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Six Best Airport Looks for Women

There are different attires for different occasions. Over the years, there has been a tremendous change in style and fashion scenarios. The fashion trends of both men and women have witnessed significant uphaul. The focus has shifted from gender-oriented apparel to more unisex clothing. Today, there are trends and styles to be followed on special occasions and for vacations, traveling, and even while going to airports. The importance is given more to comfort and effortless style options.


Let’s u

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Most of us know how to dress up for an occasion, don’t we? Who hasn’t done hours of researching celebrities and royal families to keep in touch with the latest trendy formal wear? But with casual wear, it’s a totally different story. Casual wear depends on the climate, the place, the local culture, and of course, your budget. Keeping all this in mind, styling your casual wardrobe can be a bit of a headache. Don’t worry, Dash and Dot’s got you!


Here’s your guide to building a wardrobe that’s both

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How to Match Different Skirts or Dresses?

After spring, summer, autumn and winter, after a change of mood, facing the coming new year, everyone is looking forward to a complete relaxation. The easiest and most direct way to relax starts with your outfit tomorrow. Easily set up but beautifully dressed, it naturally achieves the subtraction of time and energy, and the addition of mood and image. With this minus one plus, the state of relaxation can be found instantly.

For women, wholesale womens skirts can be said to be a single product th

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A maxi skirt is an essential item that every woman should own. Not only do these wholesale womens skirts look fantastic, but they are also extremely versatile. If you pick up the right style, that can suit a range of occasions along with every season. In addition, the comfortable and chic style can flatter any figure. So, whether you are tall or short, plus size or petite, a maxi skirt can work for you. All you need to do is find the right design and match it with the right accessories.

  1. Floral Ma

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Business Clothing for Women Can Spice up Your Look

If you have ever worked in an office, participated in a company meeting or conducted a professional interview, then you will undoubtedly understand the challenge of wholesale womens clothing for business. Nowadays, business clothing for women are more confusing than ever before, and it’s more difficult to achieve the perfect balance of professionalism and style. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with a stylish yet appropriate work wear guide. From chic blazers to exquisite separates, these

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Shake Your Crop Tops in Various Different Ways

Since the 1990s, wholesale crop tops for women and girls have become an important garment of western clothing. Many famous actresses and fashionista always love to throw on it that is why the trend for crop tops has grown from toe to head. Today, we find it comes with hoods, sheer fabric and what not. It looks quite flattering on all the body shapes. On the street, you can find the millions of crop top styles. Therefore, let’s move forward and have a look at the various different ways about how

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Fabulous Hi-Low Skirts can Boost Your Confidence

Hi-low skirts are the new swag of recent years that not only looks the classiest clothing to date but also can boost your confidence if you rock it on the right occasions. Don’t worry about how to throw on it or how to match it with the right outfits or accessories, as I will tell you some tips here. These fabulous and matching wholesale womens skirts that make up some excellent hi-low styles will take your breath away in first glance. No need to wait any longer, just take a look and find the st

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Wholesale Kids Skirts for Girls

The product I introduce today is wholesale kids skirts for girls. Short skirts are an indispensable item for the girls in summer. A beautiful skirt to match for girls to look fresh and energetic, either at home or go to school, both out for an outing and take part in the activities of party, must be a style you want, come and send one style of skirt for your baby girls.

  1. Kid Girl Love Heart Mesh Tutu Skirt

    kiskissing wholesale kid girl love heart mesh tutu skirtThis skirt has a mesh design, made of cotton and mesh. It is comfortable and elastic if girls

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Top Fashion Tips for Women with Pear-shaped Figure

A perfect figure to die for is the dream of every woman. The ideal figure is not a standardized thing, but the human body has many shapes, and all of which can be called perfect. One of the body shapes is the “Pear-shaped figure”. As the name suggests, pear-shaped bodies look like a pear. If you have discovered yourself as a pear-shaped woman, then we have some wholesale womens fashion tips listed down for you.

shestar wholesale tie shoulder tricolor pleated dress

How to Dress up a Pear-shape Figure

Give it a good read to know how to look flattering

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If you are after an outfit that’s both cute and trendy, you can’t miss a skirt. These simple yet extremely stylish bottoms add a lovely feminine beauty to any look and are perfect for any occasion. As versatile as they are fantastic, wholesale womens skirts can be worn for work, outings, special events, and so much more. All you need to do is choose your ideal skirt type and style it in a popular way to achieve a gorgeous look. To help you create a perfect look with this on-trend staple, we have

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All-match Skirts for Women And Girls

The beautiful and slim wholesale womens skirts are a must-have item in every girl's wardrobe. In addition to the classic style,She Star also provides women and girls with pleated skirts, split skirts, origami skirts,etc. that are easy to wear and suitable for everyone. Now let me take you to visit our online store She Star.

