album on Good Morning America back in September, saying that it was inspired by her break up with former finance Jason Trawick, "Well during this album,

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Madonna's Secret Project Revolution Video


Madonna has been teasing this project she has been working on for quite a while now. We now have a chance to see the masterpiece called Secret Project Revolution and that is exactly what she wants to start, A Revolution. This 17 minute mini movie shot completely in black and white is the most moving piece of art we have ever seen.

"It's time to wake up before it's too late. History is repeating it's self, do

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