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Many beauty bloggers have thought about launching a small makeup line. It is an exciting idea, but you have to be prepared before you do so. You have to make sure that you are ready to present a unique product that people are going to love. The following are a few things you should pay attention to before you launch your brand. You need to find a place for it in the marketplace.


You are going to have to put some effort into your overall branding. Those who can may want to hire a professio

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looking for indie designers


I have a blog chikita's cositas am i am looking into doing product reviews / giveaways on a case by case basis. I mostly cover clothing, accessories, home furnishings and or places; but are open to others that fit the chikita's cositas blog aesthetic and would appeal to our readers.

I honestly think that anyone of your products would connect with our target audience.. Also as of right now for the next 2 months I am not charging for ad space. :-)

I will not accept payment for positive

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-Never Mind-

That's So New YorkDespite the fact that I currently have an interview with Finnish designer, Daniel Palillo in my mitts waiting for me to press that publish button, I feel that it may have seemed a little odd if I had posted an interview with a designer before introducing you all to that said designer. The reason behind my decision is primarily due to the fact that Daniel Palillo is still what you may consider to be anacquired taste when it comes to the wear ability of a number of his garment

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The Thread Show & The Indie Fashion Scene


Photo courtesy of Macala.

We recently attended the Thread Show in Orange County, taking a look at the many resources & support that's out there for fashion designers. The West Coast is a wonderful place for brands to participate in fashion shows, as well a place where designers can showcase & sell their lines directly to shoppers.

Read the complete fashion business article, as well as watch more videos, on Sense Of Fashion.

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posh brown styling-creating an indie queen

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

posh brown styling-indie queen

style profile

elle jacobs

elle is an up and coming actress who has had some success in quite a few indie films (one of which is being honored at the sundance film festival). Originally from the suburbs of Florida, this twenty-two year old now resides in los angeles. elle previously had no real interest in fashion or shopping. instead, she spends her free time listening to undergound retro bands and going to concerts.
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For this episode of “Flea Bites” we traveled to the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea on a hot, hot, hot Saturday afternoon to share some great finds with you readers. And look what we found-– a Brooklyn-based line of hand-printed silk-screen t-shirts, tote bags, brass jewelry, and other wares called Loyalty & Blood. Husband and wife duo and DIYers David Denosowicz and Maggie Doyle are the masterminds behind the brand, which was born in the couple’s studio in Williamsburg. To see what the hubby had to s

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Flea Bites: Box 185 At The Market NYC

Welcome to another edition of Flea Bites, where we take you into the best flea markets around New York City and the independent designers, sellers, and tastemakers who keep them running. Today, we introduce you to designer Sara Keiser who caught our eye at The Market NYC on Mulberry Street with her deconstructed collection of colorful accessories and dresses, Box 185. Inspired by her love of “lopsidedness” and animals, with a touch influence from her hometown in South Dakota, she gabbed her bran

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If you haven’t been reading this blog much or hitting your head against the door that is fashion production, let’s just say this once and for all; starting a fashion label is a long and expensive process with a wicked learning curve. Add a lack of adequate outlets to begin production and it becomes even more of a daunting task. In fact, the difference between the successful designers and never-weres can be traced to this stage in development. So, kids, imagine a democratic way

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New Contest!

Hey PeepsIt's been a week or so since my last blog post, been pretty busy. For those that have been following the Brand on twitter and facebook heard me talk the current endorsement I have been working on with one of the top groups from ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew) and if you haven't, now you know. I'm pretty excited, it's a big deal for the brand and all the fans that support SKILLA.So to kickoff this adventure, there will be a contest on who can be the first two to guess which dance crew f
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Press for Pixyworld!!

cool funky baby & toddler girls' outfitsPress helps. No doubt about it!!

I was contacted recently by Earnshaw's Magazine for permission to use our Paisley Print Tee in an article on Paisley. So, look for Pixyworld in their next issue!

While that is the breaking news, I am so grateful to all the bloggers who have given me a spot. So, I recently created a Press page on my site to highlight their work.

Thank you, my blogging friends!!
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