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What and how children wear in winter is nothing more than the three principles of "convenience", "flexible movement", and "easy to put on and take off". The dressing method for children in winter is that the wholesale childrens clothes are mainly divided into three layers: close-fitting autumn clothes, cotton sweaters, down jackets, and pants are similar. Adjust the thickness of each layer of clothing according to the temperature. If the weather is too cold, you can add a wool vest inside, which

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Coats and jackets were worn occasionally in the past, but since everybody is involved in the run to get something classy and fashionable, today, they are the first choice of wear and the ultimate preference when it comes to comfort. When it comes to choices in this range of apparel, there is always something for everyone.


Style and fashion is something that is never constant.  As time passed, with gradual changes in design and style preferences, coats and jackets became a part of daily life fashi

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Dtexshop is a fashion retailer that offers exclusive and unique range of women's clothing and accessories e.g. Scarves, Tunic, digital printed fabric and Indian clothing for women. We stand out in the highly competitive fashion market with our range of products digital printed, stitched in house, Entire collection is made out of 100% authentic natural fabrics Silk, Modal, wool, cotton, bamboo silk and digital prints made them one of its kind and exclusive. Scarves Scarf, cover ups and wrap up as

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 I love capes and wraps as they look classic yet elegant especially for evening wear. Solid cape wraps in classic colors are a must have for women who want a complete stylish winter wardrobe. Capes are generally warmer made from thicker multiple ply wool that may be merino, cashmere pashmina yarn. Even the affordable acrylic capes are a must have for casual day wear. Acrylic has insulation a soft feel and value pricing. Cashmere Pashmina is plush soft light and yet protective and warm much prici

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Mensusa Wool Pants For Men

Many men try to stay very pleased with cotton pant, corduroys or denim most likely, when it comes to their pant variety; this is the proper time to find out about Mensusa  wool dress pants as well as their advantages. Wool is one of the favorite natural transpiring fabric varieties which have been the favorite in the mankind for a long period. Mens wool pants are one of the rarities to be within many mens wardrobe when they don’t give importance to the present fabric variety. As everybody knows

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Ivory White Cashmere Shawl Wrap Wonder click to view.

Men and women love wool scarves and wool shawls for Cold weather in fall, winter & spring. An online unique & affordable  wool shawls & wraps site strives to bring the latest wool scarves & shawls trend online at Yours Elegantly.com at up to 70% off plus an appreciation gift.

 Accent Fringe Warm Shawls Click to view

Customer Testimonials speak for themselves:

The winter scarves & shawls at Yours Elegantly are a cut above. Houndtooth cashmere sca

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The question - Where to buy beautiful affordable winter shawls wraps scarves online that are warm, soft yet affordable is one that occurs to most women when shopping online. There are so many online scarves & shawls sites, much to choose from and some like Yours Elegantly.com  give great service a huge advantage when shopping online.

A unique winter shawls & scarves online site Yours Elegantly does understand that good customer service is very important for online shoppers as well as a wide rang

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The trend for Fall and winter 2011 is moving towards Warm Winter Cashmere Pashmina Shawls Wraps and Scarves. This undeniable trend for the more lighter yet warm protective winter scarves wraps and shawls is due to the availability of beautiful soft warm winter shawls at competetive pricing especially online.


Yours Elegantly an online winter shawls & scarves site understands that and provides a wide variety of shawls and wraps in many seasonal colors. The winter shawls and wraps come in  2 ply, 3

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If you are searching online for a cashmere scarf, cashmere scarves or cashmere scarfs a very unique site will show up that carries Amazing Mens / Womens Cashmere Scarves and Long Winter Scarves that are delightful warm soft thick and affordable. A winning combination.


Cashmere when blended with silk, acrylic wool gives that beautiful soft warmth and plush feel but the biggest benefit is a scarf that is awesome and affordable as the scarves at Yours Elegantly are on sale 50% -70% off plus a gift.

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When fall is right behind the corner I think of stocking up on shawls wraps scarves that are warm thick and that will be good enough as winter shawls wraps scarves too. Cashmere Pashmina Wool is what I like. Online there are many stores with varying qualities of winter scarves shawls Wraps. The thought often comes to mind - Where to buy Winter Wool Cashmere Pashmina Wool Scarves Shawls Wraps? 


