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Washing human hair wigs properly is essential to prolong the lifespan and best appearance of wigs, and gentle washing leads to the smoothness and luster of human hair wigs. How often should human hair wigs be cleaned?


How to select the right shampoo?

Select the right shampoo that is special design for human hair wigs, attention to some chemicals in shampoo can shorten the lifespan of wigs. Select high quality human hair wigs to maintain the hair quality of wigs.

How often should human hair wigs be

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Learn to wear lace front wigs in safety


As we all know lace front wigs require to wear it by glue and adhesive, and also require learning to cut the lace, how to wear a lace front wig safely, and achieve the best melt hairline. Here are the tips about wear.

First, glue or adhesive

Test the adhesive behind your ear before wearing, and check the adhesive or glue without causing any reaction. After applying the glue or adhesive, allow the adhesive to dry until it becomes tacky, and wait for it to dry completely.

Second, cut the lace

Trim th

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The glueless wigs are more suit to wear for hair loss, without damage from glue or other irritations. For girls using glueless wigs due to hair loss, here are some tips to earn a natural look.


The tips can help with the realism of glueless wigs:

*Using root blending spray

To create a natural look on your hairline, use root blending spray to blend with your natural skin. Select the spray that matches your skin tone and apply them on the lace, this can make the lace looks more natural. If your gluel

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L'enterrement de vie de jeune fille est une soirée que la mariée et ses amies n'oublieront jamais. Si vous souhaitez faire preuve de créativité et organiser un enterrement de vie de jeune fille agréable et amusant sans dépenser une fortune, consultez les conseils que nous vous proposons.


Tout enterrement de vie de jeune fille mérite des décorations amusantes et intéressantes. Des ballons aux confettis, en passant par les pailles et les verres à champagne, tout est en jeu.

Invitations à

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70-year-olds wear a skirt with high heels

Many people believe that youth is capital, especially for women. The younger you are, the more energetic you are. Women are like flowers, beautiful and lovely, but the flowers bloom from time to time. Some have a short blooming season, and some keep the blooming season. The older they are, the more brilliant the flowers bloom.

The lady I want to share this time belongs to the older and more attractive woman. At the age of 70, she has lived out what everyone envy, beautiful, elegant, fashionable,

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Alors que les femmes à petite poitrine peuvent s'inquiéter du rembourrage et des soutiens-gorge push-up, celles qui les femmes à forte poitrine doivent être stratégiques dans leurs choix de tenues pour tenir compte de leur poitrine.Tenez compte de la coupe, de la couleur et de quelques secrets de mode lors du choix d'un haut, et vous n'aurez aucun problème à créer un look fini proportionné.

Encolures flatteuses

Optez pour des décolletés qui créent de l'espace entre votre buste et votre cou afin de

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Many people often have no personal opinion or fall into certain misconceptions when it comes to choosing clothes, which can lead to a situation where they are often wrong. However, for women who want to reflect their own strengths through dressing, when using a jacket, it is more important to pay attention to its shape and its colour. You can keep the following "three don'ts" in mind to avoid the risk of showing fat and reduce the loss of temperament.

1, the outline design of the jacket should no

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This is how a 40-year-old woman dresses

Summer often does not need to pay too much attention to the parcel of skin, should choose the dress with a few simple designs, maintain modelling clear and straightforward sex. The woman of more than 40 years old is dressed up a little very beautiful, can use dress collocation to let oneself temperament add points, and these dress up are not necessarily very bright eye type, some even if the design in appearance is not eye-catching enough, also can create a generous and decent effect.

When it com

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Women in their 40s don't need to be bothered by their age at all, getting their clothes right, beautifying their figures through the combination between pieces and their personal image will stand out. At this stage, there is no need to buy too many clothes, as adding new outfits to your wardrobe all the time is not the answer to the dressing dilemma. However, it is always important to have a few basics just in case. As long as you have these classic pieces in your wardrobe, your look will be com

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After the woman year passes 60 years old, since had been unable to hold back the elapsing of years, so, we can choose a few contracted and easy without age feeling sheet to taste, let oneself present the aesthetic feeling that gives nature to grow old.

