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Now that spring is here and summer is knocking on the door, getting your most comfy and breezy outfits is on top of your mind. While there are so many outfits that fall into the comfy category, nothing can beat the timeless kaftans. If you haven’t already, it's time to introduce your summer wardrobe to the extremely versatile and forgiving ‘kaftans’. With its roots linked back to the Mesopotamian era, kaftans- a variant of ‘tunic’ or ‘robe’ is worn in several cultures. Celebs such as Kareena Kap

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Wardrobe Tips for Summer Collection

If a question about the favorite season is asked, the answer is always summer. Summer is everyone’s favorite especially when it comes to clothing and summer outfits. All the summer colors, the fabrics, and everything about not wearing coats and socks makes summer the best. 

If a question about the favorite season is asked, the answer is always summer. Summer is everyone’s favorite especially when it comes to clothing and summer outfits. All the summer colors, the fabrics, and everything about not

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4 Styles of Kids Clothing for Late Autumn

Now is the season of change. Many mothers may be worried about what clothes to buy for their kids. Maybe mothers don’t have time to go to the retail store due to a lack of work or other reasons. Don’t worry, we have compiled some kid’s clothing styles for you. Fundamentally, kids clothing wholesale is not only at reasonable prices, but also you can buy the newest styles.

  1. Kids Outfits

    kiskissing wholesale 2-pieces kid casual set top with pantsStylish and beautiful outfits will make the kids look cute and full of energy! Take the casual outfits for example,

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Trendy Womens T-shirts Make You Fall in Love

Every woman and girl have a zillion of outfits in their closet! They are probably bought one because it was on sale, or maybe they liked the style or better still. Well, we’re talking about wholesale womens t-shirts today.

shestar-wholesale-long-sleeve-colorblock-casual-t-shirt-767x1024.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xshestar wholesale long sleeve colorblock casual t-shirt

You know, all those different styles of t-shirts which are just sitting in a huge pile in your wardrobe. Therefore, when you think about dressing up, a t-shirt may be the last thing that comes to your mind. And when you end

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Here few things that one requires to know about custom t-shirts for company i.e; dress codes of the employees. Dress codes are an essential part to pay heed on as they help develop professionalism in an organization. A dress code can communicate the 'organization's preferred attire for work. Appearance policy plays a significant role in the background, to process the high expectation of people regarding the ethic of your company. There are some unwritten dressing policies which are not mentioned

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Everybody understands you need to look your best in the boardroom or the courthouse. However, did you know there is a time to look your best when you are all dirty, sweaty, and muddy? If you are a BMX racer, this is absolutely the case. These folks need to look great to attract sponsors, please the audience, and respect their sport. Check out how this can be done below!



A great T-shirt is the foundation of any BMX outfit. Take the time to invest in a fitted T-shirt made of the best fabri

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Developing a well rounded wardrobe is the never ending story of women across the world. It's hard to know which items can be used for multiple occasions, which ones will never get worn, and how to avoid trendy items that lose their fashion presence in a season. We'll outline some wardrobe staples that every woman should get to round out her attire.

Feminine Touches
The beauty of having a shirt that has a subtle feminine embellishment is that it then becomes more versatile. If you have a shirt

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Bicycling is more than just a means of transportation or a method of exercise. For many, cycling is a way of life. The clothes and accessories you select are a personal expression of your love of cycling. Listed below are five cycling trends that create a personalized statement for the fashion forward cyclist.

Convertible Bike Bags
These messenger-type bags are the perfect blend of form and fashion. The bag is attached to the bike while riding, and converts to a body bag while walking. Whether

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If you are a jeans and a t-shirt guy like me, then this blog is for you. These comfy staples play a very important part in our wardrobes, isn’t it?  We find some or the other way to include them in our look no matter what the occasion is. Even at the formal occasions, we prefer wearing them because they are just so comfortable and relaxed. These easy breezy pairs if paired in the correct way can really complement your attire & your appearance, but if you are worried that they might not work for

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Be it the  crew neck tees, or the masculine tanks,  having the proper outfits for the athletic sessions is mandatory . The right clothes boost up the spirit and also add to the confidence level of the wearers to perform better.


