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Modern women all love wearing outfits that can bring the right balance of fashion and comfort. In short, we are looking for some stylish wholesale womens tops for every figure, which work as an extension of each unique personality. You can dress up or dress down in these trendy clothes and manage to create a statement every time. Of course, you do have some favourite tops in your closet, but that is far from enough. Therefore, it’s time to expand our collection and be faithful to our inner fashi

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latest printed cotton wedding dress materials

Weddings square measure an enormous deal for each the bride and groom and one in every of the main issues is obtaining an ideal wedding outfit. the wants of each men and ladies square measure completely different, and during this article, we are going to offer the guidelines for the brides on a way to get the foremost out of their Indian bridal gown on-line purchase and therefore the advantages of doing thus. each bride appearance for an associate outfit that's one thing special, helps her creat

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Many more women in the United States are applying for and receiving their concealed carry permits. Men have an easy answers to carry their handguns but, women do not. Unless they want to wear a bulky holster under their clothing, and many women do not. As our country evolves and many more women begin to carry hand guns for their personal safety reasons, many women are looking for stylish and effective ways to carry.

The Search Begins

Your application has been approved for your concealed carryin

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Female bags & lady accessories inspection

Female bags & lady accessories inspection:
Different kinds of Female bags & lady accessories quality inspection:
1.Female bags:best tassel cross-body Female bags-Ms single shoulder bag -ladies handbags Ms inclined shoulder bag -Ms backpack -female multi-purpose bag -lady wallet- lady handbag - lady purse -cosmetic bag-female Pu bags- lady canvas bags
2.Accessories:lace bracelet ,lady dress accessories,women hair accessories,signer brand leather rivet leaf belts,headband, headwrap ,hair band,neckl
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We all know that Christian Dior’s Lady Dior handbag is one of the most famous designer handbags in the world but do you know the story behind the popularity of this bag? Well let us guide you from here.

This designer handbag features luxurious material and elegant design and late Princess Diana made this bag very popular. It all began back in 1995 when France’s first lady gave a black leather bag to Princess of Wales from Christian Dior. Princess was so happy to see the elegant stitching and desi

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Bizarre Fashion Trends

From ‘Well Jel’ to the famous Vajazzle, The Only Way Is Essex is known for starting off a bizarre new fashion trend or two. The reality TV show, also known as TOWIE, has started off a couple of trends since first airing in 2010 and it makes us wonder how far people would actually go to copy their idols.


One of craziest trends we have witnessed from the famous Essex based show is from Joey Essex who tried to make ankle watches, aka ‘swankles’, happen. Yes that’s right, wearing a watch on your ank

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MANIERA Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3-NOVEMBER 2012

Still time to read our 3rd Issue. Philip Treacy's sensational return to the runway, recycle fashion couture and much more!

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MANIERA Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3-NOVEMBER 2012

Vol 4 due out Dec 15.. still time to enjoy our November edition!

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MANIERA Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3-NOVEMBER 2012

Philip Treacy's return to the catwalk, recycle fashion couture, dating in the virtual world and much much more.

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Fashion Politics - Michelle and Ann.

Yep. Tomorrow is Election Day. First let me say, regardless of which candidate you prefer, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Its one of the most important things you can do. Remember 2004? 537 was the number of votes that decided the election, so yes, your voice does count.
Moving on....we all know that Michelle Obama is a fashion icon. She's proven that over the last 4 years. But I have to say, Ann Romney is holding her own as well. Here, some of my faves from both ladies in 2012 (and one prior ;-)
Pretty in pin
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This Sunday Edition of The Trendologist is all about cool! 

Haven't you wondered what has happened to Vanessa Carlton's career? Well, it actually still exists and she has pretty cool songs. Speaking of cool, Emma Stone is Hollywood's coolest glamour girl. And let's no forget our favorite weekly looks! 



Expect some cool blog posts this week! 


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Lady Gaga with blue armpit hair at the Much Music Awards 2011

I understand the idea of “Born this way” and I think we have all considered Lady Gaga as a daring individual when it comes to fashion but I just cannot understand the armpit and the crotch hair at her latest performance at the Much Music Awards. Besides it being the same color as her wig, I did not get much more out of it but was rather left questioning the purpose of her so-called outfit. Let us know what you think. 



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Jam Sunglasses Couture Eyewear

8842854257?profile=original                                                                         Jam Sunglasses

Monique was born and raised in Barbados. When she was 15 years old, she moved to St. Vincent for several years, then to the United States in 2001. She currently lives in New Jersey and is pursuing her second master’s degree in homeland security, having earned her first in mental health. She initially became interested in designing sunglasses as a hobby, but was inspired by her family to evolve her hobby into a

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