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Bangladesh is known for its tradition and diversification in its culture. Every culture has its own traditions and form of rituals. In these rituals and traditions, dress code plays a significant role to make these cultures more beautiful and colorful. Dress manufacturers in Bangladesh enjoy there work and the business they are into along with the garment suppliers as they go hand in hand with dress manufacturers. There is a mass produce clothes with goes with the culture of every different stat

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Help for the emerging designers, brands and fashion start ups is here!

Full production from sketch to full runs and everything in between.      

Sewport - check out the website!

We do minimums. Fast + Reliable + Affordable. 

From sketch to full runs and everything in between!

SEWPORT helps the fashion industry with production capabilities. We make sure designers and brands don’t get held back because of lack of machinery and labour to produce clothes.

SEWPORT Ltd was created to help British fashion de

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Happy to work with these guys, a dynamic team from Macau behind the making of the first episode of the in-house monthly video magazine “In Style Promenade” to celebrate the grand opening of The Promenade luxury mall and the famous and iconic hotel Galaxy Macau after extensive expansion on May 27, 2015.
Congratulations, The Promenade!

Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:
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This week I read a very informative article on manufacturing and production and it made me think: “What is the single most important step to get the best results from your production? “

I once had a teacher who said that if we simply do our homework and study, the test will be a breeze! And he was right, it worked for me. The same concept easily translates to fashion production.

DESIGN WITH PRODUCTION IN MIND! I know how boring and limiting this part sounds for a creative person like you, but foll

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The Importance of Using a Professional Fit Model!

“How much does a fit model cost? Is that for one hour only? I really can’t afford that. Can we just fit on me? I can use my friend, he/she is the right size…”

This is a common response from emerging designers when discussing the fittings.

The main misconception about fit models is due to the fact that they are called models. Therefore, it’s important to understand the differences between a runway model (which is what we normally associate models with) and a fit model.

Here is a brief explanation to

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Tech Pack

When developing a product or collection from scratch it’s easy to start designing and planning without first considering the importance of how you’ll communicate your designs to the team that will help bring your vision to life.  A tech pack is the fashion industry’s universal form that explains all the details and specs for each garment. Before getting too far into the design process, consider these three important reasons how a tech pack will help your business:


  1. Personal organization: Having a 
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Quality, Reliability, Consultation

Located in the heart of fashionable East London London (five minutes from Old Street), The Sampling Studio is a boutique sampling unit managed by experienced fashion designers, dedicated to providing a caring, comprehensive and uncompromising quality of service.  

We believe that the sampling unit service we offer is unique as we offer pattern checking as standard, and unlike many other sampling units, we put the quality of your garments first.  

Working with on

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Private Label and Stock Program

We offer a Full Private Label and Stock Program directed to companies that need to start from scratch and are looking for fully customized clothing. We have harnessed the power of computer sublimation and screen printing to allow custom shirt printing in production runs as small as 300 {sublimation} to 1000 { screen printing} units directly from the factory.
Our company services have been designed to help small and large companies develop their own private label.

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Fashion Sample Production Studio in London, UK


If you are looking to develop and produce your collection no matter if is a swimwear, menswear, womenswear, look no further as Apollo Star based in Benthnal Green has everything you need locally.

Apollo Star production studio provides complete sampling services to some of UK most established fashion designers (House of Holland, Madderson, Rous Iland, Bo Peeps...) making full collections with 25 styles or more, with no production limitation.

With number of tailors on site Apollo Star have the

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We are very proud to be the first factory to produce Anderson New York clothes. The new clothing line will put the standards on the fashion scene as it once was. Every style in the new collection will be made in Europe. Please like them at

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Polimex in New York .....

For all fashion designers/companies in the Big Apple !

Our Sales Manager Markus Andersson will be in the town for client meetings (from the 21th until 24th of may).

Due to gap in coming production schedules we are taking in new clients and would love to receive your enquires.

Please read more about Polimex at


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Designer & developer seeking domestic contractor manufacturer's and trimming sources will find it at the punch of a button on a mobile device in a cloud integrating reality.
We are in the process of the change of an era and most people hate change. The people that take advantage of this change in technology will benefit before they have to pay for it . This is the new frontier. Be sure and stake you claim and take a leadership roles for eCommerce platforms. Nothing is easy for a pioneer, but the

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New York is losing the Garment District to rent control and California requires a permit to have your garments produced there. In the 60's 95% of America's Apparel was made in the USA, today it's less than 5%. Years ago Texas was covered with small garment factories. A friend's grandmother was a sample maker in the Neiman Marcus Factory in Hillsboro. Malissa had relatives who worked in a Jordache factory in Crockett. Playtex once owned a factory in Jacksonville. All these facilities are gone and

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Due to an expansion in our machine park and workforce we are able to welcome more

designer companies for this coming season.

Take a look at our new homesite at to learn more about our company

and send your enquires for fashion production, trimmings and construction/grading patterns.

This is the opportunity for new designer firms to get into high-end sewing immediately. Made in EU - Quality you can trust.

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It seems to me, based on all of the feedback I get from photographers around the world, that there is more attention placed on the post production segment of the production process than the pre-production preparation for the photo shoot.

I can appreciate the importance of the post production, as so much of what has been done gets realized in the digital retouching phase. However, what I have found, is that if as much of what can be realized for the shoot is done in pre-

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Sample Maker Needed

Looking for an independent seamstress for sample making and small lines of production (ie: 10 styles, 5 sizes, 5 of each size). Must have extensive skills sewing high-quality garments and working with delicate fabrics, such as silk charmeuse. Have experience in pattern grading and creating markers. Can work from first patterns or existing samples. Must have impeccable eye for detail and use industry standards for finishing. This candidate must have their own equipment, including professional ser
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THE DESIGN PRINCIPLES, LLC is a full package apparel development and production solution to the Fashion Industry. We specialize in working with small to large size clothing and accessories lines for all markets and price points. Our joint team of apparel industry professionals encompasses over 30 years of working knowledge from brand development to manufacturing. Our extensive menu of services allows us to offer a total solution to choose from to suite your project needs:

v CAD illustrations

v Clo

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