As a customer of Yours Elegantly a Cashmere Pashmina Silk Wool Scarf shawl wrap site I realized this is

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Women are big shoppers for quality shawls, evening shawls that will make us feel beautiful elegant & stylish. Internet shawls & wraps shopping from the comfort of our homes is what we women want.


Yours Elegantly Fashion Shawls are creating a buzz in the fashion industry. An online quality shawls site understands latest shawl / evening shawl fashion trends & endeavors to provide a wide range of quality shawls for all seasons. There are an array of seasonal shawls in pastel and vibrant seasonal co

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annie and jade Fall 2011 Collection

Annie & Jade Fall 2011 Collection available to view at annieandjade.com


The collection showcases earth-friendly Siro-Micro Modal (knitwear), 100% pure silk and a new 100% natural wool with woven elements to create color and tone without the use dye.  We also contribute to the Carbonfund.org for any part of our line that cannot be made in an eco-friendly way.   

Drawing inspiration specifically from the 1950's glamour & accentuated feminine curves of movie screen sirens such as Lana Turner, Maril

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Woolmark Competition 2011

Woolmark is knitting its way into Facebook’s pages launching a global street style competition with a difference.

Launched this week, Woolmark’s ‘Find Fashion by Feelings’ lookbook invites users to post their favourite wool looks into one of twelve ‘Feelings’ categories. Users are then encouraged to vote for the outfits they love the most, with the most ‘loved’ look winning a AUD $12,000 holiday & wool experience. Additionally the public can vote for their favourite look, with all voters entered

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Technology is about pushing forward. Be it computer technology, food technology, or textile technology, the purpose is to accomplish something that was once impossible. Such is the case with the recent introduction of a new wool dyeing technology that allows–for the first time–wool to be dyed with multiple colors and designs. New Zealand’s AgResearch developed the technology, and fellow New Zealander BGI Developments will commercialize the process.

The new technology could significantly expand Ne

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BCBG, The Academy of Art, Max Azria and Tips

We came back from our 2011 Fashion Week bursting with excitement.  Simply said, the designers did impress.  The following is our little insight.

Sleek and chic are often used as buzz words. For this fall, they are anything but just buzz. When a designer can convey effortless simplicity in his or her design so that the clothing seems to float on the body even with a touch of geometrical structure, they have achieved sleek and chic in my book. These two words aptly describe all three of the shows K

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Click here for a spring chiffon shawl wrap scarf

When Spring comes we women are waiting to get rid of our winter coats and jackets. However spring in most part of the U.S. is pretty cool and a ruana wrap which is a big shawl with added long coverage all around is popular. Ruana have a defined back of neck cut so they sit right and unlike a shawl will not slip off and because they stay right they are ever so convenient and popular with us fashion conscious women.


Click here for Shawls & Capes


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The Hunt for Warmth = the Right Coat

Here ends another cold week in the North East and now my mission has reached critical stage.  I have been on a mission to find the right coat to replace my beloved long wool coat that is surely saying daily: fix my lining or retire me! With old man Winter hanging on even though Phil saw his shadow, I’ve been bargaining with my coat to see me through this season while I look for its replacement. Like everything these days, choices abound as well as a whole lot of confusion, especially when you ar

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Finding an online winter shawls site with warm thick soft winter shawls in Black, White, beige, dark brown, navy, burgundy is a task. Many stores have very high markups especially if they are a brick & mortar store. Find online shawl scarf sites that keep their overheads low that focus to service and no frills. Those type of sites pass savings on to their customers. One such site is www.yourselegantly.com.



Yours Elegantly has amazing thick 3 ply cashmere shawls on sale for fall winter and spring

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Fashion Cashmere Pashmina Fall Winter Shawls & Scarves

 Every Woman in Fall and Winter is interested in high fashion Accessories like Shawls Scarves, Capes Ruana Wraps, Ponchos and Cardigan wraps as that is what is the focal point of their outfit in Fall and Winter. Having many beautiful fall colored scarves in Pashmina and Cashmere Scarves like an elegant orange cashmere scarf, purple cashmere scarf will uplift your wardrobe for sure.


Sites like www.yourselegantly.com have a 50% - 70% off fall winter spring summer shawls scarves on sale with a gift

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