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La publication d'aujourd'hui est consacrée à trois questions très importantes dans votre parcours pour trouver la robe de mariée parfaite: Comment déterminer mon type de corps ?

Quelles silhouettes conviennent à mon type de corps? et surtout, comment trouver la robe de mariée parfaite pour mon type de corps? Nous avons tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour réussir votre stratégie de coupe de vêtements ci-dessous !

Vintage Robe de mariée princesse 2018 avec manches guipure

Robe de mariée princesse dentelle florale manche guipure

Avant de vous rendre à votre pr

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Choose the Flattering Denim Skirts to Show Your Style

Wholesale denim is usually pretty easy to work with. It is timeless and is quite versatile on its own, which making it a fashion staple for women of all ages. In addition, denims are also quite robust which makes them perfect for any occasion.

Nowadays, denim skirts are making a huge comeback and the fashion industry is constantly showcasing its beauty and diversity. Whether you choose to shop for new flattering denim skirts or you pull your old ones from the back of the closet, there are plenty

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Fashion photography defines the success of a model’s portfolio to a great extent. This lies in the hands of a fashion photographer to a great extent. The angle at which shots are taken, the entire process of editing and getting images as desired depends on several things. The genre of photography depends to a great extent on the apparel and accessories. This enhances the effect of the shoots to a great extent. Over time, fashion photography has discovered new senses of aesthetics by showcasing t

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We surely do love our men in suits, but without blazers just in their shirts is also a major head turner. What you wear underneath that coat or otherwise – matters a lot too.

Different types of shirt have made their way into men’s section and have been paired up with some pants or coats in one way or the other. Each shirt style has its own significance and use when the occasion arises. A shirt might be a monochrome solid one or patterned in with stripes or chequered. It all depends on the occasio

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Trendy Shoes You Can Wear With Palazzo Pants


Palazzo pants are one of the most popular clothing that are driving women crazy these days. Designed in a trouser style, they offer the best comfort to your body. These pants come in different colours, styles and patterns to choose from. Wearing it, you will get a gorgeous flowing look with a perfectly adaptable to style to complete your body shape.

To compliment your look, there are different types of stylish shoes on the market. These shoes enhance the comfort and style that you get by wearing

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Check Out the 9 Top Dresses this Year


If dressing up and looking all gorgeous happens to be your style mantra, well here are a few of the top dresses that you need to invest in. You have the chance to select those that perfectly flatters your body type. If you were probably wondering what you should put on for a certain event or formal occasion, then your prayers have finally been answered. These top eight dresses are on point, elegant and classy. You just have to consider a number of factors before settling for one. You can go ahea

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Some quick fixes of Dry Skin During Winter


Winter season and also Cold weather happens to be the harbinger just for an entirely new beauty routine and also treatments because our skin requires unique care and also pampering in chilly and also dry air. And the most typical problem in this particular weather happens to be dry skin. All those born with a regular skin type just with the ideal stability of oil glands often experience a few form of the dryness just in this specific weather.

In case, you have got dry skin type plus then this spe

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What are the Reasons Behind Having Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks are visible narrow streaks or lines with an off-color hue on your skin surface. They form on the dermis layer when the connective tissues are stretched beyond their elasticity. Connective fibers are found in this layer. They enable your skin to stretch as you grow. Thus, rapid growth can lead to breaking of these fibers due to overstretching. They at first appear reddish and then turn to silver lines.Blood vessels show through when there is a tear in the dermis layer. This explains

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Want To Deck Up Your Neck With Ties?

Gone are the days when dressing well was a concern only for the ladies. It’s time for men to step up now. In professional environment, how you dress dictates your perception amongst colleagues. It is very important to maintain a respectable and pleasant appearance to silently command and retain attention.


Ties are one of the smallest yet the most important components of a complete formal appearance. They define personal sense of taste and flair. Thus, it’s imperative to get them right in every as

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Look Like A Beach Diva This Summer

If you worked hard to show your curves this season, it's time to search for your Bathing Suits with any style you have right! Looking elegant and having glamour using swimsuit may seem harsh, but believe me, it's not! Just stay attentive to new trends in bathing suits this season and make your show out there rocking!


