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The royal families and their prestige are at stake most of the time (as explicitly as I could say this). The reason behind this is at least the whole world looking upon their acts, even sitting and under such pressure, making sure to look decent yet under the influence of contemporary fashion is a great deal. 

Now let's start from the start, Princess Diana Spencer who was minted the duchess of Wales in 1961 had a tremendously appealing closet which


 she unveiled with

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Figid Chic Feet.

Cold anyone? I certainly am. I thought I was cold last week when the temp dipped into the 20's but at -2 this morning, I'm now freezing. 
So how to stay chic AND warm in these balmy temps? We all know to get this biggest but chicest coat we can find but what about footwear? Some of my fave looks of the most fashionable set. First, Elle Macpherson in Sorel boots.

  Mukluk's wrap style.

And my personal faves - Jimmy Choo for Hunter croc boots. Similar here.

Stay warm readers!

Images - Google ima
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When In Rome....

....do as the Roman's do. When not in Rome? STILL do as they do!
I'm having a Roman sandal moment. I love the look of these on the leg. They key to pulling them off? Make sure they hug the leg. I recently ordered a pair and low and behold they are way loose on my legs. Not cute but not to despair. Off to 'try on' another pair!
Faves from Alexander Wang. Sexy genius shoes!
Mz. Moss.
The pair I ordered...the pair that doesn't fit ;-(. 
Anyone wear an 8 with regular size calves? Email me. :-)
Images - ny
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As you know, WASP is an acronym for White Anglo Saxon Protestant....none of which apply to me. Nonetheless, I have a fondness for whats termed WASP style. Apparently I'm not the only one as Susanna Salk wrote an entire book on it, and after all, J Crew is still in business and going strong. So, this post is dedicated to my favorite 'WASP's' and their chic, seemingly effortless style.

 Yes, your seen this before but who can beat Grace Kelly and her 'Kelly.' 
(The bag not the baby just in case you
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No Mad Hatter: Vivien Sheriff

8842896881?profile=originalInevitably Princess Kate Middleton fever has hit and her future as a regal style icon has recently been cemented with a variety of considered outfits for public outings.

Kate has paraded in the predictable Burberry Trench coat and a couple of bland LK Bennett court shoes but the real piece of intrigue was an elegant hairpiece by British milliner Vivien Sheriff.  A truly British operation Vivien is based in the Wiltshire countryside with a small production team whose combined creativity produce be
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