Arrive again a year Sheng summer, "summer" not bask in the sun is impossible, almost all the people are doing one thing: bask in! This time the sun umbrella, sunshade hat, sunscreen clothing, masks are here!

This summer, masks are still the single item that we need to be with us all the time. As an essential part of clothing, they can be said to be both loved and hated.

Some people are willing to be surrounded by its sense of security, but others think that wearing it, let the already not much attractive appearance become less competitive.

To be honest, this kind of contradictory psychology is always entrenched in my heart, but with the concept of coexistence of safety and fashion, I found a fulcrum that can make both sides in a relative balance.

People used to say "sunglasses around, who do not love", but this sentence is also understandable on the mask, for the appearance level is not outstanding girls, covering half the face of the mask will make a person full of security, for girls who are not confident, with it, can also fight a beautiful turnaround.

So how on earth should ordinary girls use this item to meet their dressing requirements? Start with the following three ways to easily become a "little hipster girl."


Diverting attention with a headdress

1. The hat

Through the combination of hat + mask, you can adjust the "mystery" of the three words to the peak, for facial features have flaws to figure and temperament are very good girls, this way to keep out the ugly is very recommended.

For young girls, a simple and handsome cap is the best choice, as it complies with the cool ambiance of a mask while also addressing the annoyance of a large oily head.

Especially to the summer, hair love to give oil girls outside to eat and drink to play, the head oil speed is not controllable, at this time, a simple joker and concave modeling of the cap is particularly "Madonna"!

In addition to the cap, there are two other hats worth learning from:

The first is the brimless beret, which tends to emphasize the presence rather than the mystery of the cap.

There are three types of people who are suitable to choose it: the first type is the girl who has short, clean, shoulder-length hair; The second was a girl with a small head; The third type is the girl with big eyes and spirit. Without the shade of the brim of a hat, and without the help of a small upturned nose, a small cherry mouth and an elegant chin, eyes are the key to victory.

The second kind of hat is beautiful more than practical plush toy money hat, bigger than the head of a circle of it to wear on the head, although can use unusual wear means to win attention, but this kind of anti-seasonal way is not everyone can choose.

If you're going outside to take pictures, it's fine to pair it with a mask, but if you're going the practical route, don't put your chips in it. You'll lose.

2. The hair band

Because the mask blocks the impact of the facial features, you must not leave the area from the top of the mask to the top of the skull empty. You can also replace the hat with a fresh and breathable headband to ensure the look is not chaotic.

According to your own aesthetic you can choose the simplest pure color fine hair band, you can also choose the knotted wide hair band, fine show delicate, wide show small face.

In addition to ordinary hair band, you can also gas qualitative silk scarves as hair hoop, use it to make up for not facial features of regret, also can bring people unprecedented sense of satisfaction and beautiful value will not because facial features "missing" affected, for masks must be worn out, silk hair band is the best choice match.

3. The hair style

To draw attention away from the mask, which covers most of the face, you can also opt for a short, clean cut.

If you want to achieve the overall effect of beauty without the help of other accessories, whether the hairstyle is fashionable and atmospheric is the key. Here, I recommend two hairstyles suitable for wearing masks.

The first one is the shoulder-length hairstyle of Chaoyu Sister. The straight rendering effect and the clean ending successfully neutralizes the abrupt and untidy nature of the mask.

The second hair style is more suitable for the neutral little sister to learn, but the ears of the ultra short hair use to reduce the contact area with the mask to achieve a simplified overall effect, very flat and direct expression of the expression of the United States.

However, there is a point to be noted that this hairstyle is only suitable for people with deep three-dimensional features and small faces to try, if you just want to taste fresh, you can also sacrifice cool and cool to wear a wig.

All of the above choices are efforts to divert people's attention, but if the most attractive part of your facial features is your eyes, you can choose no other way. A neat bang that covers your eyebrows and reveals your vivid eyes will satisfy the requirement.

Use it with the mask, can give people a kind of harmless natural beauty, reference figures can learn from Lu Han just debut modeling.


Locking people in with eye makeup

Now that we're talking about eyes, let's talk in detail about how to use your exposed eyes to keep people's attention on you!

If your eyes are expressive enough, any eye makeup like Zhou Yee's can give you a soul-piercing beauty with pink highlights, gentle and princess-like.

But if you feel too light eye makeup is not easy to impress people, you can also use eyeliner and mascara to enlarge your eyes and make them more black and white.

However, we need to pay attention to one point, because the eyes around is one of the few free to breathe skin, so the makeup technology must be in place, it is best not to give a person a dizzy makeup and eye makeup dirty effect, the disease is urgent do not seek medical treatment.

If you feel cute is not your style, you can also choose a more personal eye makeup, for example, different from the normal eyelash design.

Using the upper and lower eyelashes blossom like presentation effect, give a person a kind of instantaneous adsorption effect, strong recognition.

But there is a point that we need to pay attention to, this kind of two or three eyelashes tied together in a presentation effect, the need for the overall style is very wild personality, otherwise it is easy to be misunderstood as "fly leg".

The last type of eye makeup is the color makeup, you can easily achieve the purpose of enhancing the presence of the eyes without too much makeup techniques.

You can use glue pen of color eye line to draw a pen in canso and palpebral place, elegant rainbow color instant lets you become ghost horse spirit.

You can also use a semicircle of pearls or masonry in twos and threes on the lower part of the eyebrows or the lower left side of the eyes, cool and individual at the same time do not have to master too much makeup technology makeup small white worth having.


Reinforce people's impression of you with jewelry

The third and last way to make up for the impact of wearing a mask is to add small accessories. Compared with the appearance of completely exposed facial features, even if the mask fits the face shape, it will more or less limit and affect people's pursuit of beauty.

At this time, a can not only improve the overall aesthetic feeling at the same time and can retain cool and capable temperament in the collision with the mask ornaments, it is particularly pleasing.

There are not many accessories that can be worn with a mask, especially those that can fix the eye on the upper body. If you have to find a few accessories, you can choose a long, delicate earstring as one of them.

The 2nd kind can be this kind of exquisite and meticulous earring on song yu qi ear, fine and delicate design can reduce weight and can promote aesthetic feeling already, in summer, only the girl who knows delicate can become a winner.

The third kind of earring that we can try is a small pearl earring, there is no tassel tedious but can retain the elegance of tassel, cool and minimalist effect even if wearing a mask will not be affected.

Other than these three types of earrings, such as three-centimeter-wide, jaw-length hoop earrings, bow-style tassel earrings and emerald earrings should not be worn with masks.

In addition to earrings, you can also choose a few necklaces at the right time, it is the same way of selection and earrings, better than nothing elaborate version is the best choice.

The more the necklace does not exist, the more low-key the dressing effect can be achieved. The invisible and visible effect is easy to have both a sense of presence and freshness. The face shape under the mask can also change from a big U shape to a small V shape because of the existence of the necklace, which is delicate and practical.Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal wear

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