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Sustainable Eyewear

8844280872?profile=originalLoch Effects manufactures a diverse collection of ethically made eyeglasses and sunglasses in Canada crafted from 500+ year old wood recovered from the bottom of the Great Lakes. The sunglasses feature leading polarization technology and the eyeglasses are heat adjustable for the perfect fit. Every frame is unique and is backed by a lifetime care guarantee.
As I've wandered further into my excursion of manageability, I'm stunned at the number of things we use consistently add to squander. Take gl

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Alternative Children’s Clothing

Sustainable children’s clothing: popular brands. As nice as new shirts and trousers are: The most sensible thing for wholesale children’s clothing is still the used purchase. Children often grow out of their clothes so quickly that it has hardly any signs of use – and that many prefer not to spend too much money on it.

Ecological baby fashion has many advantages for your baby compared to conventional baby and children’s clothing – and also for the producers and the environment! Ecologically manuf

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The need for sustainable clothing is increasing every single day. As the concern for global warming has risen over time, people are looking for more eco-friendly options. Governments all around the globe are taking severe actions to minimize environmental damage.

It is the age of fast fashion, and trends change almost weekly and monthly. But, some practices require a change for the betterment of society. Now that winter is just around the corner, a shift in your wardrobe is about to happen. But,

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Future Of Sustainable Fashion


From school level science we have known that sustainable resources are resources that are finite. They can be continuously replenished and there’s an indefinite supply of these resources. These include natural resources such as sunlight. Similarly, sustainable fashion is the fashion where environmental, social and economic sustainability has been considered.

Sustainable fashion reckons the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry.

How to mak

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The fashion industry is vast and is changing rapidly. Fashion evolution is no more an annual occurrence anymore, but things are transforming around with a blink of an eye. With people going for an eco-friendly option in textile over synthetic ones, great innovations are coming up to rescue our dying earth. Several materials we regard as waste can actually be utilized to produce Sustainable Fashion textiles. Listed below are some of the best durable fibers to opt for if you want to go for better

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What is Sustainable Clothing?

The fashion industry has always been under the microscope regarding ethical practices. But this isn’t something that can continue when we consider the future of the planet and people. Sustainable clothing is garments that can be made consistently with less or no adverse impacts on both the environment and the labour involved. There are different ways that brands can make their trade sustainable, and a few are being standard practice for prominent designers. Here’s a look at the different sustain

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Social responsibility is a big thing in fashion today. And with an ever-growing demand for ethical design and sustainable production, brands needs to consider different ways of engaging their target audience. This often means using a combination of channels and working on brand collaborations that can benefit all parties.

Collaborative collections and co-promotion can help everyday fashion brands connect with the hard-to-reach ethical shopper.

How Collaborations Can Wor

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Most often when people think of sustainable fashion they think organic cotton or recycled polyester, but there’s more to creating sustainable clothing than just the fabrics. One San Francisco company is embracing a number of other sustainability tenets: make only what you’ll sell and make your products locally.

Betabrand has been making men’s clothing for over a year (really more than six, under the name Cordarounds). The company is known for their wit, being online only, and producing their pant
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annie and jade Fall 2011 Collection

Annie & Jade Fall 2011 Collection available to view at


The collection showcases earth-friendly Siro-Micro Modal (knitwear), 100% pure silk and a new 100% natural wool with woven elements to create color and tone without the use dye.  We also contribute to the for any part of our line that cannot be made in an eco-friendly way.   

Drawing inspiration specifically from the 1950's glamour & accentuated feminine curves of movie screen sirens such as Lana Turner, Maril

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Eco-friendly Dye Technology Makes it to Asia

This week members of the AirDye® team will embark on an Asian tour, stopping in 11 cities in three countries. Vice President of Textiles Bonnie Julian, Director of Design Philip Hess, and Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer Paul Raybin are traveling abroad to work with new licensees and introduce AirDye® technology to global brands.

In Japan, the AirDye team will be working with new licensees Debs Corporation and Komatsu Seirento deploy AirDye technology in Asia and supply products globall

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Announcing AirDye®

We're proud to announce that we've launched a new corporate website: As we shared with you last year, due to the success of AirDye® technology, we are doing business as AirDye Solutions.


The new website furthers our vision of improving the economics, beauty, and sustainability of textile manufacturing. It's now much easier to see how AirDye, Transprint, and ecobanner create eco-friendly and unique fashion, contract, and display products.
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“Organic,” “naturally sourced,” “hand-dyed,”—these words are no longer selling points for hippies aged
and otherwise. They’re quickly becoming fashion industry buzz words that can change reputations and move units from stores. Environmentally-conscious fashion is leaking into mainstream media
faster than a bamboo shoot grows. Even mainstream television shows like Project Runway are featuring sustainable, ethical fashions. Talk about leading by example!


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If you grew up in the Age of Google, you’re probably familiar with the hack-friendly practice of open sourcing—you know, offering up the source code of your program and letting the users improve and customize it to their nerdy heart’s content. Well, a group of intrepid fashion nerds (also known as fashionistas) are trying to hack their way into luxury production, and they’re inviting you along.


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Photo via Style Bubble

As much as we love young designers, it’s still a rarity for a recent design school graduate to make our jaws drop to the floor. So when Style Bubble featured Helen Furber’sridiculously forward-thinking shoe designs, we had to share it withyou. They’re just that amazing.


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Nicole Giordano is a textiles and accessories designer who writes the intersection of fashion, technology, and social media, offering her experience and expertise to you.

Sustainable Fashion | Image via Flikr/Abigail Doan

You’re starting a new line and, sensitive soul that you are, you’re considering going sustainable. Well good, I love hearing that. But is “green fashion” is a valid business maneuver or just a fleeting marketing angle? Do customers and retailers really buy into sustainability yet

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Kelli Blake's picks from the Six Items or Less Project

Imagine wearing the same few items of clothing everyday for a month or, even worse, an entire year! Starting this week, a group of participants from California to Dubai are participating in the Six Items Or Less experiment by choosing only garments to wear for the next 30 days and share their experiences with a group blog. As lovers of fashion, we have wonder why in God’s good name would someone do that to themselves.

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“Nine years ago, when we started People Tree, people thought we were crazy. But in the past five years there’s been a huge change—people are more uneasy about fast fashion.” Indeed they are, making brands like Edun and People Tree ever more popular. [Guardian UK]
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Like any proper fashionista, we love a bargain on a hot trendy item, but lately we’re a little disillusioned with the fast fashion frenzy. Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing collections which are based on the most recent fashion trends. These trends are designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current clothing styles at ultra low prices. In theory this is all well and good, but the fact of the matter is that these garments

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