For women over 40, give up leggings

Women over the age of 40, will become gradually aging with the decline of hormones in the body, among them, the most obvious phenomenon is the figure out of shape!

Careful observation will find: bloated and deformed figure has become the synonym of 40 + woman. Women in this age group are more likely to have proud flesh around their midriff and thighs, changing from an 'X-shaped' body to a 'pear-shaped' one.

Under normal circumstances, the woman who appeared this kind of phenomenon, in addition to want to "stop the mouth, move legs", but also learn to use the most tie-in dress to give a slim and graceful posture, thereby showing a good taste in fashion.

Today, Xiaobian will share a few groups of suitable for 40 + women: summer "skirt" show thin wear practice, I hope to bring you some matching inspiration.

Fishtail skirt

This beautiful and feminine fishtail skirt is perfect for women over 40.

When choosing this type of skirt, we try to choose this kind of slightly looser version, as well as elastic, excellent drape fabric. A simple collocation only when collocation shows the small unlined upper garment of loose edition model slightly likewise, act the role of to wait for with dark glasses, necklace to act the role of to add embellishment slightly again can.

Pencil skirt

Cut the hem of the fishtail skirt and elongate the length to create the most classic basic high waist straight tube skirt! Because of the restraint of the hemline, this kind of skirt may cause the illusion of difficulty in walking.

Therefore, we need to make a split design in the flank of the hem or the back, which can have the effect of modifying the leg already, but also won't be tied up, flexibility is full!

Umbrella skirt

In the season with abundant summer meaning, what we can have the aid of umbrella skirt is lightsome, clever interpret oneself feminine taste to the top of one's bent comes out.

Pair it with a sleeveless T-shirt or a slim top with a big V-neck for added glamour. Wear a pair of flat bottom shoes casually on the foot or it is comfortable cool drag, can let integral style become recreational, become languid a lot of lazy.

Pleated skirt

To the female people of pear form figure, having the high waist wave of lively color and lightsome fabric dot 100 pleated skirt, in the regular drapery of depth and shallow degree, will express joyful mood.

You can choose to suit color with skirt body or it is the small unlined upper garment that bumps into color and it is tie-in, have the aid of again make up cap of certain straw or it is leisure shoe, make oneself summer the most beautiful line of that scenery!

Print dress

In the summer of flowers like brocade, wearing a romantic, elegant printed skirt, can better integrate with the surrounding environment, to create a sense of literature and art. Because the colour of its itself is multifarious, we need tie-in only the fashionable effect that small unlined upper garment of a pure color forms complementary, precipitate gives thought-provoking beauty.Read more at:short formal dresses | cheap formal dresses sydney

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