The arrival of summer opens up a world of possibilities and new outdoor plans: lunch on the terrace of a restaurant, a picnic with friends in the park, doing outdoor sports, and of c

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Interesting Varieties of Kurta for Men

The kurta shirt is a quintessential casual outfit for Indian men.  It is worn across India by men belonging to different cultures and religions. It is essentially a long tunic with a loose, flowing fit, that can end anywhere between the hips and the knees. The kurta shirt is an extremely popular casual wear option, mainly because of its seamless blend of style and comfort. It can be worn with jeans or trousers as well as salwars and pajamas and therefore offers a great deal of versatility as wel

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Jacquard is a lightweight translucent fabric with an intricate weave that has a pattern woven into it. The weave of the fabric is very fine and a special loom is used to produce this fabric, much like the ones used to produce Damask or Brocade. Because of the very nature of the fabric, it is considered fashionable and therefore is apt for parties, whether formal or informal. Salwar kameez, sarees and lehenga cholis made from this fabric are considered as some of the most gorgeous Indian ethnic w

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Silk: Types and Varieties

Silk is a fabric produced from silk threads that are extracted from silk worms in a process called sericulture. Its is known as one of the richest fabrics in the world and is characterized by luster and shine that is a direct result of the weaving process. The prism like structure of the weave refracts light, thus enabling silk to take on more than its original hue.

Golden Orange Pure Chanderi Silk Churidar KameezIndia is known as the largest producer of silk fabric in the world after china, although it is still the largest consumer of silk

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How to choose frame for glasses?

Spring! Sun is shining brighter and soon you won’t be able to go out without sunglasses!

For many people it’s a real problem to find sunglasses they really like. Someone can spend whole day at the shop and turn back home without purchase. Do you have the same problem?

I’m sure, after this vide-lesson you can easily choose sunglasses accordingly to your face type!


Have a question? Feel free to write a comment!

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How to source the right fabric

What can apparel labels tell us? 

Nothing really.
This label says 97% cotton/ 3% spandex. This is the content of the fibers. This could be for anything from a t-shirt to jeans. Below are 5 other key ingredients not listed on the label to get the fabric you want. This information should be listed on your technical design packet.


In order of importance:

  1. Is it knit or woven? In most cases asking your self if it is stretchy or or not will help you with this question.
  2. What type of knit or weave? For examp
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What makes you Tick?

A bit of a strange question I know, but what makes you tick? Most particularly, what type of watch makes you tick? There are many different watches on the high street and online today that are filled with a variety of features to suit each individual’s lifestyle. Whether you are a lover of vintage or an athletic swimmer, there is a watch out there to suit your lifestyle down to a T.

For the vintage lover, Fossil watches fit the brief. Think worn leather straps, antique finishings and old school f

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What Should I Look for In the Best Swimsuit?

Every year when beach season hits, it’s a time where a lot of people begin thinking that they need to hit the gym, eat less fats, drink less sugar, and anything else that they can think of to possibly do in order to make sure they are looking their best when they get into their swimsuit and hit the beach. One question is often asked by anyone who is serious about beach season, and that is “What should I look for in the best swimsuit?”


There are many swimsuit models that can give you an idea of w

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Plus-Size Clothing: An Expanding Market?

Photo: Jen Davis/The New York Times

Sixty-four percent of American women are over a healthy BMI range, more than one-third are categorized as obese…you’ve heard it all before, and thanks to The New York Times, you’re hearing it again. Sure, Saks Fifth Avenue is saving spots for sizes 14 and up come fall, but is the high-end fashion world really ready to accommodate plus-sized beauties? Considering that plus-sized clothes only account for 18% of total revenue, and more than half of women in the St

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Igor Kyrylyuk: type designer of FotyMody № 2

I have always liked and I still like to take part in different show projects in any role. This time I had a socking great opportunity to create the type for the second issue of FotyMody… Yeah man!) I am not a type designer but I agreed easily! And things start rolling… Under the guidance of Andrеy Goncharenko I began to experiment. I had used up a lot of A4 shits of paper. The process of writing was very emotional and jolly, so the type was expected to be the same. Hurray, we succeed! Everything
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