Today, Xiaobian was surprised by a 60-year-old woman!

Although her appearance is not outstanding, but through the light makeup gives people a comfortable beauty; Although her figure is obvious average, but the use of appropriate clothes dress up to

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Elegance is the pursuit of a woman's life.

Mention "elegant" two words, can always let a person full of beautiful reverie, or a shallow smile, or a tea posture, or a leisurely watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court. Elegance is not innate, but a gift given by time. Seemingly natural, it is actually the accumulation of accomplishment and the natural revelation of temperament from the inside out.

Accordingly, want elegance, character, accomplishment, dress be short of one cannot.


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In hot summer, wherever you go, you want to cool down first. Chasing cool and comfortable is what everyone wants to do in summer, so in wearing, we certainly want to pursue comfortable and cool, let the body at ease, have a lazy and comfortable summer.

This period we recommend 18 sets of super leisure and comfortable beautiful clothes, suitable for the most cool and casual you!

The dew shoulder condole of black and white grid is taken, loose and comfortable, mellow reduce age. The grey ice silk to

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"Handsome girls really have nothing to do with boys" this sentence is not to say for fun, European and American actress Charlize Theron is one of them, was given the title of "human wrench" by netizens, whether from the style of clothing or hair and makeup, are very cool and handsome.

Her handsome is different from the woman to wear men's handsome, also is not the handsome that leaves little brother hairstyle, the female single product female makeup sends out now on her body, changed taste instan

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Arrive again a year Sheng summer, "summer" not bask in the sun is impossible, almost all the people are doing one thing: bask in! This time the sun umbrella, sunshade hat, sunscreen clothing, masks are here!

This summer, masks are still the single item that we need to be with us all the time. As an essential part of clothing, they can be said to be both loved and hated.

Some people are willing to be surrounded by its sense of security, but others think that wearing it, let the already not much att

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In the popular summer, how to make yourself stand out? Is it better to come to a fashionable girdle skirt, delicate and sexy, lively and lovely, cool off and provocative? It should be a summer suspender dress!

This period recommends to everybody 18 super the condole belt skirt sheet that the United States is tired of is tasted, formal midsummer, hurriedly noise rises ~

Very bright eye spell color stripe, of red black blue bump color is delicate and orderly, the collocation of wave dot and stripe c

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The cycle of the four seasons, each season defines the meaning of beauty differently, and the value of life in this alternation, seeking the meaning of self-existence. The hot summer is the warmth of all things, is also the frozen frame of youth, it seems that always in summer to different life intersection.

Most of the time, clothing is relative to the inner world of a reflection, the same is true of clothing can also give the wearer psychological hint, summer hot, how to reduce clothing to brin

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As the old saying goes, "Less is more, and more is more." In fact, there is a real wisdom in these words, and this wisdom has reached a degree that can be seen everywhere in today's life!

For example, the current popular "renunciation" way of life; To advanced and no lack of atmospheric sense of "minimalism"... All is not a vivid interpretation of this word!

As Thoreau said, "The more a man lets go, the richer he becomes!" Yes, it's important to let go, especially in a society full of anxieties an

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For women over 40, give up leggings

Women over the age of 40, will become gradually aging with the decline of hormones in the body, among them, the most obvious phenomenon is the figure out of shape!

Careful observation will find: bloated and deformed figure has become the synonym of 40 + woman. Women in this age group are more likely to have proud flesh around their midriff and thighs, changing from an 'X-shaped' body to a 'pear-shaped' one.

Under normal circumstances, the woman who appeared this kind of phenomenon, in addition to

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The bib trousers originated in the West, with the popularity of retro style, once again appeared in the crowd in a brand-new style.

Modern overalls have undergone earth-shaking changes in terms of workmanship and collocation.

Some people love it, but some people are not friendly to it, thinking that its "childhood" will make people feel particularly artificial, but in fact, my friends, the childishness of bibs is not the same as naive.

Compared with regular trousers, bib pants are not just as simpl

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