All-match pleated skirts

The clean lines of the pleated skirt can be combined with different fabrics and color combinations to achieve any style-retro, minimalist, elegant, or

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Choose the Flattering Denim Skirts to Show Your Style

Wholesale denim is usually pretty easy to work with. It is timeless and is quite versatile on its own, which making it a fashion staple for women of all ages. In addition, denims are also quite robust which makes them perfect for any occasion.

Nowadays, denim skirts are making a huge comeback and the fashion industry is constantly showcasing its beauty and diversity. Whether you choose to shop for new flattering denim skirts or you pull your old ones from the back of the closet, there are plenty

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Do you have a closet full of all kinds of outfits and nothing to wear? This problem always plagues most women. We have a lot of clothes, such as shirts, trousers, and dresses. Yet all too often, we have a skirt that does not match any shirts and a shirt that clashes with every type of bottom. If getting dressed causes you stress, then you’re not alone. Most women face this dilemma every day like you. It would be perfect if garment could be more adaptable to our needs and what we have in our ward

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A good clothing match can make our temperament have a very big promotion. So, in the summertime, how should we match our clothes to be able to let our every day beautiful?


T-shirt + Shorts / Jeans / Skirt

The easiest wearing in the summer is a T-shirt + shorts/jeans/skirt. A complete set of collocation is very relaxed.


T-shirts are the most common items in our daily life. White Tee is undoubtedly the most versatile among many t-shirts. Also white Tee is one of the criteria for appearance.



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Undoubtedly, you must have an idea about the stylish and fashionable skirts that are available in every online store nowadays. Purchasing the skirts in different styles, designs and cuts are quite easy, but when it comes to pair the skirts it’s absolutely a difficult task.

There are amazing and inspiring ways to wear the skirts in a more elegant and sophisticated way to look different every time. Alright, so here are some cool tips and tricks to pair different styles of skirts to look exceptional

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7 Distinct Skirts To Suit Every Body Type

Hey Snappy Dresser Ladies! Do you love wearing skirts and hot pants? Do you prefer modish designs and styles in Skirts? Well, you might be delighted to know that nowadays there are extraordinary styles, designs and patterns in skirts available in the online stores and markets.

If you aren’t aware of the latest design in distinct skirts, then you definitely need to look out for the below mentioned incredibly beautiful and stunning design, which can make your summer refreshing and ravishing.

  1. Maxi Sk
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This is the season to add some bright featuring items in our wardrobe and what better than a skirt. Skirts are the staple present in every woman’s closet. One can pair skirts with n number of top-wear. Skirts can transform your looks instantly. A skirt can be worn as formal or casual wear.

It is hard to decide which type of skirt goes with what type of body shape and how to pair it with other outfits. Asaan offers a variety of skirts for you and helps you to choose what kind of skirt will choose

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Sebellamore's bottoms are ideal for wearing amid those transitional months when it's not exactly sufficiently warm for a romper. They highlight full-length pants or edited hemlines, and they have a similar sharp look as a dress with somewhat of a cooler edge. Experiment with an agreeable weave cheap women bottoms with a basic tank-style top with your most loved tennis shoes and a cowhide coat, or shake a white jumpsuit with some out of elegant high heels and gold adornments for your next huge ni

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5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Women

Every fashionista wants to make an impression with her style statement. To make it happen, a woman must have some stylish accessories in her wardrobe.

There are some days when every outfit you put on looks astonishing without any accessory or makeup thing. Then there are days when whatever wears looks like blah, no matter what you put on, something’s always missing.  At this point, must-have accessories come in. Fashion accessories such as belts, necklace, earrings, handbags, scarf, and many othe

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From hot pumps to structured jackets, party dresses to flirty skirts, the classic animal prints have its fixed position in a lady’s closet. This eternal trend has proved its power of staying because it keeps coming back each season with refreshing and new takes, and continuous updates as well. An essential factor which always makes these animal prints up-to-date in fashion is the fact that these prints add slightly an edge to your cupboard, whether you go all bold with your appearance or you wis

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