Thus ,  one of the high-grade  athletic t-shirts men online stores had come up with the well-designed and trendy tees, which comes in a variety of styles and designs, and in an array of necklines, collar and sleeve patterns. These tee are great to be teamed up with track p

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Only Teez has gained enough expertise and reputation for manufacturing and exporting a superior quality gamut of blank t-shirts for men and women at reasonable prices. This leading wholesaler has a brilliant team of professionals and designers who pays equal attention to the most minutes of details while never compromising on the quality of the fabrics or the texture of the products. However, besides the expert craftsmanship of their professionals, it is the brilliant customer-friendly service t

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How to get your designs made by Garment Manufacturer

It is important that fashion designers understand the process how to send your 

designs to manufacturers and get your clothing made.

First of all, you must have a vision for a garment. You may have hand sketch on 
paper or fashion sketch created by a fashion design program.
The next step, create your technical sketch by using a fashion design program. 
You must map out the measurements right on top of the technical sketch. Also you need to make a spec chart (detail garment tech-package) to go along w

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Custom clothing manufactures of UK and other countries offer customization options in their clothes for a range of reasons. And if they are used properly and thoughtfully by small scale clothes business, or any other business for that matter, the reward could be immeasurable.

Promotional clothing
One aspect where customization option comes handy is promotional clothing- using different cloth items as a mean of marketing a business or brand. Thousands of businesses around the world use custom sport
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Blank t-shirt implies the tees without any print or colour in it and you get the opportunity to fill it with whatever hue or design your heart desires. Whether it is for your company or brand or for any other purposes, blank t-shirts are a very useful tool when you need to promote your venture with suitable prints on it.

Blank t-shirt manufacturers have now arrived in the online arena and you can easily get hold of your bulk by sending them the requirements through an email. But, if you want to m

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Pima Cotton T-Shirt Production


Blank and Custom 100% Pima & Tangüis Cotton T-shirts


Pima Cotton: Our main raw material.

Pima is a generic name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton grown in few locations around the world and in very limited production. It is very prized all over the world as a luxury fiber, with a very soft feel and brilliant luster. It is a super fine raw material for the manufacturing of t-shirts and other garments directed to the most demanding consumers who search high quality, durability, ex

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Men’s Fashion Essentials This Winter

Buy Hooded Sweat Jacket Price and Features.Shop Hooded Sweat Jacket Online.The nip in the air clearly suggests the arrival of the winter season, which means a complete wardrobe revamp for work. It’s time to get out your leather jackets, formal coats, trendy men’s sweaters and high ankle black boots and put aside your v-neck t-shirts, flip-flops and shorts. For men, winter is a chance to explore their fashionable side and experiment with their wardrobe. With the cold season comes a plethora of style options and fashion trends in both casual and office wear. Executives c

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Customized Cultivation Five T-Shirts

We have officially been LIVE for a little over two months, and we must say it has been an exciting ride so far!  We sold Cultivation Five shirts at multiple philanthropic events, helped plan and orchestrate charity around town, and have gotten to know some amazing people who are just as passionate about giving back to others as we are.  It has been truly inspiring being able to help and work with those in need, and we know this is just the start to a life-long journey.

Since launching Cultivation

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photo: courtesy of A.P.C. website

It was revealed at the end of June that Kanye West was going to make his come back into the fashion world, with a 'hip French Brand'. After many mixed reviews of his own label KW, it appears that no criticism is going to stop him! "Nobody can tell me where I can and can't go. Man, I'm the No. 1 living and breathing rock star," he says to W Magazine. With the mindset of no longe

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Stylish Polyester T-Shirts for you…


Material: 100% polyester 180GSM
Size: L
Style: Man-Woman
Color: Any (Up to Order)
Printing: Sublimation printing


Packaging: Each pc in a polybag
Packing:+/- 40 pcs per export carton @ 50 x 40 x 35 cm


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