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What is Eco-Friendly Fashion?

With the apocalyptic warnings against the perils of global warming, greenhouse gases and widespread pollution, it’s high time we all turned to eco-friendly resources, tech solutions and lifestyle in general. In an attempt to help save the planet back in early 2000s, fashion designers joined the calls for environmentally conscious standards and green ideas across industries, including garbs and style – what came out was a whole new trend called sustainable fashion, which has already gotten increa

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annie and jade Fall 2011 Collection

Annie & Jade Fall 2011 Collection available to view at


The collection showcases earth-friendly Siro-Micro Modal (knitwear), 100% pure silk and a new 100% natural wool with woven elements to create color and tone without the use dye.  We also contribute to the for any part of our line that cannot be made in an eco-friendly way.   

Drawing inspiration specifically from the 1950's glamour & accentuated feminine curves of movie screen sirens such as Lana Turner, Maril

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Jean Joaillerie Launches "WALKING THE DOG" : Handcrafted Made To Measure Eco-Friendly Vintage Dog Collars

- Available In a stunning array of exotic colored leathers
-Made to measure using gold or silver toned medals from Europe
-Handcrated  In France



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Eco-friendly Dye Technology Makes it to Asia

This week members of the AirDye® team will embark on an Asian tour, stopping in 11 cities in three countries. Vice President of Textiles Bonnie Julian, Director of Design Philip Hess, and Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer Paul Raybin are traveling abroad to work with new licensees and introduce AirDye® technology to global brands.

In Japan, the AirDye team will be working with new licensees Debs Corporation and Komatsu Seirento deploy AirDye technology in Asia and supply products globall

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Carbon-neutral Bra from Marks and Spencer


The environmental footprint of Marks & Spencer (M&S) new Autograph Leaves lingerie is even smaller than the bra and panties. As part of M&S Plan A efforts, where they aim to make every one of their 2.7 billion products have less of an impact on the planet by 2020, the British retailer is adding a carbon-neutral bra to their lingerie line.

but how do eco-friendly bras look?

These are no frumpy, “old lady” undergarments. The Autograph Leaves line is sophisticated, feminine, and fresh. M&S used a com

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Everyday, we’re hearing more about designers who are embracing sustainablepractices. Here’s another example that just goes to show you definiterise in eco-friendly fashion. Fashion Takes Action recently awarded Canadian designer Nicole Bridger with its first ever FTA Design Award, which included a pretty sweet package to help her get a foot in the door.


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Designers– looking for new materials for your next collection that are fashion forward and eco-friendly? Well, we’d like to introduce you to AirDye, a revolutionary textile process that dyes fabrics without water. We first heard about this sustainable technology during our excursion
to FIT’s “Going Green” exhibit. We wanted to find out more the AirDye process and fabrics so we took a trip AirDye offices on Fashion Avenue. To see what we captured, click play. (more…)

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Last week, we introduced you to AirDye®, a revolutionary textile process that dyes fabrics without water. Now watch this technology brought to life with Argenti’s new Spring 2011 line. We sat down with founder Pat Argenti at Moda Manhattan this week to discuss the brand’s new look and the secrets to itssuccess. To hear what the head Argenti had to say about being eco-friendly and why they chose AirDye®, click play. (more…)

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BioCouture: Growing Clothing in a Tub

We thought we’ve seen it all with eco-friendly clothes: from recycled plastic bottle suits to solar-powered bags by Diane von Furstenberg, it was only a matter of time before a designer turned to microscopic life forms for inspiration. That’s exactly what Suzanne Lee,a senior research fellow at the School of Fashion & Textiles at Central Saint Martins in London did. Although, she didn’t just turn to bacteria—she also used a few large tubs, some yeast, and a few cups of green tea. The result is

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Photo via Style Bubble

As much as we love young designers, it’s still a rarity for a recent design school graduate to make our jaws drop to the floor. So when Style Bubble featured Helen Furber’sridiculously forward-thinking shoe designs, we had to share it withyou. They’re just that amazing.


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By now, you’ve probably heard the terms “eco-fashion” and “going green.” You may even own a piece of clothing or carry a handbag that falls under the eco-friendly category. But how much do you actually know about the environmental practice? Well readers, we took a trip to The Museum at FIT to walk through its newest display “Eco-Fashion: Going Green” to learn more about the history of green fashion and fashion’s relationship with the environment, both good and bad. For those of you lucky enough

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WWD reports that after 10 years, Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos are breaking up the band. “The parting is said to be more personally motivated than financially.” Innnnnteresting. Silver lining—there’s a 50%-off sale at their website. [Daily Front Row]
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One Million Tee

Onemilliontee is a project to sell 1,000,000 t-shirts, each with a unique number (from 1,2,3… to no. 1,000,000) . Our first collection is focused on Africa, aims to create job opportunities in Africa.All t-shirt will use 100% organic cotton produced in Africa. Currently we're still looking for the right supplier and partner.Please visit our blog: onemillionteeblog and our websiteGive us your support to make this project works ! ^^ Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates of our upcoming site a
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Envision, Believe, Create

Thrift is evolving and becoming so much more than Victoria and I have ever dreamed of. As we both have been working harder and harder to develop this line it has become like a child to both of us. We have envisioned great things and as we work on the line it is flourishing into such positive things.As you all know, we consider THRIFT unique for a multitude of reasons, but one in particular strikes so many chords with the Chicago public and that is the fact that we are an eco-friendly line. We cr
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PLA, poly lactic acid, is a polymer derived entirely from natural straches such as corn, rice or potatoes. PLA iscurrently used in a number of biomedical applications, such as sutures, stents, dialysis media and drug delivery devices.The technique process is the same to that of ordinary plastic products, which means usually it is injection molding or micro-injection, though the material of PLA is different from other plastic products.Comparison of PLA and other petro-chemical products

PLA product
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Organic fibers used for organic fashion and others

While conventionally grown fibers are doused with synthetic chemicals to promote growth and deter pests, organic fibers are grown without them. The word Organic refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed.It includes a system of production, processing, distribution and sales that assures consumers that the products maintain the organic integrity that begins on the farm. These stringent standards put in place a system to certify that specific practices are used to produce and
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It is one thing to bring your plain canvas tote bag to the grocery store, but a bag that makes a stylish eco statement definitely rocks!Here's my collection of some awesome fashionable reusable bags made of earth friendly stuff, such as organic cotton, recycled felted wool, non-woven or simply traditional reusable materials.

Key words: Bring Your Own Bug- Spider, recycled cotton, cool

Lunch box packing bagKey words: special sized for lunch box, 100% cotton(organic?), washable, neat;

Chess recycled
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Descrption: Die cut to shape, laser burnt logo, strung with PU string. Puzzle design making it extendable, to be a coaster by one pc., a pot mat by more pcs., and so on…Light weight, heat resistant and water absorbent. Natural, casual, playful and useful.Main material: Cork

Inspiration: Design concept of cork hang tag is originally from extensibility of puzzle toy. Special shapes of puzzle toy make them extensible endlessly! A puzzle picture can get larger and larger with the increase of every si
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My eco-friendly hangtag design for garments: cork pulp

Description: Natural material, wooden pulp mounted to be cloth-like paper; Lighter and more comfortable comparing with normal cork material.Free style, breath-free and eco-friendly.

Main material: Cork

Inspiration: Wooden scrap, natural feel.Application: Can be used as hangtag for shirts, shawls etc.

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